The ART of Reason

A Chautauqua on "Justness"
MAY 2, 2012 8:54AM

The ART of Reason Catalog

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Magic Words- An introduction to Chautauqua


The Art of Reason: a Chautauqua

The Art of Reason: A Pro Spectus

 On the Logic of Small Boys and Other Savages

The Parable of Pony

Rat Hockey

Analog Analysis Discussions

Systems Analysis- Our Constitution

Nanny Dearest

Reason, Kindness, Correction

 The Parable of Little Ms Deeds

 The Parable of the Evil of Root





 Stand alone Chautauquas

Magic Words- A Chautauqua on Decisions and Ethics

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This is an expedition to explore the workings of Reason.

Logic and mind are not enough to explain the workings of Reason, one must also consider Spirit and the intuition of experience by Analog Analysis.

The intent of a Chautauqua is that there be interactive discussion and good humor along the way, as the expedition meanders through each segment toward its ultimate goal (not that I know where that is, exactly). The posts are in descending order and each post is a stand-alone essay, and may be read and commented upon as such, but the intent is that, in the end, we will have a clear path of exploration, with notes.

The other part of a Chautauqua is that you are invited to link your own thoughts or posts to this catalog. If you put the web address of your post in a comment, I will update it into the catalog.

Comment on each segment at the segment posting

Comment on the “Expedition” as a whole at this post.

This will remain the “Most Recent” post on this blog, and will be updated with new segments as they are written.

If you wish to be notified of posts, please request notification in the comments here and I will PM or email you.

This expedition will be conducted in Good Humor, and there will be no character assassinations, politics or argumenta ad hominem permitted, unless they are really, really, funny.


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Excellent work and idea..Wishes for best of luck....Rated!!!
I now have a reason to come back here.
I wish to be notified of updates.

herr, i have read the catalog and
the most critical reading
for the setting of
(and maintaining)
intellectual curiousity
would be:

"Rules of logic don't apply to the “truths” of Analog Analysis. Analog analysis is the concretion of repetitive or vivid experience. Logic is the manipulation of those concretions as “symbols” , and error is inherent in the translation. Each individuals concretion of experience is different, so the meanings of his symbols, his words, are different and unique from anyone else's."; from: