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AUGUST 26, 2010 3:59PM

Mustaches and Pistols

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Many of you sent kind notes regarding the precious loot I wheedled out of the family treasure.
I thought you might like to see the photos. Very sick right now, so I am not up for taking pictures of the guns, but I found an image of the same style, exactly..
This extremely handsome couple are my Great Grandmother and Great Grandfather, Dad's side, Grandmother's Parents.
Sam Elliot eat your heart out. And my god, does this woman look not only like myself in many ways (in no makeup, anyway) but my sister Audrey could be her twin.
This wee thing in the Father's mother. Turns out this line of my family makes me FIFTH generation Californian. How cool is that?
This wee thing "fought off Indians" (her words, not mine, please..) in Glendale, CA (snicker!) with the pistols I mentioned mentioned in the "Bodies" post.
And check this out!
This Fierce Looking Duo, my Great Grandparents, (dad's side, and his FATHER's parents) ran a brothel in Montana in the 1800's.
Supposedly, in spite of appearances, they were considered nice folks to work with.
Amazing. No?
This is almost an exact copy of the pistols I now have, though this is a perfect example, and mine are extremely tarnished and worn...
Pearl1800s understand why this is treasure.
Back to bed.

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These are indeed treasures. It's so wonderful to know where you come from...and that there are such fabulous mustaches involved! I hope you feel better soon!
Fascinating treasures! Now get well . . . sleep, chicken soup, tea . . .
Feel better soon, P13. Thanks for the pictures, they are wonderful!
Sorry you're ailing, P13. Get better so you can write more, 'K?

I would seriously not want to cross the great-grandparentals, but there's something kindly about the eyes that makes me think that what was said about them was true.

And, yeah, I see the resemblance you mention in the photo with the baby.
Total score :) I assume the pistols didn't come back east on a carry-on, lol. I'm sure I'd have heard about it if they did!

Sleep, feel better, be well and come back and write more.
Cool pics. Brothel owners look like tough hombres.
Cool pics. Brothel owners look like tough hombres.
a fine family line, on both sides! I like the idea of gun slinging grannies and stocky brothel proprieters. Mine is nothing so interesting. Just one sword...
Great post! Wonderful pictures and family snippets. Get well soon! msp
cool pictures, hope you feel better soon, and so glad to hear from you after all this time.
I love the 'taches people had back then. And the way that their personalities stand out despite the stiff poses that photographers made people stand in.
Get better!
Thanks for posting these & feel better.
brothel, huh?

good thing you have a sense of humour

(mind you, there's a rumour my grandmother was a madam, so...)
Amazing. I'm so envious. What I wouldn't do for these kind of shots of my own family. We have some older stuff...but not this old! Wow. It must do something for you, psychically. Give you a deeper sense of self, of place, of time, I would guess. You are part of a line, you know? I feel like I forget that most of the time.
Sorry you're sick. Great pictures.
So where the heck is YOUR moustache?!!


I prefer a soul patch, baby.
Marvelous! Best wishes for a speedy recovery my dear!
Beth.....I DO feel exactly as you say...and to think its only three generations back, really, from my see this is just amazing, really. The Line...precisely.