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Peter Lehndorff
Hampden, Massachusetts, US
February 17
Lehndorff Design
This blog is called "A Marriage of Convenience" at least for the moment. It is the title of a song I wrote and it seems to fit the stuff I might want to cover here. Music, graphic design, art and a bunch of other life stuff. I write songs about everyday life and perform occasionally. My wife Kathy and I have a little graphic design business. We do a little of this and a little of that and are involved in basset hound rescue. We also have been creating greeting cards.


MARCH 21, 2011 9:02AM

It's still Christmas at your house

I like Christmas as much as most people. I think. And I think the goal of keeping Christmas in our hearts the whole year round is a nice touchy feely goal.

deer on roofdead wreathBut do we have to keep Christmas on our houses the whole year round?

I know the… Read full post »

MARCH 12, 2011 10:35AM

I think Dr. Gupta is making me sick

work samplesIn my day job a do a lot of graphic work for health care providers, like doctors and hospitals. I do ads and brochures and logos. But I am also really interested in health, wellness and medicine. My dad was a doctor and my mom was a nurse, so medicine… Read full post »

MARCH 8, 2011 5:22PM

Spring is in the air

Basset Spring

The Way of the BassetToday the sun came out. The flooding rains washed a lot of the snowy glacier off our yard. Marty finally was able to get off the end of the deck and smell the smells. He can experience deja-poo, smell the stuff that has been on lay-away under the… Read full post »

MARCH 1, 2011 10:11PM

Favorite Things

I really planned to do this as a little music video, playing guitar. I started working on an arrangement but it would have taken forever for me to post it. So try to imagine the Von Trapp kids singing this behind an old guy:

My FavoriteRead full post »

FEBRUARY 23, 2011 6:06PM

Basset solidarity with Egypt

Basset Sphynx

The Way of the BassetMarty, my basset hound, ignored the big dog show when it was on TV. He knew a basset could not win. He is bored by the Dog Whisperer and questions why dogs would seek his council in the first place. But he is in total support with the rebirth… Read full post »

FEBRUARY 18, 2011 10:38PM

On birthdays and hindsight.

II used to wish I had a back-up camera... on my butt. I've been an expert at using hindsight to keep going over life's little decisions or changes. The paths I took that maybe should not have. The ones I wished I had taken. The places we lived and maybe… Read full post »

FEBRUARY 14, 2011 9:09AM

Harbingers of Spring. Now in Aisle 7.

Harbinger of Spring

Early in my career in graphics, I was a layout editor and illustrator at a weekly paper in Plymouth Massachusetts. One night in mid-winter, as we were pasting-up the paper, we inserted a photo of a bird – a chickadee. We had some decent photographers and it was nice… Read full post »

FEBRUARY 2, 2011 7:04PM

New England weather

trees in the back yard

Maple trees in our yard

I guess I've lost track of how much snow we have received in this batch of storms. Today we had the sleet and ice on top of the snow. Hampden is a really small town in Western MA. There are hills all around, so… Read full post »

Basset hound day

The Way of the Basset Ground Hog Day came and went without Marty, our basset hound seeing a single ground hog. Bassets believe if they see a ground hog it will be a good spring. I had the news on but he slept through it. He was

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JANUARY 27, 2011 4:09PM

WTF moments


wing nuts


Now that Sarah has given her reply to Michelle's reply to Paul's reply to the State of the Union I'm thinking I should reply. I'm feeling kinda left out but I don't know what to say. I didn't realize the space race was such a mistake or that… Read full post »

JANUARY 24, 2011 8:04AM

The Origin of the Basset

Basset Dinosaurs

The Way of the Basset There seems to be quite a bit of disagreement among basset hounds about where they came from. Most bassets believe in evolution. Bassets, including our own Marty, talk about descending from the dinosaurs like the bassetosaurus. But others including some of the fosters that came to u… Read full post »
JANUARY 21, 2011 9:05AM

GOP health plan announced

The Get Well soon HMO
 The house finally got around to doing what they promised. Tuscon allowed them to take a breath. I suggested this program last week in a post as a replacement for the Jobs-killing.... whatever.
JANUARY 21, 2011 7:45AM

The Music of the Basset

The Way of the Basset

 Many dogs like to sing. Some try to accompany fire alarms and police cars. But others love singing to music.

The sound of a basset can be an acquired taste, I guess. Max was strictly a siren dog. Rosco our second basset loved to sing to/… Read full post »

JANUARY 20, 2011 9:23AM

The Way of the Basset: an introduction

The Way of the Basset

Our first dog was Max, a rescued basset hound. It just happened that way. We love all types of dogs but when it came time to adopt another dog we went “basset.” Living with a basset hound is probably not for everyone. If you tend to trip over low furniture,… Read full post »

JANUARY 6, 2011 7:16AM

I'm all ready for repeal n' replace.

Now that the Congress is changing I'm trying to make lemonade out of lemons. I figure if they repeal-n'replace the health bill it is an oportunity for our little graphic design firm to do some graphics for the new health plans. So I've been trying to develop the next generation of… Read full post »

a fork in the road

I guess I had been on the lookout for a "regular job" for several years. It would have been great to have some benefits and a retirement plan. Something steady. At my age (pushing 60) and in this economy, there isn't much of a chance. But frankly, things are… Read full post »

Editor’s Pick
JANUARY 3, 2011 8:17AM

Yogurt math: 40+40=70

The Activia Challenge rules

I admit it. I stink at math. I can balance my checkbooks because it is mainly just subtraction. (I wish there were more additions, but times are tough.) I eat a lot of yogurt and had a coupon for Activia. Activia may help some folks with their regularity;… Read full post »

DECEMBER 31, 2010 9:31PM

Dear Santa, did you lose my list?

Dear Mr. Santa Claus (did you lose my list?) by PeterLehndorff

I hope everyone got everything they asked for this Christmas. Once again I didn't. I hate to complain but what's with that guy. I don't have a chimney but still....


Santa with icebag

Dear Mr.Read full post »

DECEMBER 30, 2010 11:00AM

I'll miss the lame duck

As this year winds down I'm cautiously pessimistic about what's to come. Apparently the duck was lame but because his pre-existing conditions were covered – finally – he was able to at least float.

The Lame duck and the knick-knacks
The lame duck visited by the three knick-knacks

 It might not be

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DECEMBER 29, 2010 10:23PM

The Wrong Side of the Tracks

This is a song about Jesus I've always been a little afraid to perform. I believe in the power of faiths but lots of different ones. I worried that it could hurt the feelings of very well-meaning people. Or make others angrier than they already are. But I'm against using… Read full post »

DECEMBER 29, 2010 4:45PM

A Marriage of Convenience

In my little town of Hampden, there used to be a little Cumberland Farms variety store down on Main Street. Kathy and I would buy milk and ice cream there. It was a short walk with our basset hounds. I noticed that when this one kid was working, his girlfriend was… Read full post »

DECEMBER 29, 2010 9:31AM




welcome mat


This isn't my first blog. My wife Kathy and I have one that was supposed to be a mixture of serious stuff plugging our graphic design and greeting card business; life in a small town; my folk music interests; and reports about our basset hound, Marty. But… Read full post »