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FEBRUARY 20, 2012 1:13AM

The Good Wife 3.15: Will and Baseball

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The coming attractions to The Good Wife 3.15 showed Will, in danger of disbarment, leaving the office with a baseball bat.  The relative good news, as we found out tonight, is that Will isn't going off to bash anyone.  He's going off to play baseball.

He'll have a little time on his hands, because he elected to take the six-month suspension from practicing law, rather than risking permanent disbarment.  It was the smart move, but I hate to see Will give in even an inch to the forces of sloth and evil that are always at work to bring him down.

The specific story for the night was good too - keyed perfectly into what is going on right now in Syria.  Although what happened to the brave freedom fighter in Homs, on a Skype or other vid connection with Kalinda, was predictable, it was nonetheless very moving.

No so the episode's treatment of Occupy Wall Street.  A judge gives an impassioned shout-out to OWS, but it's bundled in a lame comedic thread that just didn't work.  OWS is serious enough to warrant it's own serious treatment on this show.  Memo to writers: do it.

But there are some good stories brewing in Peter's office, as he directs Cary to shake things up, and I'm looking forward to the next episode, which will be on in ... March?   Well, maybe it give Will some time to get a little baseball in somewhere.

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The Plot to Save Socrates

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