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July 01
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I spent the better part of last week collaborating with the world's greatest close-up sleight-of-hand magician, Steve Dacri - just ask Robin Leach, Regis Philbin or Johnny Carson if Steve isn't indeed the BEST. (Well, Johnny's dead, but you get the idea). With Steve's footage and input, I edited up…

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I am all for performing one's civic duty, and have over the years come up with a few unique ways to give back to my community. Because I am a video producer here in San Diego, I have shot, produced and edited several videos for non profit organizations such as the… Read full post »
Here is a photographer with a fascinating way of shooting portraits. I enjoy and appreciate artists who can think "outside the box."

'Image via Wikipedia

In his “Flying Dutchmanâ€
Charles and I leapt over white caps
at the jetty’s entrance
to prove his mastery to the sea.

No other boat ventured into that day,
not even the skillet-bellied fishing vessels.
His sailing was his golden madness
as heavy waves stormed the hull.

I knew/…

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AUGUST 13, 2010 10:07AM

The Lost Negatives of Ansel Adams

Ansel Adams, 1942Image via Wikipedia

In 1937, a fire ripped through Ansel Adams’ darkroom, destroying as many as 5,000 negatives. This loss represented one-third of his portfolio. Many of the negatives had never been developed into photographs. It was a heartbreaking loss
for Adams and his wife, Virginia, and/
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Mountain Biking MamaImage by cleopatra69 via Flickr

This is a funny clip of me 15 years ago when I appeared on the local news station to talk about mountain biking, and our around-the-world adventures on mountain bikes (which were chronicled in an award-winning video called "Full Cycle: A World Odyssey.")

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AUGUST 9, 2010 1:10PM

Worlds Firsts - by Patty Mooney

Patty Ridin'; SshhhhhhImage by cleopatra69 via Flickr

Lately I have been reflecting upon my life, and I realize I have participated upon numerous "world's firsts," mostly having to do with mountain biking, and some to do with video production; sometimes with both.

Mark invented the first helmet cam, so he could take/… Read full post »

Grim Reaper (advertisement)Image via Wikipedia

If depression had a face, I think it would be the bony grim reaper in its coarse black hooded robe. Once this creature has grabbed ahold of your neck with its clawed fingers, it does not want to let go. You have to work hard to extricate yourself. Your… Read full post »
Today I will regale you with a poem I wrote in 1975, when I was 20 years old. This photo, by the way, was taken in Detroit, at Barnum & Bailey Circus, 1986.

Heading West

You wouldn’t believe
what I’m dreaming,
if I could put it nice.
And I’d tell you raw-
honey sweet
if I could…

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I am glad I had my little pocket camera with me the day I came across Lee Coulter. He's very cute, he's originally from Australia and he knows how to sing and play guitar.

Feelin'Groovy performed by Lee Coulter from Patty Mooney on Vimeo.

I had the opportunity this week to videotape Shirley Sherrod when she came to San Diego and spoke before the National Association of Black Journalists.

Former USDA official Shirley Sherrod took part in a panel discussion and press conference at the 2010 NABJ Convention (National Association of
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JULY 28, 2010 7:00PM

Our Lovely Kates - by Patty Mooney

at the Berlin Film Festival 2007Image via Wikipedia

I was just thinking how many Kates there are in the acting industry. Kate Hudson, Kate Winslet, Kate Beckinsale, Kate Hepburn (she's dead but her work lives on), Cate Blanchett (spelled differently but a "Kate" just the same).

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Galway KinnellGalway Kinnell via last.fm

Off a shallow valley of grapes
Calistoga simmers
home to Old Faithful, petrified woods,
hot springs and mud baths.
Not a volcanic peep
for a billion years
though who knows what will spill over

all that matters is this hunger
for mud pies,
this tug to a spot

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JULY 23, 2010 12:09PM

A Western Gal - by Patty K Mooney

'CoverCover of Two Mules For Sister Sara

A little-known fact about me is that my favorite movie genre is Westerns. I enjoy every film starring Clint Eastwood in a poncho and sweat-stained cowboy hat. "Unforgiven" is extraordinary in its gritty realism. The scene in which several gunslingers are invol/… Read full post »

Foster Lake  -- Trinity Alps WildernessImage by Beyond the Trail [Gary] via Flickr

You and I are far from humanity.
Snow obscures everything, even
our trail to the banks of Foster Lake,
at the center of Trinity Alps.

We set up camp, hike to the crater
lake, luring a baby trout that swipes
all our salmon eggs. We keep tossing
him back until/…

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Hilary Swank & Stephen HopkinsImage by cleopatra69 via Flickr

I have enjoyed every movie in which Hilary Swank has appeared. She is the type of actress who completely inhabits each role and makes you, the viewer, forget that she is acting. That is no small feat.

I met her once, when I had the pleasure of interviewing/…

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Woman Sleeping Under Water, BaltimoreImage by cleopatra69 via Flickr

Now that we've been home from the river for a few days, I am feeling withdrawals from being in the nice cool water, just bobbing and floating along, as though life were just a dream (and we all know that it is, right?)

We spent four days camping/… Read full post »

It had been 25 years since Mark and I had inflated our Sevylor raft, a "Caravelle," upon which we'd bounced along many streams and rivers prior to shoving it up on a garage shelf. That little yellow "ride" had seen the likes of the Athabasca, the Colorado and McKenzie Rivers. It…

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JULY 9, 2010 10:07AM

Plums - A Poem by Patty K Mooney

PlumImage via Wikipedia

The plums are coming. Yum!
The tree naked through California winter
achieves green.
Small blossoms appear,
anticipating plums.
Juicy, red, sweet, due July.
A fluid wind ruffles the leaves.
Hurry plums, hurry. Come!
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While editing my last music video, "Black Black Blood," that focuses on our latest ecological disaster, I came across some videos by Landon Lott who also is an artist.

Landon has created this beautiful screen print, called "Gulf Ghost" that pretty much eulogizes the animals that are suffering a/… Read full post »

Man Holding Garter SnakeImage by cleopatra69 via Flickr

One of my passions in life that has brought me the most joy is the sport of Mountain Biking. The first time I went down a singletrack (a thin dirt track for hiking and biking), I knew that rollercoasters could never do it for me again. This/… Read full post »

Fire on the offshore drilling rig Deepwater Ho...Image via Wikipedia

Many of you know that I edited a music video recently called "Black Black Blood." If you have not yet seen it, please take a look, give it a thumbs-up, comment favorably and forward it to your friends.

This was a collaboration with a musician named Katherine Archer who lives/… Read full post »

Flowers in the High DesertImage by cleopatra69 via Flickr

Well the wild ride into the earth was thrilling,
really, scared as I was and torn and sore.
I say what other woman could have managed it?
My life before then
picking flowers against my destiny
what glance, what meeting,
who was watching, what we don't know we know,

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Stained glass at St John the Baptist's Anglica...Image via Wikipedia

From time to time you come across completely amazing and ridiculous items in the news. This one forced me to take a very deep breath and feel glad that my own story had not headed in this direction. More on that later.

Reporter, Roxann MtJoy penned this piece, "Teenager Force… Read full post »

JUNE 25, 2010 3:21PM


About two weeks ago, a musician who lives in St. Augustine, Florida, by the name of Katherine Archer, sent me a message after she discovered my blog. She had come across my blog post, "BP is Blocking Photos of Dead Wildlife." She sent me this message:

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