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Peter Lehndorff
Hampden, Massachusetts, US
February 17
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This blog is called "A Marriage of Convenience" at least for the moment. It is the title of a song I wrote and it seems to fit the stuff I might want to cover here. Music, graphic design, art and a bunch of other life stuff. I write songs about everyday life and perform occasionally. My wife Kathy and I have a little graphic design business. We do a little of this and a little of that and are involved in basset hound rescue. We also have been creating greeting cards.


MARCH 1, 2011 10:11PM

Favorite Things

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I really planned to do this as a little music video, playing guitar. I started working on an arrangement but it would have taken forever for me to post it. So try to imagine the Von Trapp kids singing this behind an old guy:

My Favorite Things:

I like my house. our house
It's older than you.
It always needs something.
It's coming unglued.
I like our doctors.
And I like our vet.
I like our town in Massachusetts.


I have a basset, Kathy and Marty
His name is Marty.
I love my wife,
Her name is Kathy.
I like to hear people laugh when I sing
These are a few of my favorite things.


We like to cook.
We've ordered a stove.
(The old one was nice but it tends to explode.
I eat yogurt and seafood a lot
(I don't eat ice cream
It gives me the trots.)

When mean people, Like our leaders
Screw up really, really bad.
I laugh and shout 'til they are thrown out
Then I don't feel so bad.




I've had my guitar since I was in high school
Just had it fixed, so it's almost like new.
I like computers (especially the mac)
I collect old stuff (but most of it's crap).



street viewI love New England
– All of the states!
I love the hills!
And the beaches are great!
I love the summer,
The spring and the fall!
(But I hate the winter
it's not worth it all.)

When we get calls, during dinner
Offering this or that to sell
I try to think of my favorite things,
And tell them to go to hell.

People who stumble and trip on their toes
When people laugh (and milk comes out their nose).
Sleeping all night (and not having to pee).
These are the things that bring joy to me.


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This was great Peter.. You look like you have a full loving life and that is one of my favourite things. To see others happy.
Rated with hugs
Thanks Linda. I really enjoyed your lunch with the Muse family. I'm way behind on my other reading though:-/
What a delightful way to answer my OC! Thanks so much for this - it was a lot of fun!
Thanks Alysa! It's the first time I've responded to anything. I thought it was such a simple song that I could play it and sing it but it was more involved.