The ART of Reason

A Chautauqua on "Justness"
MARCH 11, 2012 10:46PM

Rat Hockey Catalog

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The Art of Reason: a Chautauqua

The ART of Reason: A Pro Spectus

Rat Hockey

Nanny Dearest

Reason, Kindness, Correction

The Parable of Little Ms Deeds



Howcan you be in three places at once, when you're not anywhere at all?

George Leroy tirebiter, Chief Archivist

 Please Note

This is an Under Constuction site for the Chautauqua: Please excuse the Mess. I'm testing function at this point, haven't really considerd appearance ( That is also part of function- but it comes later

I'm working on the Flowchart and structure of this so I'll set up a means to gather feedback

this is kind of a "mini-test" to see how it functions

The idea is that the link to each post will be in the catalog

Post comments about structure in this post- ie HERE

Post comments for each blog with the blog- ie THERE, at the other end of the link

Each "archived"post will have a link at the bottom of the posting to bring you back HERE

 Remember please post any comment on the structure of this Chautauqua in the comments section of this post

Please post any comments about any  linked post on that site


Also: I am putting together a Related reading list in I.'s Links

If you would, I'd appreciate fedback either in the comments here or by PM (link at bottom of this Post)

 I will poost messages about upcoming posts in the comments section of this post


Thanks and I welcome all suggestions 

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The next scheduled post will concern Mikes death--That is perhaps too much of a shock, to handle all at once, so lett me rephrase:

Mike climbed on the roof yesterday..........
Hey, IWD, I am TRYING to keep up with you! [1] But you've outpaced me, mun. I mean ... at MY age ... I'm s'posed to keep track of what did or didn't happen to Mike and follow all your computertech lingo too??? I mean o.k., Daylight Saving or no Daylight Saving, it's getting a wee mite late here and I haven't even had any supper yet :-o

Next time around, maybe?

[1] my favorite little years-ago joke on a fake business card: "We know you're trying. VERY trying". [I'm talking about me, not you ;-)]

No-- You are talking about me- that's why I developed Rat Hockey

Ever have one of those days when you can't remember who you are from minute to minute?

I'd forgotten about mike- for the moment he is an SOP (Somebody Else's Problem) so I'm taking a break- his condition is critical but not serious
So, IWD, I got as far as:

How can you be in three places at once, when you're not anywhere at all?

And I am so tired I think I need to try this post after sleep not before it. Though I also remember from FS Theater:

you can't get there from here.

Antelope Expressway 1/4 mile...

Your red scarf matches your eyes. Father has the shipfitter blues. Loving you has made me bananas.

Later! libby

OOOOps- youre right

Things like that are why I need feedback-- and a large bottle extra stength migraine medicine---

OOOOps- youre right

Things like that are why I need feedback-- and a large bottle extra stength migraine medicine---
Um ... Catalogue: I've been wandering your wasyside? wayward?,wonderwander?! trails looking for Chautauqua. I realise it's partly my own gypsy lifestyle fault to have moved 3,000 miles (go west not-so-young-woman) afield from the first Chautauqua I was acquainted with. Naetheless, sirrah I suspect I may not be the only ... um follower [victim?! ;-)] of this rubiks cube exercise you've designed whom you may never see or hear from again. In case that should happen I do urgently request you reassure us all that you are adequately represented by attorneys at least one of whom specialises in copyright law. ?"Eh"? Oh, and have you yet figured out how we can rate your posts "one day at a time" if the conversations go on day after day (or night after night)?

if you are serious about being upset , I cannot apologize enough and I assure you that, except for the cultural reference and homage to artists like the firesign theater, Monty python and Gilbert Shelton, creator of Wonder Wart hog, all of the material accessed by the Catalog is my own, accumulated on OS as Token with the current Blog created as Philbert Desanex for a "costume Ball " in Halloween of 2o1o thrown by another for the purpose created "Bar" called the Forbidden Naughty Grill and Bar ( a play on a midwest term for a "cross dresser" - a subject for the ball that seemed to come up from Doug Socks blogs and seemed a natural- I thought a good time was had by all, closed down the bar after an attempt to start a Chautauqua like "communal" Posting site.
I'd all but forgotton I had thes "alter egos" until I posted the Chautauqua idea, and set about attempting to, as a computer mechanic, develop a way that aloud a "Chatauqua like interaction of the ability of good humor, amusment and the ability for anyone interested to "pick apart " an idea without cutting each other.

On thinking about it, I created the post "Rat Hocky" in remembrance of an Artificial intelligence program I created in 1984

The concept of "The Rat Hocky catalog " is much the same as the workings of a document retrieval system in any library or courthouse and in fact borrows from concepts I worked with for years in county government software.

I do apologize that it may appear that I've developed a system for retrieving corpses in a morgue (?Perhaps) but when a programmer or a "Frankenstein" gets involved with creating his own little monsters, he (I) like any proud parent ) see the wonder that it works at all, nut the fact that it's ugly and at least a tad "Creepy"

You are the last person on earth I want to offend, and I apologize that I apparently have offended you unwittingly, but this is how programmers demo stuff, and it can be "creei- but I assure you that everthing linked to this site aside from fir use critique and cultural reference is my own work. Read the latest post and see if you can relate to that, rather than a demo that I ccreated mostly to test the workability of my Chatauqua interaction model/

I do apologize

PS I'm hoping you will send me a "Gotcha" I'd rather be caught in "joke" than have offended you
Reply I just sent to a PM received from Podunkmarte:


I'm the gardener that it took 30 years to train to say "manure". I "get" humor pretty well, but as you note, sometimes things that otherwise would be funny are not. My bad for that- I really do take 15 minutes to type a 3 minute read, and I can't even get into the Mike, Rick, etc. aspects of my week- I mean I can't contemplate that much typing at this point.

My gmail address(one of the reasons I hate Google- along with the fact that they sponsor this OS bunch of free thinkers) is

I am honestly gettimg blisters on my wrist where it rubs the edge of the keyboard on this laptop. I am serious when I say I need to get my desktop network working again before I can type much more.

Will watch for an email, but I'm really going to be on the go for the next few weeks at least.I guess it was time for a little" don't take myself too seriously" Jolt

Thanks( I think?)

So sorry to hear about Mike. I will pray for his soul.


I'm not really saying anything worse has happened to Mike yet- I just
( like the cops) have been careful not to look. He's like Schrodinger's "Mike"
I am so totally confused, or is that the point?
rated with love
I.m Archiving my old writings in out of the way places so that those who wish to read something I cite will have access to them - but they wont be so readily available that I am constantly besieged by relatively harmless but none the less time consuming people like Progressive liberal. ( his comments on the "Pornography of violence blog)

i just got my computer back in shape for grading, and I'll do stretches of on and off, but I'm going to launch the Chautauqua blog about the beginning of May.

I will post the link to the Chautauqua at my church and send it to my families, so that is why I'm making my links to "Token" obscure. I don't have time or patience to discuss such stuff with many of the people who would demand that I explain myself.

Until then. I'm just writing mostly for my own amusement and because I have to, or my brain gets so clogged up with crap that I can't think. I'm not intentionally being annoying, but then everyone I know says that I can't help it.

I'll bring this all into a cohesive package with a central voice when I launch the Chautauqua. right now, I'm just doing "impressions"

Thanks for your loyalty and interest. I'll try to be less annoying, but I make no promises.