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MARCH 16, 2012 4:32PM

Awake 1.3: Frequency of Yelllow and Blue

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No great shakes or revelations in Awake 1.3 last night - and I did get guess the villain as the old partner almost as soon as his mug was on the screen - but the episode did deepen our understanding of Britten's family nonetheless, with excellent exposition of Britten and his son Rex.

Especially memorable was Rex's explanation of why he resents Britten (in blue world).   Rex understandably is still deeply grieving for his mother, and, every time he sees Britten, which (I think) is every day, Rex is angry and conflicted about his father rather than his mother surviving.  Up until this episode, we've mostly seen the internal conflicts of Britten.  It was good to see Rex's now as well.

I said "I think" about Rex seeing Bitten, and our seeing blue (and yellow) world every day, because I'm not sure.  Britten takes sleeping pills to go to sleep after the harrowing blue day in which Rex is kidnapped, because he thinks (correctly) that he'll find some clues in yellow world.  And he wakes up the next morning - or seconds later in screen time - with Hannah beside him.  But, in other interludes in the first three episodes, we've seen Britten just shift between blue and yellow worlds in the middle of the day.  Are we really also seeing a shift from the middle of one day in blue or yellow world to the middle of the next in the alternate world?

Meanwhile, speaking of Hannah, exactly how much does she know about Britten's blue world in which Rex lives (and she does not).  We've seen the couple talk a little about this previously.  Last night, Britten tells her he can't join her at a Rex memorial because he has a kidnap case - involving a boy.  Later, Hannah asks him if the boy was ok - was this shorthand for her asking if Rex was ok, and did Hannah realize on some level that the kidnap of Rex in Britten's "dream" was what he was working on, what was keeping him from being with her at Rex's memorial?

Important continuing questions, which make this show worth watching even when there is no further development of the apparently nefarious captain.

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