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October 08
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MAY 29, 2011 6:45AM

Bringing People Together

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I entered the gleaming white marble temple and walked barefoot across the cool floor towards the beam of sunlight pouring in through the round window in the ceiling.  A feeling of complete well-being washed over me as I stood alone in that ancient place, the cool darkness accentuated by the brilliant pillar in the center.  The deep silence was broken by the flutter of white wings as doves flew out of the light and scattered in all directions.  And then She came, possessing the beauty of a Renaissance Madonna and infinite love in Her heart.  She, who is all things to all men, She who is too immense for just one name, and I finally understood the full meaning of the words, “I am that I am.”


She handed me a box, painted gold, a gift.  What could it be?  I opened it, handing Her the lid.  Inside, nestled in a bed of pale yellow tissue paper, where two hearts, made of gold, attached to each other like links in a chain.  



“Bringing people together,” She replied.

“What, like a matchmaker?  I don’t think so!  Not my thing.”


But She, ever patient and gracious, showed me Her meaning.  I saw a mother and her child baking together.  I saw an audience watching a movie in a crowded theater.  I saw a group of people watching TV. Many people reading the same book.  I saw an audience listening to me speak from behind a podium onstage. 


"Literally bringing people together," She said. 


Then She showed me my life; all of the friends I had made and kept in spite of the long physical distances between us; all of the love spanning between us like great, flowing, golden ribbons; all of the people who had connected with each other through me.


“So I’m like Facebook, only on a smaller, more personal scale,” I joked nervously.


“You are making this world a smaller place, showing that distance has no meaning, bringing people together,” she explained.


I felt moved, in spite of my fear and hesitation, tears streaming down my cheeks as I buried myself in Her arms and felt loved and comforted like a child.  I did not wish Her to leave, I wanted more, I wanted Her forever, but it was time. 


“Come back as often as you like.  I will always be here when you wish it.”


I left the temple and returned to the light of day, spent, bewildered, and grateful. Bringing people together…  I’ll have to mull that over for a while and let it sink in.



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This was gentle and real beautiful.
Madonna was not the pole dancer.
Last week Ophrah Winfrey did that?

Meryl Streep poled danced? Obama
'Sophia's Choice' in 'Out Of Africa?'
I get actor confused. Somebody did.

You mention Quality Gifts - Visions.

Bringing People Together. Listening.

Gene Knudson Hoffman's Vision was:

The Listening Project. Israel/Palestine.

I should look her Family up. A Treasure.
When Gene died I was away in Canada.

I never had my mail forwarded. A Gift.
It Wonderful to meet such Special Gift.
They exude a Special Presence. The Gift.
This is my visit to your site and wow, what a worthwhile visit. This is great, thank you.
She deputized you to be a force against loneliness by just doing what you do. Was it a dream?
Geraint: wow! thank you! :-)

Linnnn: this is part of a vision I had during meditation. Blew me away to tell the truth -- never would have guessed that was my life's purpose in a million years!
This is a powerful image.

Bringing people together -- like your comment -- a human facebook.

Maybe, instead of a conduit, maybe a big part of it is simply bring people to yourself.

Just a thought.
Good thought Nick :-)
What a wonderful revelation you've experienced. Reading about it brings peace as if I were with you.
I'm glad you enjoyed it, dear FusunA :-)
exactly right!
we are all on God's facebook page....great symbolism.
true, too!
for the creations of Man reflect the glory of
i should say, to get up to date,
doings of Wo-man-kind are but images of God-dess-hood
struggling for birth in Creation.

(that is hard to do, be not so much
as gender-inclusive)
there is glory in 'love'.... magnetic, perhaps to be everlasting?