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MARCH 12, 2012 11:48PM

Hare Jitsu- Mike is on the Roof

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I’m once again coming off some interesting times. Just to offer you what relief there is on the Mike front, we had a "Cuban Missle Crisis " of sorts last week, and everybody, not so much blinked as shut their eyes- so none of us has seen Mike for awhile. Last I saw him he'd had a real adventure in mental health care with some people in Columbus- but he seems to have regained an equilibrium of "it's all good"that has let him return to his "tribe" in the bar and face the issue with their support. While looking for Mike last week, I found Mike hadn't told them anything about it, and when I questioned them about their knowlege, I discovered they were hearing it for the first time  The bar patrons ( Ex Cops and  (No such thing as) ex marines) allowed as how Mike was very well liked by his friends and they knew the Danny Rice character responsible for Mike's troubles with the law, and allowed as how Mr Rice needed a come to jesus  discussion about the nature of sin and repentance.

When informed of the latest developments ( softly) the court agreed that it would probably not be a good thing if Mike were arrested and killed himself on their watch. ( Particularly after pointedly ignoring his conditin) They have better things to do than look for him------ so all is quiet on that front right now- events will and probably are unfolding as they should. --But I haven't seen Mike around, and last I saw of him, he'd climbed up on the roof.

 I'm goimg to be scoring Papers for “Pearson Flexible Scoring”--which is a good tip to the community out there seeking work,

 Google "Pearson Flexible scoring " and if you have a college degree you can apply to score the currently hugely popular standard acheivement tests from your own computer on a "bid" basis. It's intense while you do it ( only so many tests, the more you score he more you make), so one is wise to do it intensely until they are all scored- I find it interesting and rewarding work and some of you might as well- just a tip

Rat Hockey was actually what I called an AI experimant I developed on a Timex Sinclair, circa 1984 ( Wow - theres a Year to look forward to with apprehension! What? What do you mean it’s already here? HERE here? good old US of A? anyway it was a contest among AI critters to see who got to be the player and who got to be the puck. All in good fun. ( ask wrestlers and martial arts participants)When you understand the game, it becomes Haree Jitsu- The art of declining your opponents invitation to play Rat Hockey, and if he insists, convincing him to play with himself while you look on with amusement  or understanding. ( or not) It might or might not amaze  you how easy it is to get most "logical" opponents to engage in this behavior. It’s like making the discovery that Tic Tac Toe is a pretty pointless game, since you never need to lose, You may not win, but the worst you need accept in a contest at such a trivial level of logical game is a tie. When both sides start playing it that way NOBODY EVER WINS! ( isn’t our current state of politics interesting?)

 I've spent half my life working with computers and systems analyses. Law and Logic are just digital systems. Once you realize that, and how easy it is to send a program into an endless loop, infinite search, gosubs an gotos and subroutines  and subprograms without Returns--Haree Jitsu begins to not only make sense, but BE sense when dealing with threatening logical types. Threatening illogical ( or logical) types you are allowed to play with as “Sports Equipment”- without becoming a “Bad Person” (WWBBD?)

Anyway the post “Rat Hockey Catalog”that I did Sunday, is more a development demo than a "post" I was seeimg how possible it looked to develop my desired format  on the OS platform - not looking good. Please play with the Rat Hockey catalog and read the posts (or not) and  get a feel for the way I think, and give me some feedback-  on what you’d like explained in prep for the Chautauqua, and also any insight you can give as to how the “RatHockey” demo format works or doesn’t work, and any suggestions you might have (even if it's for me to stuff it in my ear) ( Seer caught me in a WOWSER that I hadn't thought through   ) I'll post here with any Chautauqua news- but I'm going to be busy the next month, anyway. And I'm getting kind of burned out since I can't type worth even a small damn ( I was so brilliant when I was inhigh school, I was assured by everone that I wouldn't need to type, I'd have a secretary---)

I'm not fishing for comments, or Rates, I really couldn't care less about that BUT.......

I need to lnow what works and what doesn't if I'm going to do this here--and  theOS format is a huge problem. it will probably better to do it on dedicated website. I'll mark the trail if you want to follow 

Your invited to come along, or not.


So Long for now, and once again, Thanks again for all the "fish"( it's brain food)

PS in the List of my sites ( left panel of the page, under the portrait of me and Puck, beneath the posts and comments

The introduction of Hare Jitsu is the one one under Posts related to Rat Hockey

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Reply I just sent to a PM received from Podunkmarte:


I'm the gardener that it took 30 years to train to say "manure". I "get" humor pretty well, but as you note, sometimes things that otherwise would be funny are not. My bad for that- I really do take 15 minutes to type a 3 minute read, and I can't even get into the Mike, Rick, etc. aspects of my week- I mean I can't contemplate that much typing at this point.

My gmail address(one of the reasons I hate Google- along with the fact that they sponsor this OS bunch of free thinkers) is

I am honestly gettimg blisters on my wrist where it rubs the edge of the keyboard on this laptop. I am serious when I say I need to get my desktop network working again before I can type much more.

Will watch for an email, but I'm really going to be on the go for the next few weeks at least.I guess it was time for a little" don't take myself too seriously" Jolt

Thanks( I think?)