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MAY 23, 2009 9:56AM

And finally..

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Josie was fascinated with my company logo, for reasons she never really said, but she peppered me with questions about it.

 My company logo is interesting in that I created the image from an Italian Renaissance portrait of an aristocratic young lady...I took out the color,then hand colored her face, adding an eyepatch, etc.

Imagine my surprise when two months later,  I find the portrait, and real person, shown in the necklace below.




 This amazing (and unaltered by me!) painting is of  Ana de Mendoza e de la Cerda, aka, the Princess of Eboli...a Spanish princess of high education, independant nature, and, in spite of the loss of her eye, a great beauty of her time.

(As you can see...)


Josie thought that was neat..., and last night, while trying to figure out how to use the amazing collapsable and tiny (working!) spyglasses I just recently, and greedily, snapped up...this over the top design came to me.


Here is the real Pirate Queen...the real Queen of the Briney Deep. Though she was not a real pirate in the Anne Bonny and Mary Read sense, her gorgeous and rakish countenance inspires.




My meditation of last night was on I worked this design out, I chanted in my mind, over and over..."May the next be one of love and adventure...may the next be one of love and adventure"...and I think this necklace kinda personifies that..





 I don't know how to give tribute, and I have this terror that this is in bad taste, when it's meant to be warm and weird. I am someone who, especially right now, is having a hard time expressing myself in words. So this is my tribute...For a woman who I know wished for more love and adventure in her life...for someone so much more passionate than most.

I will make another one of these this morning to sell, but this first one, I keep for myself.  To remind me to risk loss for gain. To remind me to say yes more often.







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It looks like Josie. :) It's beautiful and very fun. Plus, you know, it's pirates. Frankly, I love it.

You know, some of your jewelry, when you can afford to do this, should be displayed in art galleries, not sold. This piece is one of those.
Damn, girl. Your jewelry is so cool and original.

You should do a little post about how you design it. Artistic minds need to know!
Odette...thank you sweetie. wow. I have NO IDEA...I just...pile a bunch of stuff in front of me and start playing. I have certain things, symbols and images, I adore...crowns, hearts, wings, gears...and time periods I love...and then I them together.

Fortunately for jewelry, you can often re-use the bits if it gets screwed up and doesn't work. Thats a good thing, or else I would have a PILE of wasted brass.
You do fascinating work and achieve stunning results.
Definitely warm and weird in the best kind of way.


(thumbified for adventure)
For someone who doesn't know how to give do an awesome job.


Rated, of course.
perfectly and beautifully appropriate (I admit to some prejudice of affection for you, but really, this is wonderful).

Thanks for this from your heart to another.
Fortune is a fickle mistress, but what a dame! xox
I love the pirate motif. I always wanted to be a pirate when I was a little kid. My brothers and I used to play pirates and buried treasure for hours. I always insisted on being a boy pirate too (duh)...I would've loved to have that Spanish princess as my girl pirate bride.
Rated for good taste and creativity.
Rich..I thank you for that. I credit my inspiration.

Jodi...more adventure for everyone!

Darkside...hi sweetie. Hi hi hi. thank you.


Barry...I love your tender heart.

Viking...Whoo ya! I have many a pirate fantasy. Smutty even, but thats, um, me.
Amazing. I absolutely love the necklace and the sentiment attached.

"To remind me to risk loss for gain. To remind me to say yes more often."

I would say, you have no trouble, whatsoever, finding the right words.
Robin...yes, right on both counts.

Also, I adore you.
I'd love to hear your pirate fantasies. The smuttier the better :)
Risk loss for gain. Well put. The creativity you show is very interesting.
My goodness, your work increasingly amazes me. And Josie, I'm sure, would be pleased and deeply flattered.

Do you mean to tell me you put the eyepatch on Ana de Mendoza first...then found out she actually had an eyepatch? That would be past coincidence, if so. Wow!
A wonderful story and a beautiful, tangible tribute.

Creative as hell - love this piece.

peece, dj
Beautiful. Just beautiful.
Beth..I actually put an eye patch on another painting of a women in a very fancy ruff.....who wasn't the Princess..

..and then found the princess, ruff and all, and amazingly similar, just 2months later.

So I dreamed up a character that already existed, it seems, but alas, no, it was not Ana at first.
very cool
I'm in awe of anyone who can make something out of metal. If it were up to me, we'd still be using only stones and sticks.
This is warm and weird. Rated.
oh, sweetheart, this could not be in better taste. josie loved your logo. you found the real inspiration for it. you made a stunning necklace that josie would have adored and does adore wherever her spirit is now. thank you for sharing this very loving tribute. love love love
I am blown away by this. Josie would love it too. Such a fitting tribute from such a creative spirit.

Aren't we lucky to have you, P13?

And I can't wait for the post man!
Oh, and I meant to say: "To remind me to risk loss for gain. To remind me to say yes more often." Yes.
I very much like this, and being the nautical sort that I am, I especially appreciate the inclusion of the ships wheel in your design. I am struck by your prescient logo, how many ladies with eye patches could there have been, let alone ones who would allow themselves to be painted that way. Have you ever traced your genealogy? Perhaps you are a descendant? How cool twilight zone-like that would be!
You are such an inspiration.
yes, yes, risk, yes, yes and yes more often
Such beautiful art and a lovely sentiment.
The word tremendous comes to mind - the design itself is inspired! As for your trepidation . . . your design is an extension of a great many aspects of yourself. Rock on, Persephone13. Rock on!
Aaargh! Matie! You definitely deserve to keep this for yourself. This piece is beyond special. I agree, museum worthy!

"To remind me to risk loss for gain. To remind me to say yes more often." We all need a little reminder now and then.
Simply perfect!!
Wow everyone....thank you. You are all so generous with your kind support and compliments.

I am rather humbled by the generosity you show me.

I am having a crazy weekend. I am so sorry for not responding personally...just please know that you enhance my daily life and your kindness is needed and appreciated more than you can know.
Girl, you simply rock. It IS warm and weird .....and WONDERFUL.

Discard those terrors - it's a perfect tribute.
awe-some. you inspire awe in me.
Love both the necklace and the tribute.
The necklace is wonderful! It's like a piece of art. And I know she would have been tickled pink to have worn it.
You have nothing to apologize for. The work is inspired and Josie is smiling.
There is no such thing as bad taste in a tribute created from love and caring. And as for having no words, these will more than do: "So this is my tribute...For a woman who I know wished for more love and adventure in her life...for someone so much more passionate than most."

She's nodding in agreement and appreciation for those perfect words and reaching with both hands for that amazing necklace.
oh very cool! I love it
Its beautiful!! Josie would love it.

BTW...Do you know what kind of sox pirates wear?
AAAARGyles of course!!
I think it's cool. =o) Princess Eboli (I did a double take--"did she write Princess of Ebola? No, thank goodness!) looks as if she could have made a heck of a Pirate Queen. Make a man walk the plank and actually enjoy the trip!
It didn't exist, perhaps, until you started looking for it--Borges was right!!
You are just too damned cool.
Cool stuff, P13, I really like it. Original, old fashioned but eclectically modern?? My words for description are perhaps poor so let me just say: Neat-o!
This is such an amazing story tied in with amazing artwork. It's the synthesis that I really enjoy.

Most people narrowly define themselves when it comes to their art - but here is a great case in point where story and history and jewelry and women and style and poetry and mantras are all weaved together.

Somebody said to me a few days ago - my aunt of all people - "I guess you don't do theater anymore. I guess that didn't work out for you." I couldn't explain in to her but of course, you'd understand: I've never quit theater. My life has BECOME the risk of sounding melodramatic.

Anyway, how did I never add you as a favorite. Wait. You had a different account? Anyway, come back. Write stuff. You are one of a kind here, for sure.