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MAY 18, 2012 5:20PM

6 years later... What the Heck????

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Yes... welcome to the twilight zone starring me.
My husband and I have been trying to have kids for 6 years. Never worked.
After all this time and $30,000 later... (geez louise)... it looks like we have some results....
I Just can't hold it in... but seriously... we won't see heart beats until next week thursday... so we're PRAYINNNGGGGGGG we see two heartbeats.
SO, hold the excitements in....... *sigh*
Have a great sunny weekend everyone!
::::::scarfs down mac n cheese::::::::

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YAY for Mac-n-Cheese!! What?

Hoo-rayyyy!!! Got my fingers crossed for next week!
Congratulations, you guys. Happy for you!
Ρeeling,wishes for the best!!!!Rated with the best of luck!!!
Peeling, you are close to the realization of twice the joy. My old boss and his wife had spent the college fund of a soccer team on the Invitro -- procedure, done numerous times. They would finally succeed. And in this unique moment of knowing that he was a happy man, brimming with the joy that most can rarely taste, I saw that he was just like me: mortgages, golf scores and all of these concerns just melted into the insignificance of the weather...
I shared in this moment years before; he was a human being, after all ... my eyes found new light ...
Here's hoping that you taste that moment: it is the very best. I got the feeling that you believe me. May God bless ...
Great news! My fingers are crossed for you.
Fingers crossed and feeling like I should hold my breath, too...
Mac N Cheese can produce heartbeats?!! Who knew?

No wonder my cardiologist says my heart beats like it is two or three!

Of course it could be the peanut-butter n sardine sammiches or the accompanying kosher dill........

Hoping for butterflies in the 'scope......!!