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MARCH 10, 2012 11:16PM

Rat Hockey

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This is kind of an “interim “ post- cleaning up unfinished business, making a transition

I've spent an interesting week and an interesting day, The kind of “interesting” in the Chinese curse, “May you live an interesting life”

I'm going to try out a kind of a Chautauqua here, .

Some of you will understand what is beginning and what is ending here, for those of you who don't don't worry too much about it. This is probably not the final site, but I'll leave massages here.

For this “interim" Chautauqua-----------Damn, auto complete just finished the word “Chautauqua” for me- I HATE that, ----has any of you out there ever found a use from ------------( Dam mit NOT “FROM” you stupid machine!!!!!----”FOR”!!---------- Wait while I go Kill it ------ ( Sound of thud, the crush of a “helpful” snails shell – short, pitiful gurgle of departing spirit-------)

As I was saying.....

(ahem) well let me make an aside here, I've been having trouble with my computer, but it's a self inflicted wound-- I decided to upgrade my perfectly serviceable Ubuntu 10.04 Operating System to Ubuntu 11.1 Operating System in hopes of getting WINE ( which stands for WINE Is Not an Emulator (of Windows) yadda yadda yadd- and I don’t really care whether it EMULATESs or INTERPRETSs Windows programs just so long as WINE  lets me run Windows software in Ubuntu- (thank you gods of the WINE project for this bounty you have laid before us! now can we EAT?) (oops) (I mean run the programs). ( Some of you will understand this rant, some wont, think of it either as nonsense or a chance to broaden your horizons by exploring the communion of the WINE community ( I hate Google, but that's why the gods give us Yahoo )

Anyway, turns out, no WE CANT! ( install and partake of the bliss of WINE on my old laptop)

And Ubuntu 11.1 is more than a “tad “unstable and prone to crash on my 2008 vintage Toshiba( well, my wife's laptop.actually-- but she's better off with the Mac that the school board gave her, so I've kind of stolen this laptop fair and square, and to heck with my vintage 2005 desktop network that I have to climb upstairs to use)

And I can't seem to get a clean, error free reinstall of Ubuntu 10.04 ( which Ubuntu no longer supports- ) from the Ubuntu 10.04 install CD I HAVE, so the CD must be damaged ( I can't imagine WHY, since I found it on my desk upstairs being used as a coaster) (THAT wasn't me and I.Wooden Dodat, --THAT was AUGUST!!)

Anyway, Now I have to boot up in WINDOWS VISTA ! (I HATE WINDOWS VISTA!!!!!!!!) and download another disk image of 10.04 Ubuntu from the Ubuntu Gods ( Thank you for your bounty dear lords) and burn another disk to reinstall Ubuntu and work up a stable configuration on a jump drive ( I didn't erase  the jump drive that I was using as the stable boot drive for my 10.04 installation ---AUGUST DID THAT TRYING TO MANIPULATE THE PARTITIONS!!!!!!)

Anyway, where was I ? Oh yes, “Windows Vista”; – I set out to bring you the latest “Mike” update, and do a little pondering upon hockey sticks versus  lacrosse racquets versus racquetball racquets in the game of “Rat Hockey”; and under what circumstances one may treat ones fellow creatures as “Sports Equipment” ( and before anyone gets too teary eyed here, I'm not talking cute and cuddly little ally rats, I'm talking lawyers and judges-) without becoming a "BadPerson".

OK, just now when I attempted to to open “Word” word proceser,to set down my tale-( well given the rate I type, actually, 3 hours ago) I was informed that my “trial” copy of “Word” had expired ( actually it expired 3 years ago, but once a year, when I clean up and reinstall “Windows Vista“ from the drive images I made when the computer was new, the trial “Word” copy wakes up and thinks it's 2008 again and gives me another trial year, ----so who am I to tell it different? - (not that the damn thing is really worth anything since the “Open Office Gods” so freely sprinkle their “Open Office” bounty upon us ) (praise be to the open office gods, thou art the queens of word processing) ”, but I like to “tease” the “Windows” gods whenever I get the opportunity--


Where was I ? - OK-- I just now had to download and set up “Open Office” ( well actually, 4 hours ago)because I never got around to installing “Open Office” on this incarnation (indigitation?) of Vista- I had installed “Open Office” and used “Open Office”on my Ubuntu 10.04 jump drive ( WHICH THAT D&^^%$$####!!!!!! CAT DEPARTITIONED ON ME!!!!!!!!) ------just a second-------so I just now (5 and a half hours ago) brought it up and the DAMN SNAIL “HELP BUDDY!!!!!” pops up and has already “Collected” the word “Chautauqua” and completed the G- D D---N word FOR ME and this DAMN SMIRKY SNAIL POPS UP And (((((((((ARRRRRRRRGHHHHHHHHH THYE DAMKN THING JUST AUTOORRECTED MY CAOTAKKUZATTUOB OF “AND”!!!!!!!!----- ASKS ME IF I WANT TO AUTO COMPLETE WORDS AND I”VE TOLD HIM 50,000,000 F*****G TIMES THAT I DONT WANT HIM TO EVER F^&**(( COMPLETE MYN TRHGOUGFHTSWA BFOR NME AND EVERY G*** D**** TIME I START A FRE%$SH CO{P:YU OFG OPEN OFFRGICE$ HE XSHOPEWD UP AGAIN@!@!@ &&AN AGINM ANDS I KIL:L HIM AGSAIN ___ AN D AGAIN AND HER JUST KEREPS COMING BAVK!!!!!!!!!


-------the damned auto complete function in word processing?

I set out to tell the latest “mike “ update, but I am a cat of very little wit and patience at the moment, up which I seem to have used both.


Anyway, that's the general form of a “Chautauqua”-- one starts out on a topic and circles around it, and explains different aspects of a topic; and then proceeds to discuss and elaborate on it – in this case, getting the term “Chautauqua” to type without having some wise ass grammar snail anticipate me.

For those of you who have any patience left with me, this isn't yet the “Chautauqua”

I'm just using this blog as a rendezvous point.

And I really did set out to update today's unfinished business, but I have worn myself out, so I'll try to report “today”, tomorrow

 Now is the time in the “Chautauqua” when we dance!( (around readers questions and comments and also becazuse it's finished- Got any idea how hard it is to type with panther paws?)

(for any of you who are wondering : I.WoodenDodat is August's Evil Twin.)( His brother Rudy's Evil Twin is named “Morgan Lovechild”G%&&**



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For anyone who was wondering, "Rat Hockey" is a term for a literary game played with the reader's mind
Dr seem to have survived this relatively intact.
May I suggest to you

for a summary of where this started?
I would thank you for the "Rate" but write now I'm keeping myself under observation for signs of an creeping "Humanity"
Oh rats I am so poor at RatHockey. Good one IWD!
Have you tried OpenOffice, a free program that simulates and is compatible with Word?
Oh, and ever try typing with chicken feet?
Never heard of Rat Hockey. I have one of those Toshiba's, too, but I had to buy Microsoft office and install it. It's only good as long as I stay at my current employer, though, which looks like that's going to be a while as long as they agree to keep me. I have about 5 more years of plodding through classes, one at a time, and they give me a discount.
Dear Rendezvous Point:

What can I say? What can I POSSIBLY say?! You've said it all [and more besides] ;-). I'm with Chicken Maaan about typing and as for the Chinese ... just to be REALLY obnoxious (but it was a saying that bugged me for years in my overly-long-extended damp-behind-the-ears-ness) -- as I thought I understood it, the curse was May You Live In Interesting TIMES. :-o See, kind of turns the whole thing upside down a lot as to who's responsible for what. Don't you think? [No, that's not a generic question, o.k.?]

Thanks for all of this! Lots of fun. [For us, any way. How's it going for you?]

Marte and all other readers:

Please try out the "Catalog" and tell me what you think

My mind feels so played with that I have entered into a confused state.
A very confused state. I will try again to figure out this process.
Romantic Poetess:

That's kind of the point of playing "Rat Hockey" with unreasonable and threatening People. Didn't mean to give you too large a dose of it. This might make better sense if you just browse the "catalog"

which I am creating write now---hat is the real place where the Chautauqua will meet- this was just kind of a "Demo"( for me to test function as much as anything)