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Peter Lehndorff
Hampden, Massachusetts, US
February 17
Lehndorff Design
This blog is called "A Marriage of Convenience" at least for the moment. It is the title of a song I wrote and it seems to fit the stuff I might want to cover here. Music, graphic design, art and a bunch of other life stuff. I write songs about everyday life and perform occasionally. My wife Kathy and I have a little graphic design business. We do a little of this and a little of that and are involved in basset hound rescue. We also have been creating greeting cards.


FEBRUARY 23, 2011 6:06PM

Basset solidarity with Egypt

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Basset Sphynx

The Way of the BassetMarty, my basset hound, ignored the big dog show when it was on TV. He knew a basset could not win. He is bored by the Dog Whisperer and questions why dogs would seek his council in the first place. But he is in total support with the rebirth of Egypt. He told me that he believes that the Sphinx was a basset and that bassets once ruled Egypt and the ancient world. I see no reason to disagree with him.

Artwork and story by Peter Lehndorff with help from Martin Basset. In the interest of self-serving propaganda, my basset images are available as greeting cards from our shop.


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