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APRIL 19, 2012 1:50PM

Mel "F the Jews and Gregoriova" Gibson Rants Again

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And... once again.. (as if we're not surprised) Mel Gibson is at the center of a de ja vu scandal in which he cussed out and theatened a long time Hollywood script writer Eszterhazy. Well, I guess it backfired when Eszterhazy's son recorded the rant about his ex' girlfriend and other topics. 

 Some people seem to think that since it's his home, he can rant about whatever the hell he wants, and I guess he can... while others are not so kind and won't allow for people to make excuses for his anti-semitic woman abusing ass.


Personally, I stopped watching Mel Gibson's work after the last drunken rant. I don't know why some people need more evidence that the guy is not such a great guy. I don't care how good he was in Braveheart, or the "Passion of Christ"... (I'll reserve my personal opinon on this one.. take a wild guess.) And.. I actually did like Braveheart. But, I'm so over it. 

 Here's the site for his latest rant.... 

 Feel free.  




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He's a miserable drunk, Peeling. It's what they do. If I remember correctly he was deformed in some way as a child and grew up with a terrible self image that may well be what's haunting him today, or, rather, is the source of this vileness that comes out when he drinks. He's pitiable.
I never thought Braveheart was that good, much preferred Liam Neeson in Rob Roy.
jmac: robroy was awesome. Neeson is awesome.
chicken: unfortunately i cant pity him.. he's taken his talent and thrown it in the toilet. I used to like him a heck of a lot... and then.. dun dun dun... I wonder what his deformity is? :o\
@jmac - I couldn't agree more!
I just checked the story out on Snopes. It's a hoax. Here it is: Man Without a Face

I apologize for not checking it first.
I found the films of his I've seen, one about aliens, Braveheart and Apocalypso, to be disturbingly cruel, featuring really terrible scenes of suffering. He has some loose screws, obviously, and probably booze floats 'em.
Bird on a Wire with Goldie Hahn is one of my favorite movies, and I like some of the Lethal Weapon movies, but I can't say I really like him. He's definitely getting worse as he gets older, and I really don't like how he left his wife. I don't listen to his rants because I try to avoid sordid. He does need to be retired. I hope it's soon.
Agree with y'all. I used to like him. He definitely lost it.
However, Liam Neeson, a favorite...must see Rob Roy.
Myriad: good going.. i didnt even realize the common theme in his movies.. hmmmmmm
Phyllis: Saldy, I think some of the male actors in general are going through amidlife "i need attention" crisis... just look at sheen... and the guy who was in beetlejuice.. whats his name.. well anyway, they have these lame twitter rants, which makes headlines on cnn/fox and other news sites... im so over them.
I've really got to see robroy again... i just vaguely remember a scene on a beach, and rape scene... not my fav thing to watch... but since, ppl keep saying how awesome it is.. i may try it out again. ;-)