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MARCH 6, 2012 8:48PM

Being Verbose

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My husband says, "Your writing is too verbose, but your thoughts are more sophisticated than they used to be."  At least there's that.

It made me feel dumb.

I'm an artist and musician which shouldn't hinder me from writing well, but that's who I am. I don't focus on the improvement of the written word, only canvas and sound. 

Can I be taken seriously if I can't write well? I guess I can try editing my essays more than two or three times even though there's not enough time in the day to do so. I simply lose interest after a while. The same shit over and over. Editing is like the movie Groundhog's Day

The Internet hasn't been helpful either. Years learning the lingo and my skills went down the toilet, if I had any at all. I've regressed. What can I do? I get home from work after a long day and devote my time to art, not writing. Yet, if you were to read my graduate papers it has obviously been edited by my husband. I give the content and then he changes the way I express things and shortens the essays into more concise words. The man can seriously chop a ten page paper into four pages. (hangs head)

If I were to actually turn in a legitimate paper, completely written and edited by myself, I fear it would be hideous. Clearly, not the work expected of a graduate student, for sure. 

I am ashamed that I'm not a better writer, which is why I'm writing about this. But, I am an exceptional educator in my own field (not writing haha), and I suppose that makes up for part of it. At least that's what my husband says. I'm pretty sure he's trying to be diplomatic. 

 (deep breath).


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Based solely on your words here? What you can do is fine. You can learn to edit for your field and not for the eyes of critical others. Take that deep breath and then turn in your essays. YOURS, not the ones edited by your husband. That way, the feedback you get is yours, just yours, and you can decide what to do with it.
As both a writer and a former editor, I can tell you that self editing is a very difficult task. Our minds work in an odd way. When we read over something we've just written, our eyes may see the errors we've made but our brain doesn't!! Our brain "sees" what we meant to say - not what we actually put down on paper (or monitor screen).

The only cure for this that I've found - and it's not 100% perfect - is to put what you've written away for for a week or ten days until the mind has forgotten most of it. Then re-read it with "fresh" eyes.

On the other hand - editing is what husbands (or wives) are for!

The support of your spouse is a treasure
I sincerely hope you let him read this. He may not have meant to hurt your feelings, but he needs to know he didn't marry you for your writing skills. This hit me wrong because of my past and frankly, I just want to pop him upside the head.
mypsyche: thanks. well... i could.. but when given an assignment due the next day, assigned the day before.. not much time to shelve it for more than an hour or two... but, good advice. You know, maybe I can take a writing class when I'm finished with my program. At least I would feel better about it.
Sky: True! heh Which is why I let him edit things. He's the writer/editor... maybe that's where he's coming from. :o\
Phyllis: It's okay.. I was just sad about my skillz... he knows who he married, I just took it hard because I want to do well... and know that my skill lies in other areas... have a great day!
No one will take you seriously until you do. You are very hard on yourself. Stop that. And the only way to become a better writer is to keep writing. By the by, I liked what you wrote. It was engaging and serious with pops of quirkiness (which I love). Keep writing, please!
Don't feel ashamed about your writing. The toughest part of trying to write is editing... a gruff old script doctor once told me, " Never edit you own work. Cutting lines is like a mother murdering her own children. You have to be crazy to try to do that."
forgive me, but "....devote my time to art, not writing...", therein lays the problem "...devote my time to art, but not to that of writing.."