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DECEMBER 23, 2008 12:45PM

Tracking my own comments in OS

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I've been learning how to build relationships here on OS (couple months new here) and one way I have found difficult is to see if any of my comments had started or contributed to conversations.

 I've looked at all the OS tips and blog annexes and could not find a way to do this.... so yesterday I started a word doc and I tried to go back and find all my comments... slogging away... and discovering new posts i liked.

 But... now i'm simply bookmarking the pages I comment on. I use safari, and I created a folder called OS comments and now I'm bookmarking them... and the bookmark shows the title of the post and the author and then of course the link -- all the stuff I wanted in my own log. And I can copy them if I want the bookmark list on my own hard drive.

 Pretty simple after my long tedious work-around. If someone else has posted this, I apologize -- I didn't see this particular tip anywhere. 

Hope this helps someone else. 

 addendum. all about easy: i can hit my apple (command) key plus D and it brings up the add bookmark menu....  

 addendum2: from mishima666... you can google to find all your posts and all your comments, too -- just copy the piece of code below and substitute your own site/ screen name and wee what happens. 

phSFca site: 

counter to blogger

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i know ... silly isn't it? I feel like I missed this in someone else's tips, because it really is easy.... duh.
This is the best way, I think, until some type of comment tracking is initiated I started doing this a couple of weeks ago.

I found that if create a hierarchy it's helps as well, so I made an "OS" folder and within it I have 7 folders - one for each day of the week. When come back to the previous week's bookmarks , I delete them and begin anew.
cool artsfish. i wondered if i need an author hierarchy... but your way does allow you to track recent and yet not keep them all forever, unless of course you're a packrat....
thanks for this. I also visited your wordpress site and read a bit and your blog site where I read about book stats. Good stuff.
Great ideas, all. I'm adding this post to my Making OS Easier links. Thanks.
oh goody. a way to give back!

thanks idaho. yeah, aren't those stats amazing?

good undertow -- glad you'll add it.
added another tip (addendum2) from mishima666 about finding your posts.
this is a great idea. the back and forth via comment is as fun as writing and reading posts; i've despaired of keeping track of some of the funner ones i've been in.
it really is. now i have a way to see what conversations i'm missing out on... and i can also find out where others are commenting [g]
Two refinements for Googling someone's OS comments that may be peculiar to me and my Firefox:

1. The second option below works better for me than the first:

[OS username] site:

[OS username]

2. For bookmarking, I go to the comment I want to bookmark and click on the date under the commenter's name. That adds the comment number to the URL in the navigation box. That URL will take you right to the comment, rather than just to the page.

Then I drag that URL from the navigation box to the place in my bookmarks I want to keep it.

This really should be a standard OS feature, as it is on other, similar sites.
THANKS! I get to going along reading and commenting and then totally forgetting who's post it was or that I even saw that post -- I'm going to do this too.