Pavanne Veltman

Pavanne Veltman
Apeldoorn, Netherlands
October 08
Dreamer, creator, diplomat, procrastinator, hopeless romantic


JANUARY 28, 2012 9:02PM

Full On The Lips

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I wish for once my mind would stop calling all

the shots threatening me with dire consequences should

I dare to act on impulse allow me to do and say what is in my

heart walk right up to you and kiss you full on the lips clear

out of the blue and lead you into the realm of my

imagination to the place where my heart rules

and my head is but a humble fool where

everything is possible and you look

me straight in the eye and say

yes I love it here



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You have just OPENed the SALON door for all of us in anticipation of Valentine's Day!
I know it's a little early, but I couldn't resist! :-)
hoo. wow. breathless.
That was so very good.r
very nice! even this fool can see your heart =)
OMG lovely and then some.....Your good and today your Excellent.
¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯\)¯¯¯¯¯'\_)))„„\)­­­­ ❤ℓϑɤɕ❤¸.•★
Divorce Bard: Thanks! I love your poetry. :-)

Hugs, me: Hugs to you!

LeRay: So sweet - thank you!

Algis: Thanks for the flower :-)
Awesome! Unrequited love is such a strong desire. Keeping it in check takes great effort. R
Very clever, the way it all comes to a point. And very lovely. Your heart rules the passion here, but your crafty head shapes it well.
Wonderful! Oh, but haven't we all felt this way at one time?
Ah yes, I smell V-day in the air. Gonna be a long couple of weeks... sigh!
Very nice though, I must say :)
wow, such a true line, here:
"my head is but a humble fool"

if my heart could do the thinking,
and my head begin to feel,
i would look at the world anew
and know what's truly real.
I love , love this - especially this phrase: "I dare to act on impulse "
JoeBono: Thanks - venting through poetry helps!

Pilgrim: Ha! It just looked so boring all in a row, and then I remembered that tree-shaped poem I'd done. Thanks! :-)

Noirville: I didn't know you like poetry - thanks!

Firechick: Oh if only we all dared to do what we dream... :-)
tr ig: Thanks! Iguess I'll have to come up with something new for V-day. But do you think this one would make a good Valentine's card from a secret admirer...?

James: Thank you! Did you write that? I love it.

hilarad: Oh thank you, thank you! :-)
Rita: how do you suppose a real man would react if a woman (not a movie character) actually did this? I've been pondering...
Woo ...
farmer wrap bullfrog
please accept unwrapped
farmer in pajamas
wearing face guard
and shoulder bags
rita s?
you do
I think we all need to do more thinking with our hearts. Love this!
Full on the lips brings tingling to the hips! Rated with a Jali smile. :-)
I may steal this. Terri will never know!
Great Heart Poem! I spend lots of time trying to trick my mind into letting me run free. Sometimes it works and sometimes it backfires and I realize I should have listened to my mind after all.
Damn the torpedoes just do it!
asia rein: thanks, me too!

Jali: hey girl - high compliment form the queen of tingling hips!

Scanner: go for it! :-)

zanelle: I know what you mean... that's why my mind has completely taken over! :-)

M.C.S.: Ha!