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APRIL 25, 2012 11:25AM

Reason, Kindness, Correction

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As always these days, very little time- I'm working on “outing” Mikes persecutors, but the process of explicating the “Reason” behind the method is taking some time. I just noticed this ( My home page is “Yahoo”)


Olympic medal hopeful shames stalker on Facebook

And it so perfectly mirrors a point that I was “honing”, that I decided to write a comment to this as an explanation of the “Reason” that “Justice” must be tempered with “Kindness”.

According to “Yahoo Sports”

“Ariane Friedrich, a German high jumper expected to contend for a medal at the upcoming Summer Olympics, posted the name and email address of a Facebook stalker who had allegedly been sending her explicit photographs over the social networking service.

German authorities are now investigating the matter, according to Friedrich's manager. The matter has touched off an intense national debate on privacy with Friedrich, who is trained as a police officer, at the forefront.

"I've been offended in the past, sexually harassed and I've had a stalker before," she wrote in a recent Facebook post that included the name and email address of a man who she says sent her explicit messages and pictures of his genitals. "It's time to act, it's time to defend myself. And that's what I'm doing. No more and no less. I'm not willing to be a victim again. I'm simply tired and there simply comes a time when enough is enough"

German newspapers have asked whether Friedrich had a legal right to publicly disclose the man's name. In that country, names of offenders aren't disclosed in the media.”

In a later message, she responded to criticisms that publicly outing the man circumvented the legal system.

"The removal of anonymity is a means to clarify," she wrote in a statement translated from German. "Just think of all the children, young people and adults who are secretly harassed by perverts and don't know what to do or how to defend themselves. Should we not go forward as a good example and demonstrate strength?"

Yahoo Sports



This is to me, an almost perfect example of applying “Kindness” to correction.

 By “Kindness” , I don't mean “compassion” or “sympathy”.

I mean ensuring justice by applying the sort of “Correction” that can be easily understood by anyone.

“Correction” in “kind” with the “Tort” ( Latin- to twist, to injure, - Torture-) the “injury”

An eye for an eye isn't elegant, and isn't civilized, but it can be very effective.

This is “Solomon like” Justice as opposed to the quibbling abuse of language crap regularly churned out by our “Justice” system and its “Law Enforcement Professionals” as our “Only Legal Recourse”.

Think “Absence of Malice”. Think “Rat Hockey”


So, in the interest of "Outing" Perverts:

It isn't just our abusers on the internet who hide behind anonymity.

Anonymity is the first refuge of all the Politicians, legislators, Lawyers and LEPers (Law Enforcement Professionals- as opposed to "Peace Officers", Think Barney Fife as opposed to Andy Taylor) who hide behind their supposed “Objectivity” and pretend that they are all just interchangeable units of the Borg “Just Doing My Job, Mam”, “No, you can't see my Badge Number-you might endanger me” “I don't make the Law, Ma'am” “I'm just enforcing The Law”, etc. etc, ad nauseum.

Think it's just “LEPers” in their ski masks and Ninja suits?

Who is Barack Obama REALLY? Who is Mitt Romney? Newt Gingrich? Betsy Deeds?, Beth Root? Officer Holly?, Steve Haller? Mike Cornell?

One answer is that they are all just bubbles of self righteous image, bloated and dazzling, empty inside.

Does anyone know what any of them really believe and “enforce” as their wills?

These are the “Anonymous” Politicians, Bureaucrats, and “Law Enforcement Professionals” to whom we surrender the “Authority” to “Correct” us. Who tell us we MUST do so or have our “Rights” revoked-

You probably recognize some of the names in the above paragraph. The others are the “Public Servants” involved in the persecution of my neighbor Mike, in Fairborn Ohio Municipal Court

What they all have in common is a cloak of “Authority” woven from our “consent”. They paint that cloak with “Righteousness” and use it to conceal all the Little Ms Deeds and Perversions of Justice they commit in what they view as their “Right” to “Govern”. It is “Sovereign Immunity” writ large. It not only immunizes them from recourse, but allows them to pretend that all the self serving Abuse of Power,  Abuse of Authority. Abusive Language, and Errors of Arrogance are just the price we pay for government “Of the People” and are really none of our business anyway.

You can't know them by their “Image”

You know them by their Deeds

In Fairborn Municipal court, we know them by Little Ms Deeds

To me, the worst crime is the Abuse of Language. The abuse of the symbols and meaning of communication and Reason, which allow the acceptance of Rule of Law as Justice by Warriors who care not about law, but about Justice. It is the process by which LEPers pervert the authorized goal of Common Justice into the self serving and bloated tyranny of "Correction". 

In the legal system. this is termed "Abuse of Process", and, when LEPers do it, it is a criminal offense. Not that Steve Haller, the Greene County Prosecutor, is concerned. He is the man that both the FBI and Ohio Attorney General point to as the one who must first investigate the complaints against Ms Deeds. We've "hollered"  to Haller for Justice, but he is a Hollow man, He is his own molecule thick soap bubble of "Righteous Image". Miss Deeds is a fellow Republican.

Little Ms “Bettie” Deeds is the assistant prosecutor in charge of Mikes case. She is a past master at the perversion of Semantic Bondage and Disipline necessary to torture every last drop of “correction” out of any action, done or not done, true or not true. Once you are “Charged”, you will feel the lash of her “Wit”.

And it takes “Wit” to be able to destroy the life of a Bipolar street person simply by declaring him a “public nuisance”. By her exquisite perversion of meaning, Mike is no longer being persecuted for being at the scene of a wrecked car that he was not driving, The Owner of the car, Margaret Rice, has money and influence, and regularly “bails” out the actual driver, her 43 year old lives at home baby Danny. Ms Deeds has even arranged for Danny to testify that Mike took his car either to “get cigarettes” or “Take a girl to Wilmington” ( the story was different to the two officers with whom he spoke- see accident report).

Mike must be sent to prison for 2 years for being a “Public Nuisance”

I digress

Some may think it “Unkind” that I resort to "Extra-Legal" means of “correction” in such disputes. Sorry about that. People who cloak themselves in my authority to further their own egos are often not subject to legal recourse. But, deemed public figures, neither are they subject to "slander." 

Just as Ms Freidrich resorted to “Extra Legal Means” to obtain “justice” against a pervert ( latin: Litterally, "To Turn through, or against itself"- in this case, to "Turn Against itself" the integrity of our system of Justice ), so shall I.

I think it is the very definition of “Kindness” to correct those of our “governors” who have forgotten where they obtained their “Mantle of Authority” and “Cloak of Righteousness” and to whom it actually belongs. It is ours- which is to say it is MINE to remove.

The core of our system of self government is Reason

To Reason, one must exercise “Free Will” by “Free Thought “ and “Free Speech”

The 1st amendment is protected by the 2nd, and is the protection of us all from the necessity to resort to the 2nd to remove those who pervert Justice. 

One must be free to not only say “The Emperor has no clothes”, one must also be free to say “Little Ms Deeds practices Semantic and Legal B & D, Abuse of Language, and Abuse of Process".

She wears Leather and Carries a Whip !!!!!!! (  SHE is Hawt!!!!)

Training and correction of Code to your Semantic Satisfaction a specialty!

Perversions of all authority welcomed!



                     Little Ms “Bettie” Deeds preparing for Court

Miss deeds prepares for court 2


Rights are unalienable and of the Spirit-, “Law Enforcement” may not touch them.

We ARE always “Free” to “Correct” our “Correctors” by any effective means available.

I recommend “Kindness”

If you think that I am “unfairly abusing” Ms Deeds - call her up and ask her to go over TRC 1108700 with you and read you the letters in the file from Mikes Psychologist that state that Mike is so severely Bipolar that he not only is not capable of defending himself, he is not capable of engaging counsel.

Ask her to explain how she has taken a case where her only evidence of “infraction of the law” is the speculation of a police officer (Officer D. Holly of Beavercreek, Ohio) who is trying to cover his tracks for not just not following up an investigation, but not even bothering to administer any sort of sobriety test to the defendant in a DUI, who is obviously mentally challenged and was obviously not only not driving, but not capable of driving .

Mike still has no counsel. The one lawyer who would see him without $2000 up front was told by the prosecution ( that would be Ms Deeds) that there would be no continuance to prepare for trial ( the next day) and that Mike was going to be tried as a “Public Nuisance” the Lawyer was greatly amused by that, and asked Mike “are you a Public Nuisance” in a jocular tone of voice. Don't you just love our “legal system” and the assholes who run it?

This approach represents an experiment. I'm an empiricist at heart. Please don't take this as “Anti Woman”. it is “Anti -Abusive Bitch” The process here is to pick out one of the “Alpha Macho” Members of a Dog Pack , spray Him/Her with “Bitch in Heat” hormone, and then let loose the other dogs. Strictly in the cause of furthering our knowledge of behavioral science. The question is if, after seeing her so portrayed, any of Ms Deeds subordinate “LEPers” will be able to see her without picturing her in stiletto heels and a whip, ( She is HAWT! ) and what that will do to her status when she realizes that all the dogs in her pack are picturing her as a sex object- and suddenly all the whispers and giggles and smirks take on new meaning. Kind of like Texting nude pictures of a “mean Girl” to everyone in her junior high school. With any luck she'll hang herself, but that's probably too much to hope for. This is solely for amusement purposes- I'm still trying to get Mike a Lawyer. And I haven't (yet) spread the “image” by emailing it to every law office in Greene county.

Actually, I've discussed this with the Holder Justice Department, in terms of both Civil Rights and the American with Disabilities Act, but they are not really interested in pursuing either. What interests them is that Greene County and it's officials are Republicans and the town of Beavercreek in Greene County( Where Mike is charged- by D. Holly- one of Beavercreek's LEPers ) has several pending Civil Rights investigations. What folks at the "Justice" Department are interested in seeing is a RICO investigation for a pattern of Civil Rights violations in a Republican "justice" system indistinguishably close to John Boehner's district. Look for the investigation to heat up about August. Meanwhile.....

Under construction:



PS Some jackass Lawyer is at this point preparing to explain to me that "Abuse of Process" and "Malicious Prosecution"  are not criminal matters, but civil. Save your breath, Steve. I might not be able to define it to the satisfaction of your legal word bending, but I know true perversion when I see it.

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This reminds me of an episode of Dr. Who with David Tennant. The British Prime Minister, a woman, blew up a space ship that was leaving Earth and had agreed to leave us alone and The Doctor doesn't believe in killing for any reason and especially someone who surrendered. The Doctor ruined her career by whispering to her aid, "Doesn't she look tired?"

A change of perception. Good luck saving your friend.
As a fellow Scorpio- I find myself irresistibly drawn to the reason, kindness and correction of Little Ms Deeds-- if ( as Dr who observed ) only she weren't so tired---