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February 17
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This blog is called "A Marriage of Convenience" at least for the moment. It is the title of a song I wrote and it seems to fit the stuff I might want to cover here. Music, graphic design, art and a bunch of other life stuff. I write songs about everyday life and perform occasionally. My wife Kathy and I have a little graphic design business. We do a little of this and a little of that and are involved in basset hound rescue. We also have been creating greeting cards.


MARCH 12, 2011 10:35AM

I think Dr. Gupta is making me sick

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work samplesIn my day job a do a lot of graphic work for health care providers, like doctors and hospitals. I do ads and brochures and logos. But I am also really interested in health, wellness and medicine. My dad was a doctor and my mom was a nurse, so medicine and health care was always around us. We lived on the same street as the hospital, so my dad could get there when he was on call.

But I think I'm getting over-exposed to medical information. I look up symptoms on the web. I research the best supplements for Kathy and I to take. We watch the little health blurbs on TV. About this disease – or that disorder. And then there are all the drug commercials. Ask your doctor if you should take this or that. But don't take it if you have ever had a fungus. And you can't miss the ads from lawyers wanting you to sue if you took the drugs they just advertised. So sometimes if I'm not careful, I start to inherit all these problems.

This is a song I'm working on.

I think I've Got It by PeterLehndorff

I Think I've Got It

©Peter Lehndorff, words and music

I was watching a doctor on TV
Talkin’ all about some new diseases_
“There’s flesh-eatin’ bugs, and cripplin’ bones
And people gettin’ cancer from cellular phones”
If you've got the sniffles, and you’ve got a few pains
And your knees start to hurt when it starts to rain...
He said to Drink a lotta liquids. And get some rest.
You prob’ly got the flu deep in your chest.”
Well I looked in the mirror and what did I see?
I think that doctor’s talkin’ ‘bout me.

chorus: I think I’ve got it. We think he's got it.
I think I’ve got it. We think he's got it.
I know it’s gonna get me in the end.
I think I’ve got it. We think he's got it.
I think I’ve got it. We think he's got it.
I know it’s gonna kill me I just don’t know when.

Cats have fleas. Dogs have ticks.
And if you get bit you could get really sick.
There’s killer bees comin' from Mexico
And West Nile virus from mos-qui-toes.
So I went to the drug store for some remedies.

And some repellent to spray over me
But there were twenty sick people all waiting in line
Sneezing and coughing at the very same time

Have you seen that ad for the pharm-a-cutical
Where everyone is happy
and the weather’s always beautiful.
Well I don’t have that disease just yet
But I seem to have all the side effects:
“Men may experience a loss of hair -
Not just the top but everywhere.
You have to check your liver,
You have to check your blood
(And women who are pregnant
should wear rubber gloves)."

"Oh it might make you drowsy
or keep you up all night
It probably won’t kill you
Then again it might."
But then they showed a picture on TV
And I swear-to-God it looked exactly like me.

chorus: I think I’ve got it. We think he's got it.
I think I’ve got it. We think he's got it.
I know it’s gonna get me in the end.
I think I’ve got it. We think he's got it.
I think I’ve got it. We think he's got it.
I know it’s gonna kill me I just don’t know when.

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You see I am the exact opposite. Having watched all my family die I stay away from all info but I do diagnose myself and am 99% right most of the times.
I take supplements I feel I need but I stay away from everything related to doctors and advice.. as for Gupta.. you are so right.
Rated with hugs
this is the past year I've had a tumor of the brain, septicemia, colitis (though I didn't have the symptoms), heart disease, anxiety get the picture
This is extremely funny and true. When my son was a toddler and he would have a stomach bug, I always did a full neurological exam. Only a brain tumor could cause the vomiting (which looked to me as being projectile). Alas, the common things are common and the rest is just paranoia (unless you really do have it). Thanks for this great post. I am still laughing.
Thanks to all of you.
Linda, I do try to diagnose most things before I go in and ask my doc. Sometimes I'm right but half the time he says not to bother with this or that. I spend a lot of time and "creativity" trying to help with my wife's health issues. Elijah, I'm sorry you have all that stuff. Hopefully you got a chuckle out of it. I have the anxiety and Paxil. Impaired doc, that is so true. When I am worrying about my low good cholesterol my doctor says get off your butt and exercise. My nephew had those symptoms and did have a tumor. (He's fine now).
Very funny - and it swings!
A comment on the hypochondria of modern Americans. A pox on ye all!!

Go! Nibble on rabbit food, apologize to the animals you've eaten, drink weird tea, and eat no more!

I guess you can't, can you? You've eaten so many "supplements" that they've unbalanced your body and mind to the point where you have to take more supplements to counter the effects of the previous supplements.

It's like electing more people to government so as to try to fix the problems created by the last bunch you elected to fix the problems created by the last..... ad infinitum.......

You nailed this. When are you going to record it?
I love the song. R. I think you should say disease instead of diseases in first verse.
Thanks Fred and Paul. The recording has received nice comments and suggestions on (which is the music equivalent to OpenSalon). Some friends around the world are sending parts to make it either better or worse:-) Depends how you look at it.
Thanks for your analysis Skypixie. We really can't win. We can't even break even. Algis and Sheba, I am revising it and will post the new recording. Eventually I hope to release it with other songs. And Sheba, I'll look at changing it to disease. I figured since it was about a pox of would be ailments plural was the way to go. But I'll look at it and try it. Thanks.