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JUNE 28, 2010 2:02AM

This place is full of crazy.

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...and lazy self absorbed blitherings (see my posts) .


....and trite observations (I also help here).


....and  more crazy (me, not so much. Rather sane. Little drama, but man, there is a lot of it here).


...and then there is just...the  mean (I take my mean elsewhere).



And every once in a while someone writes something good. (Emma Peel comes to mind...she usually  comes to mind...Beth Mann...oh I have favorites, yes I do.. )

Mostly though, seems to be a lot of unintelligible private-yet- for-some-reason-public in fighting, quickly retracted flouncings, hinted at high drama, and bizarre alliances.

This seems to be a place that attracts the unstable and gives it a warm cocoon of acceptance and encouragement. When a regular "Salon Letters" meanie comes in here and comments on the silliness of the piffle here, and I catch them, I am half horrified for the person on the other end of that harshness (I have been on the receiving end of it too, by the way, and for a piece I was most proud of!), and also, quietly, uncompassionately....kinda glad they were called on their shit.


I dither here, back and forth, Not At ALL considering myself a writer, as I tend to write in a manner that is both tick-ish and juvenile, I can't spell, and  my topics are frequently trite....when they aren't badly written horror stories of my past. ME ME ME, and once again ME. How tiresome.


(..and please don't counter the above with nice and encouraging words. I know my own worth, I know my own talents...I know what I am NOT good at as well, and you don't need to prop me up. I am not that fragile.)

I'm here for other's writing, rather than my own pats on the back, but I have been generously, undeservedly rewarded for my lazy efforts, far more than I deserve.


 I have decided I really don't want to write about me any more, unless the reference to self is completely fucking unavoidable.


I am really bored with me.


I'm kinda bored with some of you too.


And I think some of us, and I put myself  at the top of that list, can do better.


Or at least have the good sense to shut up and read, instead.









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I'm trying to be accountable for the boredom I create by writing posts that hold no interest for anyone. You can't bore someone if they aren't paying a little attention to begin with. If there's been more crazy here, it's probably because there are more people on OS.
OS can be a mean, crazy place populated by some unstable individuals who post under various aliases looking to stir up trouble. I navigate OS with caution avoiding as much of the craziness as I can. Extremes seem to be the norm here: Either a person is attacked and criticized, or the legions of asskissers looking for an EP, praise mediocre work as brilliant. However, there are enough good things about OS that keep me coming back for more.
Absolutely. There is quality here. Truly.

I am not it. I am a reader of quality.

I am determined not to add to the crap...I think that is my larger point, really.

That's not clear, of course because I am not a good writer..

With enough practice crap should evolve into something else. At least that's what I tell myself.
I enjoy reading your comments as well as your writing, so have at it, whichever floats your boat.

Consider the source here, though, as I write obscure haiku/art pieces! I am part of the crazy end of the pool here.
Ah, it's so great to have you posting again Persephone. I don't care if you write about you -- I liked what you wrote. As for what you've written here, I couldn't agree more. Wondering who the Salon meanie is tho. He/she has a hell of a lot of competition in that arena!
There is plenty of crazy and to spare here. Some of it's good crazy; some, not so much. I think it's just part and parcel of the online experience, but as you say, it's not that hard to ignore the bad and to focus on the quality. Of course, sometimes I fail to ignore the bad, but that's just me.
You know I love you. xox
I don't even like me... so you're doing better than someone.
i'm not sure this place is full of crazy. if its full, then how come so many new nutters are appearing daily? someone should turn on the no vacancy for nutters sign.

"'Go sell crazy someplace else. We're all stocked up, here." - Jack Nicholson in 'As Good As It Gets'
But...but...we can't all just shut up and read...cuz that would mean read WHAT?

Tip-toeing around a lot of the crazy is good tho, as is avoiding those persons and topics who make one's own normally sane self start to froth...
Stim said it.

More people means more crazy.
I read like a chicken pecks. Constant, rather. Madness doesn't sustain. Your style does.
shutting up and reading...
Yes. Lots of blather. Lots of crazy. Lots of enabling. Lots of quid pro quo. Lots of over-the-top praise for shitty work.

A lot like life.
Personally, I find the manic and/or drunken blogging a useful reminder. But yeah, really - Salon letter-writers do mean in a way that makes OS look like a church school.
This is a fine piece of litrachure. You are, if not a geneyus, right ther on the borderline. I wuld rate this 10,ooo times if I culd.
I have to chuckle at some of the fights. Heck, people on internet boards are like characters in tv shows. We get to see into their lives and they entertain us, but we also get to interact with them. It was a harsh lesson but I learned to not take it personally, just tune into someone elses program for a while.
I've enjoyed your posts and I'm not blowing do have a way with words.
But I get you're point and to some extent I'm the same way. Not crazy about the crazy but I like to read and once and a while write something for love, for passion, for fun, and sometimes for all at the same time. I like that; it works for me. Find what works for you and stick with it.
I respect your ability to reflect. There's a joke about a mirror hidden here somewhere.
What you said. All of it. Agreed!
OS is whatever you want it to be....
O P E N S A L O N: Everything written here isn't a rival for "War and Peace," but that is part of the charm. For the most part I find the bloggers here fairly O P E N. We all enjoy reading and/or writing - the personal drama, eh.
Hear hear! All that...yes. I just do my best to look the other way...sometimes I'm successful, other times I need to shut off my 'puter. Ugh!
yeah, that's true a lot.
Yeah, you're all crazy!! I'm the only sane one in the bunch!!

**Wanders off to read about magic rainbow powered cars**
I agree and no doubt I fit in there somewhere. So I am working to read a bit more and write when the mood hits.
Absolutely brilliant. So wonderfully said.
You burried the lead. Your last sentance should be the headline. I overwhelmingly concur. I try not to write unless I feel I have something interesting to say that hasn't already been addressed by others. Happens about once a month now.
A marvelously astute observation.

I sometimes feel like I am sitting beside a babbling brook - but when the babbling becomes alluring monologues it's time to relocate to a quieter clime.

I heartily agree. If I want crazies in my salon, I simply look to the horrid newszines that are provided gratis. It would be a sorry shame if this place became one of those.
I've missed you. I hope you continue to sprinkle your sanity and reason around these parts more often.
Guess I'm lucky. Haven't run across any nutballs here yet. But then, I'm kinda new. B.T.C.
Ha, this place is full of (fill in the blanket) R
Okay, checked out your website, jewelry and clothing, awesome. You are one talented lady!
My take is.... even when people are not the best writers in the world, they're still entitled to start a blog and write about what's on their mind. Like water, talent finds it's own levels. Self-expression CAN veer into self-indulgence, but it's not always or automatically the case.

I think I recognize the "meanie" you refer to, but If I'm right, I think this person also lives with the haunting fear that everyone else on OS is having a better life and more fun. (We probably are, too.)

If I cannot honestly praise another person's blog entry, I take the tack of "If I can't be kind, it is always possible to shut up." But if another person truly needs the catharsis of writing about an event in their past that haunts them, who am I to say they can't? It may be that some events are better written in private journals than they are in public blogs, but that decision is up to the individual.
Darling Shiral...of course I agree with you, 100%. It is only my lack of skill in writing that somehow didn't make that clear in my post.

I am sick of ME. Trying to find a way to write that has me as incidental.

Everyone else has the right to write of themselves, be as self indulgent as they want, actually!

I'm amused and delighted by a GOOD chunk of it. The rest bores me with it's over the top drama, so I said so....and I have this fear of adding to the collective drivel.

But..yanno..last thing I am gonna do is tell other people what to do.

I always, but always, speak only for myself.
God, I could write a tome in response to your post...not sure where to begin.

The one point you make regarding writing about self - that one is so hard for me to get past. It all seems so horribly self-involved, doesn't it? And ultimately boring. At worst, it's self-exploitative, which can cause a real sick and vulnerable feeling.

I think about every point you mention every time I begin to write a piece. I HATE that certain people I know think they have some inside glimpse into my life by reading my blog.

I want to say, "Are you serious? Do you really think this is the real me? They're pieces of writing! That's it!" I hate that they get some misplaced voyeuristic gratification. I've been meaning to write a piece called, "I am NOT my Blog." But again, it's that same gross, selfish, weird feeling.

THOUGH with that said...I've still decided it's worth it. I just check in with myself - that I'm writing to express myself in a smart, centered way, utilizing distancing techniques by creating a character that is me, but not quite - if that makes sense.

Like Emma, I'm wondering what you experienced. Whatever it is, I understand, completely. Been there, a few times over. Funny, though, someone I actually know wrote one of the meanest comments. Everybody else can go fuck themselves - I don't know them and I don't care. It's so obvious that people are working out their own issues, I almost laugh at the transparency.

See? I told you...a tome.

And I don't care if you don't want to hear it - you ARE a good writer and I have ALWAYS enjoyed your writing here. It's authentic, romantic and edgy. It's mature work. So there!

It's tough after an attack or two here; there's a natural need to retreat, to re-evaluate. I've gone through it many times. But artists don't let the bastards stand in their way. That's exactly what they want. You just keep shining a bright light in their stupid, twisted, bored faces.

Wait. One final thought: when I'm feeling that gross feeling, I'll choose a really inconsequential topic and go to town on it. That's helpful. After my "friend" left me mean comments, I wrote about a baby elephant. You mention that in your piece - that keeps you away from the overly "me" aspect.
OMG....the rare and gorgeous Beth Mann comment. Rockin.

No sweets...I wasn't attacked, myself. Not for a long time, actually..just noticing a lot of that around here lately.

Though, there was the douchebag that said my infamous rape piece was immature and hysterical and I should forgive those two men.

That one...I didn't shrug off. I killed her and then ate her.

Don't tell anyone, ok?

Meanwhile..I am not trying to NEVER write about me. I just...want me to be a small part of the context of it all, yanno?

And thank you for the kind words. I just commented on your recent post. Egads, you are SO good at this.
Now you have it right, it is ALL ABOUT ME. Seriously, my take on this is that OS is a place to WRITE. Write what you want, when you want. I came on here to get better, and I can't get better without blathering about, and hopefully hitting a triple once in awhile.
Are you telepathic? (I think I'm in love!)
Goodness! I completely agree.
I struggle with these issues as well. But one of the good things about the Open format is that one never knows where real creativity is going to come from. Maybe some new writer will revolutionize culture and win a Nobel for a series of essays about bowel movements.