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MARCH 27, 2012 10:20AM

Steps to give a student a detention in public school.

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A.  Assign detention after 3 tardies.

B. Check to see if kid served it.

C. Assign 2nd detention because they did not serve first detention.

D. Check if they served it.

E. Call home.

F. Refer to Dean.

G. Dean gives kid detention.

H. Check to see if kid served it.

I. Kid did not serve it. Assign 1 day suspension.

J. Teacher gets email to provide work for kid while suspended.

K. Make copies. and hand to Dean.

L. Kid comes back. No work in hand.

M. Teacher signs into program to verify weekly grades.

N. Teacher is asked to provide evidence of intervention to get kid to pass.

O. Kid isn't passing? Did you provide opportunity? Did you give extra work? Did you call home again?

P. Parent conference.

Q. Parent did not come in?

R. Block kid until parent comes in.

S. It's been a week. Parent didn't come in.

T. Dean: Oh, I just blocked them, parent will be in tomorrow.

6 weeks later... and you wonder why teachers are worn down? If you have a 160 kid load... imagine the paperwork... there's 3 systems you have to log into to put the same information in.


And then people ask me when I see them, "How was your week?" lol



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holy cow batman.

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Truly a testimony as to what is wrong with "public education," sure it has more to do with potential liability than anything that makes any sense. Admin is covering their asses and you end up with the paperwork... Rhetorical question: what are 100 dead lawyers chained together at the bottom of the sea?
U. you
V. very
W. wonderful
X. them all
Y. cause U can
Z. zzzzzzz....zzzzzz....tired U say.
jmac... sigh... um... :-)
tg, that just made my day! hahaha :-)
If that is what "teaching" has become it is another piece of evidence that we aren't "doing it right" in this, our sooooo wonderful land-of-the-free-home-of-the-brave.

I'm sure that those whom we try to force our ways upon, at the point of our guns, really appreciate how "advanced" we are and would just love to give up their centuries - sometimes millennia - old customs and societies to follow us into the future.

Can we not do better than this?
sky: sighhhhhh I know, right?
Hey!!! How wuz yer week!? ha.
Arg. 'intervention', 'opportunity'...
My dad was a principal and he would have scoffed at all this.
unfortunately, he was stuck in the 1940/50's as he tried
to navigate a large suburban high school in the 1970's.

Yet things were different.
Dad or one of his vice principals would have called the parents
personally & put the fear of God (him) into them.
Dad's best pally-boy was the "Truancy Officer".
He'd do home visits...
If Dad were hip to the 21st century, he'd say,
"Ba, blech. This boy (or girl) needs our special attention,
i want him in front of a computer somewhere
doing his assigned work!"

"Detention" was my goofy old anachronistic dad's most
serious, serious word.............
The principal make home phone calls? hahahahha
I'd LOVE to see that! :-)