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FEBRUARY 11, 2009 5:33PM

Lucifer and Me

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Hi there.






As a life long non-Christian, I find my fascination with the myth of the Morningstar to be baffling even to myself.

But it’s true. I love Lucifer. He fascinates. He’s hot.

Where to begin.

Well...first I guess I should make it nice and sparkling clear that I am not talkin bout Beezlebub...the horned goaty Devil thing...

Well..ok..there is an exception to that too...

Yes, I have pictured this character naked.

Nor am I some ridiculous “worshipper” or, goddess help me, an Anton Le Vey fan.

What a dick HE was.


I am talking about the Fallen One....the Adversary....the upstart of the War in Heaven.

The Ultimate Dominant.



But I have to go back even further, really. So bear with me for just a sec.

I have a thing, and I mean a big thing, for 70’s era film in general, but occult film especially...Few things would be more fun to watch than a spooky, but not gory, occult film from that era. We are talking fine, fine film like "Rosemary's Baby" and the Scariest. Film. in. the. World. : "The Exorcist", to middling crap like "Mephisto Waltz" with Alan Alda (!) or even total crap like “Blood on Satan’s Claw”.

I mean, I knew it was crap. I knew the entity (Hey! "The Entity"!) didn’t exist, but the THEME scared the ever living crap outta me. So, you know, that was fun.

Dore lucfer

But I never understood my fascination. And really, with a little research, it just got worse.

I’m not talking the interesting, but utterly lacking in sex appeal of say, good scholarly research like Pagels' " Origin of Satan "...fascinating, but no magic. I poured over what I could get in spite of it, though...the way I come into a fascination with a certain subject or person and grab it with my teeth and chew for weeks, or months, till it no longer has flavor.

What I liked was the Myth. The few lines in “Revelations”  that have been expanded, in “Paradise Lost” and other, fun modern works...into a beautiful and tragic story.

I liked the idea of the Most Beautiful and Most Beloved of Angels, Samael, The Lightbringer, looking at the hairless apes that God said he had to adore and care for and saying....

“, thanks.”

...And to resent his shackles, and to rebel from his very nature: created by God to serve, serve, serve. And to resent being separated from God, whom he loved best in spite of it all.

So he got some like minded brothers together and started a big fight. And, well, we know how that ended.



Michael's kinda fierce too, but still, a bit of a weenie.

So his punishment was most severe. He is expelled from what he loved most, and is made to rule Hell (which, I guess, was God’s plan all along, the bastard).

So now he rules over a place where he and the demon children of Lilith (you know...the one before Eve who wasn’t all that passive, and a bit of a strumpet.. ) punishing the evil dead in the way THEY want to be punished (for really, the damned damn themselves), and being blamed for “making” people do things they don’t want to do...


Whew...that’s quite a myth.

Sad. Romantic.


Because here is a fun character to play with. Someone who is so blackened in heart his pleasure comes from exquisite expressions of cruel irony. Someone with lots of power, but utter loneliness. The absolute pure essence of “self serving”.

I want to make him soup. And get naked with him, and make it better.

Because it’s a lot more fun to be the villain’s moll than the hero’s trueheart.

So yeah, I am twisted enough to find that sexy. In the way that Spock is sexy, really. One of those dorky women whose fascination with the unattainable takes ridiculous heights. Thank goodness it remains fantasy for me, or I would be someone with a heavy chain of  real life unavailable and “I dated a sociopath” heartbreak trailing behind me like Jacob Marley’s ghostly accessories.

So, really, I’m ok.

But I still love Lucifer. I do.




For those who might be sympathetic, might I recommend the following lowbrow fabulousness: “The Prophecy” films, with the always subtle performances of Christopher Walken as one pissed off Angel Gabriel, seen here in some nice clips from the films:


And, well...Viggo Mortensen is Lucifer, in know..that's good.

And for those who share my childish but defensive adoration of the graphic novel, this brilliant series, which is an offshoot of the equally brilliant "Sandman" series by Gaiman : Lucifer.


And well, Gabriel Byrne, my long time Imaginary Boyfriend, played a rather sublimely sexy Lucifer in "End of Days"...but that's not a good enough film to sit through. The bit with the kiss in the beginning though. Yeah. Whoo...Steamypants!


As a side note, I find it interesting that one of my best sellers on my website is this necklace , so I surely can't be alone.

Enjoy the darkness!


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Gimmie that ......old...time.....religion.
*grins* The DEVIL you say!

Funny thing is...being a Jew, the whole "hell" concept just seems like a fairytale...kind of like "original sin"... ;)
The ultimate rebel.

Blasphemously rated.
I was kinda thinking of that Travolta flick where he played the chain smoking, whiskey drinking angel with the beer gut.

I mean, he did follow me around for weeks to get ready for that part ....

You moll, you.
ah....viggo as favorite part of those flicks. :)
Satan is busy embroidering curtains for that condo he bought me in hell...
He will probably appear to you as a middle aged white guy. Rated!
As long as that guy is Gabriel Byrne, that works.
Stop me if you've heard this before...I love the way you write.
Sweetie, you are too generous, really. I'm a goofball.

I thank you.
Ahhhh, shoot, how to tell you this, sweetie? This is not easy for me, especially since we've become OS friends, but...long, long ago I laid claim to Gabriel Byrne. Long ago. He is all mine. Ask any of my friends or acquaintances, whenever any "name a celebrity you would..." game came up, he is ALWAY on my list. He's on the 'free-pass to have sex with" list. He's on every list.
Lucifer you can have. I won't even argue.

But, I so get Gabriel Byrne.

Nice job.

He's been mine for 20 least.

Obviously he's a slut.

My dear, if you have not yet seen Don't Look Now (1978) starring Donald Sutherland and Julie Christie, I implore you to submit this DVD to the top of your Netflix queue at once! It has nothing whatsoever to do with Satan or Lucifer etc but I am certain you will quite love it nonetheless!
My dearest M.Chariot....any recommendation from you should be considered golden.

I have long wished to see that...I cannot believe I have not yet..

To the queue it goes!
You can have Gabriel as long as I can have Viggo. You are a magical writer.......
Okay, I see I'll have to get in line for our man Gabe, here. I would go to the dark side for that one. Or Clive Owen. Yes, I would do Clive's bidding, I would.
Love your jewelry, too P! I am so going back to shop!
Jane, I ADORE Nicole Hollander and Sylvia.....I know the one!

Cartouche...shall I tell you of the time I sat next to Viggo on a plane for four hours while we spent the flight talking about altered books, photography and escape from the movie business? The airline lost our luggage, even, and Viggo tried to get my bag for me....what ....a....SWEETHEART. Of course, any man who was once married to Exene Cervenka is fabulous inherently. (thank you for the compliment..)

dharma...I am willing to share with your fine self. Maybe even with wakingupslowly. Maybe. Of course, this entire post was about luring you specifically into my shop. I am amazing!
Unfortunately, you're too literate for the devilish dating site I just blogged about ( Great pix.
oh god Myriad..I hope you are kidding..(well, not about the literate part..)

As a non-practicing, slowly starting to practice again witchypoo....I might have to take umbrage.

ha. latin is rusty...I can't tell if thats "Kill God" or "God is dead"....I'm guessing the latter.
Ahh, Persephone, your posts are as awaited by me as your return to transform winter into spring. The unique style is a pleasure to read. You have, as they say, a way with words.
aahhh, persephone, this is sublimely brilliant.

a couple of random thoughts crossed my mind while reading:

The Exorcist scared the hell out of me as a kid - I really thought I would be possessed (perhaps it was the Catholic school thing).

I also liked Damian or whatever that movie was and the more recent bad seed one with the Culkin kid.

I think you're right that you're not the only one. I see parallels between Edward Cullen, the vampire hero? of Twilight and Lucifer, or maybe it's just we are drawn to the dark side kind of thing.
My favorite Lucifer, large screen or small, is John Glover in the short-lived Brimstone. He's almost compelling enough to make me start burning black candles... dear you are. Thank you.

lpsrocks...I have avoided the whole "Twilight" thingy like the plague..but even in the unavoidable bits I do see some similarities. Vampires is hot. (and the sky is blue, and Sean Hannity is stupid, etc..)...I am SO delighted you understand. The movie you are speaking of, The Omen? Rocked...even the craptastic Sam Neil Damien flick "The Final Conflict" was not entirely of suck.

Rob...I don't know that one...but I love John Glover! I think he's fun on "Smallville", which I confess, I was once addicted to because I a: also have a Superman thing....and b: The young man playing Clark is THE HANDSOMEST MAN IN THE ENTIRE KNOWN UNIVERSE PERIOD END OF STORY FOREVER AND EVER AMEN.

(but I still love Gabriel best, in spite of this..)
I am off to find "Brimstone" now..
Ok, now I am suddenly thinking of all those badass 70's TV movies of the week..

"The Initiation of Sarah" "Satan's School for Girls"....oh much bad...and it tastes so gooooood.
I love the Sandman comics!! I have a number one somewhere. But.I.Can't.Find.It.

It's not just sexiness, Lucifer is just plain fun to hang with. Who wouldn't want to follow Peter Cook around in the original Bedazzled even though he's got a signed contract for your soul?
I'm sorry, you may all be pardoned in your ignorance, as even Viggo doesn't know this, but


But I could be persuaded to let you rent him. =o)
How the Lucifer did I miss this? Gorgeous art, smart writing, great necklace!
I've seen every one of those movies - most more than once. The book The Exorcist beats the movie, believe it or not. Loved this post. Never sure why I was so fascinated, but I was, and still am....
The Devil's Advocate...if you like Al Pacino...I just enjoy Charlize, and Connie Neilsen... mmmm
oh YEAH, you had me with that first picture!
Hi There indeed.
I know~....isn't that picture just....just....dreamy?

I don't think I have anything to add but a thumb. Thumb!
For a real creep factor, The Devils (of Loudon) by Ken Russell.

Or am I thinking of The Devil in Miss Jones.

I forget.
Lucifer incarnate: Sam Neill in Omen III.

The diatribe against the "Nazarene" and the seduction of the reporter. . .

The rest of the film? rank, but his portrayal in certain scenes was riveting.

Why is it that lilith is described as a shrieking harpy and lucifer can be so casually mysterious and debonaire?

There is the Yziderite heresy, the belief that The Peacock Angel, the Lord of Knots, actually embraced Adam (and Eve) to his bosom and "educated" them so that they would not remain dumb animals shouting hossanas to the deaf God...their old churches in Iraq (where they remain a persecuted minority) are covered with graven images of The Serpent of Wisdom.

Say, you ever check out Tanith Lee's "Night's Master"?
To my mind, it's fascinating that the quest for "enlightenment" was vested in Eve (albeit by later patriarchs) just as the quest for "sovereignty" is what is embued in Lilith. I've always found the "duality" of the female in literature fascinating. It is so much more precise than the "earth mother-godess" single-dimension. Lilith- bound to earth and in torment.
When The Exorcist first came out, my cousin and I skipped work and went to see the first daily showing early one afternoon. We sat in the balcony of an old, old creeping theater. We were the only ones there. It scared the holy bejesus out of us.

I've been hot for Linda Blair ever since, proving I'm nearly as sick as you. If I wear my Gabriel Byrne suit, will you do devilish things to me?
Iconesis....that's very astute and verrrry interesting. This more complex and precise duality of which you speak as being more interesting than the simple "godess" is true...and having read that .....its funny how obvious it is, but I have never thought of it before...

wow....I like that. You should write about that. Gimmie.
I REALLY like your style ...


How do you do that!?

Even when you're talking about things that are antithetical to everything I believe I still find myself thinking, "Wow, she's so she did it again!"

Yea, Lucifer was pretty cool.

Dammit, there you go again...

Lilith haunts the virtual hauls of our community every day, and you, gentle lady, are no exception. Many of the women here court her muse most effectively.

Liberty and equality are the province of the female avatar (for lack of a better term), hence the statue. Adventure is the province of the male (much like your stylized Lucifer). They are undercurrents in many literary constructs, however subtle.

I alluded to this, somewhat poorly, in one of my posts:

It was called "creepy" by the almighty Scrawl, a failure I attribute to none but myself. It takes time to fully describe our philosophy here at OS!
damn but how misspelling can ruin a thoughtful comment!
"halls" of our community, of course!
let the bloviating continue...
Well, OK, if you didn't like The Devils of Loudon (or the Devil in Miss Jones), what about Byrne in Ken Russell's Gothic?

Ah god...."Gothic"...That movie that movie...I mean..The Haunted Summer? How can you not LOVE it, right? ...and then....and then there are the eyeball boobies, and Byron being such a prick you wonder why ANYONE would be near him, and...and then it gets so bad....and you wonder why you are watching, cuz this should be so much better...and then...

Now I have to go buy it.

I hate you Boanerges.
Christian...thank you for that interesting tidbit. A Tad Serious For this Discussion, but very interesting.

Iconesis: Yes! "The Final Conflict" was mentioned before. Sam Neil was fun in that, no?
(Christian...I do hope you know I am kidding!) I found that actually quite interesting.)
oui. the chilling of the blood and the quickening of the soul. . .
nothing makes you feel so, alive.
perhaps that is why the french refer to the rapture as
le petit morte.
eyeballs and breasts metaphor notwithstanding!

Watched Gothic again ... oh, about a month ago, probably for the fourth time. That Russell is one weird dude. The movie really desperately needed a better edit or something, but the bones were sure there.
Way cool! The art choices are great.
Hey sweetie! I've been called a "Horny Devil" before. Does that count for something? I do like homemade soup or fire-hot chiliXXX...great artwork. Rated & Cheers!
Lucifer was the angel most love and closest to God of all the angel in Heaven before is fall. We human are the reason for his separation from God. This is the sad part of the story. We caused the lost of one that God loved. And do you think it hurts Lucifer too?
Ugh. I just wrote you this very long response surrounding my love of Lucifer too, as well as questions disappeared in etherville!

In short, thanks for your informative, sexy piece. I'm still confused about the the differentiations: Satan, Lucifer, Morningstar...and where does the Angel Gabriel "fall" into the whole thing?

I liked the idea of Satan so much that I produced an experimental comedy piece years ago called "Satan, The Musical!" It was a LOT of fun.

And I also raved about The of my fave movies. And I told you how I met Jason Miller several times and how I could barely breathe in his presence, because the power had so much hold over me. And that he was an amazingly tragic and beautiful man, just as you see in the movie, as Father Karras.

Your necklace is beautiful too.

I think I just rewrote everything. Damnit. The other one was better. Much more action packed! Satan rocks.
Aww Beth, buggerfuck.

I hate it when I lose writing to the bibliogorgon. Tis terribly cruel. How kind of you to take the time to try to write it again. Action packed, still.

Gabriel only falls into with the mooovie.

The myth lacks him.

Morningstar is a nickname, Lightbringer/Samael is literal, actually....he was the Angel who brought the light god was smearing about when he said "Let there be light".

I would very very much like to see Satan, The Musical.

Adorable new avatar by the way!
Scoubidou......fascinating information coupled with the best damn name ever makes you full of win!
I have not met you here before but I read your posts. So I just wanna say I am so glad that you read John Walker's post!! I felt like my friend was getting a big bouquet of flowers or something., it was so special
Ariana.....egads...what a charming thing to do..send me that note...really.

thank you! How generous of you to say and...well..feel that!
Those bad boys are alluring, are they not?

That is a problem though, they often show up in disguise...
ooo, I don't think I ever met anyone else who found Tim Curry's Satan delicious. I'm not into that goaty thing either, but there's something about the beastiness combined with that sultry accent...mmm, the baddest of the bad boys.
GinnyK, you may NOT have Darkness. He has been mine since I saw the movie on opening night in 1985. Sorry. ;)

(I think I was the only female-type-person in the audience who was there to see Tim Curry instead of Tom Cruise. ;)

Lilith seems to be known and revered more on this website than amongst the typical online denizens, which of course I think is all to the good. She had sass, that one. For my interpretation of Lilith, check out this post.

Also, Constantine: Keanu Reeves and Gavin Rossdale, yum.
And here I thought I was the only one thinking that babe in Legend was out of her mind for acting so disgusted by Darkness's overtures!

Merwoman, I'll gladly share with you--he's naughty enough to agree, I'm sure. ;)
Hah! I bet he WOULD agree! :D
Wow, Persephone, I really liked this post. lol Your desire for Lucifer actually left me with an elevated heart rate!

Viggo Mortensen was the best devil ever. That one line, near-whispered under his breath: "I love you, I love you more than jesus." I get shivers every time i hear it. And I'm not even a christian!

SO glad others embrace the hot darkness, baby.

Legend...HORRIBLE Baddie.
Did you know that the red devil guy up there--the one in "Legend" was Tim Curry??!!
Of course! The moment he opened his mouth. He has both a distinctive voice, and a way of moving his lips that is just unmistakable.

The rest of the movie is unwatchable....but he is mesmerizing.