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AUGUST 29, 2010 4:17PM

MADE : Useful, Wearable Art : My Tarot

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I like art you can use, wear, interact with.
I  do paint, and I love to do so, and there are many canvases of mine around my home...some very simple, like these pears:
And a lot of wierd installation stuff too involving the usual suspects of milagros and doll heads and clock parts...which I hope to write more about later...
But this post is about a long term, ongoing project. An original Tarot deck..made of physical and digital collage work by myself, is slowly coming together. I have fifteen cards so far, including the Sun, The Moon, The Star, Strength, the Empress, Queen of Cups, Wands, Swords and Pentacles.
(So, you know..I am doing the fun ones first...)
I thought it was going to be a lark..but its turning into a big deal, and I might even have a publisher.
Meanwhile though, what I have are pretty images....pretty images just sitting around, being pretty.
So what to do with them?
MAKE JEWELRY, of course!
Want to see?
La Luna: The Moon
Keeper of Mysteries and Things to Be Revealed. The Goddess
The Sun:
Wishes fulfilled.
The culmination of hard work rewarded spectacularly.
Sun long
The Empress:
The Fertile, Woman, Abundance, Power of the Feminine
Strength: Courage and Wisdom:
The Wheel of Fortune (a 16th Century Engraving and not my original art, but made a good necklace as is!): 
How Fate Can Change Things.
How EVERYTHING changes.
What goes up...must come down.
The Queen of Cups:
The Artist, the Giver, The Nurturer
The Queen of Swords:
Bitch, Smart,  GOOD Friend in a Crisis
(this one is strangely goth, I never thought it would sell, but I have sold twenty so far!)
 The Queen of Pentacles/ Coins:
The Lover of Luxe, The Creator of  Beautiful Home, the Giver of Gifts
The Queen of Wands:
The Intellectual, The WRITER, The Enterprizing Business Woman
And sometimes, you just want to get the ladies together:
As much as I would love to post the cards themselves...I fear these are just glimpses.
I am rather excited about this...Can you tell?

 All images and designs copyright J. Daniels/Persephone 2009-20

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Stuff......stuff you NEED.
Wonderful stuff. I'm looking for a unique 50th birthday present for my sister. The moon one would suit her I think. She also does tarot readings for fun.
These are breath-taking. Once you publish the cards, please share!
Simply lovely...this is stuff I need...xox
Heh...You are sweet. Really not trying to make sales, as much as it would delight me to think of your sister wearing it..there is NO pressure there....fall has COME and I am rather overwhelmed, but I am very very excited and want to share....

It's....distracting, and that is good.

There's also a zombie clown circus necklace.

I love these! I think even more than your steampunk ones.
Julie..I love you for that.
These are quite, quite lovely. Scratch that, amazingly lovely!
And you make this jewelry and sell it?
And where?
I am in awe.
You know, I wish The Redhead liked jewellery. You'd make it SOOOOO easy for me to shop....

Lovely work.
Wow, Persephone! GREAT Tarot artworks! =o)

These are fantastic. I would love to call The Sun mine one day.~r
Not everyone digs jewelry...true! Sorry. But how kind.

Gifting me is the easiest thing in the world. I like most everything.

Cept Nascar. FUCK NASCAR.

(THANKS EVERYONE...This is my soul's delight, so I appreciate it...)

If you want to see more, you can, here, but please, I am NOT PIMPING MY SHOP.....BUYING UNNECESSARY.
They're magical, really P, these are breathtaking. I love them.
Beautiful pieces, you are so talented. Very lovely.
Pretty cool. If you ever do The Fool, let me know and I will send you my picture.
EXQUISITE! I love the images and shapes! (I am the World) ;) Great stuff, * leaves, with a bow and curtsey...r
I really like these, different and Victorian looking. Keep creating.
Like anyone could stop me.

I can't WAIT to do "The World"...I have such ideas.

The Fool will be a treat too..

Thanks for the generous, generous words.
These are absolutely gorgeous! I would wear every single one of them. Thanks for bringing such beautiful things to the world.
these are really wonderful!

did you yse metal clay?
i'm jealous of your talent.
The problem was picking something out! I love your poetic couples the whole site really. Looking forward to seeing them in person. Mermaids and Amelia.. too.very nice.
Le pretty and delicately sexy
If I get a job anytime soon, that one will be mine.
You got it, Julie..I love her too. She is my all time favorite, in fact!

I need my supplies to get in, so I can relist the Tudors.. (yes, thats right..Henry, all his wives, and Lizzie and Mary as earrings!)

RITA! Wow..Thank you so very much. I sent you a note off the site re: shipping...
Do you have a website? My Beach Divas need these pieces.
P.S. The High Priestess too!
yeah....address at the top of my blog, and in the comments...

Here you go!

The High Priestess is already there......
I'm delighted everyone is enjoying them! Really really!

I had a run this weekend, as I was featured in a big ole blog on Tarot, and got sold out a couple of times...catching up as fast as I can..whee!
That's because she was USED for the collage! the is the original image, wildly messed about by me, color and texture and headress, etc..background.

Clever girl.
The Queen of Coins is a deMedici portrait...even the main images were chosen for their particular background, before being altered..
Here's the original image..

(too tired to hyperlink!)
Gorgeous. You're good!
In your talented hands, even the Death card is going to be one to want. (I know, I doesn't really mean literal death...)

Just beautiful! I'm lusting over the Fortune one.
How wonderful!! And won't thick deck be imprinted with your energy!
Wow. I was going to say I loved the pears, but then I saw the jewelry. I love it all!
These are just beautiful, thank you for posting!
These items are exquisite - even breathtaking, my dear Mlle P!
These are just beautiful. I have used the Queen of Cups as a significator when I read for myself for over forty years now. I think I want one!
I received my necklace and earrings and they are lovely.. even lovelier than described here.. are a doll.