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MAY 14, 2012 10:59PM

When in Rome... - by Patty Mooney

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My husband and I just flew back from a two-week vacation in Italy (and are our arms tired!  It's a joke!)

Over the course of a very fast two weeks, we arrived in Milan, made our way slowly down to Florence, and then finished off in Rome where we did so much walking, I thought my legs would fall off.  And I took so many photographs, my camera started to smoke.

Here's a short pictorial to start off a series of Italia posts, get myself back in the blogger seat, and share some fun adventures with you, my dear readers.

At the Milano airport we were greeted by these beefy-legged soccer players.

Joe the dog was a very friendly presence at the villa of Mike and Sheila, with whom we stayed on our first night in Milan.

Some typical homes in the Varese countryside

Graffiti is everywhere in Italy.  Everywhere.  It seemed so primitive and egotistical, compared to the Renaissance works by Boticelli, Raphael, Michaelangelo and daVinci which we saw later in Florence and Rome.  This blue bird is a whimsical splash of color on an otherwise drab wall, but most graffiti we saw was comprised of taggers' initials.  Yawn.

A detail on the side of a building in Lugano, Switzerland, where we spent the day; it's just about an hour and a half north of Varese, Italy.

A reclining female nude at Lake Lugano

The first of many mannequins we would see in shop windows from Lugano to Rome

Angels on either side of a beer mug, and the first of many sculptures we would see.  

Stay tuned.... I am just getting started.

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