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OCTOBER 27, 2011 3:48PM

NCIS 9.6: Too Good to be True

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NCIS 9.6 was a too good to be true story - not the episode, but the story presented in the episode, which was in fact a little hackneyed and even predictable. Ducky's in love.  This provides a good occasion for DiNozzo to sing a few bars of Rickie Lee Jones' "Chuck E.'s in Love," with a D instead of a C.  But because this is a television series, not real life, you just know that that head-over-heels love can't last.  And so it goes with poor Ducky, with the twist that his love turns out to be the killer the team is hunting, which is also a standard television move.

But the show did have Cheryl Ladd, from the original Charlie's Angels, playing the killer.  And it did have one of Gibbs' best rejoinders of the season, given when DiNozzo says he's fallen off the ladder of trust.   "Not a ladder," Gibbs laconically comments,  "more like a step stool."

In other words, the writing was excellent as always, even though the story was disappointing.   I admit, I'm a romantic.  I like to see our major characters find the happiness they deserve.  I understand why, in this line of work, that often doesn't happen.  But making Ducky's love the killer in this one was just too much.

Gibbs once again plays the comforter at the end of the episode, which, as I've been saying, has been a good leavener for the show.  This time the recipient, of course, is Ducky.

But why can't at least one of our major characters find some continuing happiness in life outside of work?  In Ducky's case, it's because the source of that happiness turned out to be his and the team's work.  To which I crankily say - give the man a break.

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