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November 13
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MARCH 27, 2012 7:38PM

Eagles Hatching, Done Moving Really Heavy Blocks, Tink's Pic

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Well, the first Decorah eaglet hatched today. I couldn't live blog because I was at work but I got some screen shots and made some notes.



videos at Ustream

It is pretty cool to watch these guys. And I get bird noises and such even though I am lacking window access.

A few months ago I was very excited about something I was supposed to be starting. Well, it flopped. I was supposed to be handling social media for a journal and the editor has decided that while having a Twitter account is a good thing, actually tweeting is overrated so it is languishing and waiting on her to tweet again. So I set up the account, made about 20 adjustments to get it to look exactly the way she wants it to look, and then was left to cool my heels. C'est la vie.

Finished the raised bed tonight...


potato bed
The last row of blocks needs some leveling, but I got them set and only had to move one block a smidge to make them fit. Couldn't have done better if I had actually measured it out. 


The frilly yellow tulips are blooming. They came with the house and somewhere they picked up some red streaks in the petals.



I guess that's all for today, then. I need to get cleaned up so I can go to bed. I feel better than I did when I got home. I need some excitement in my life of the good variety. A new friend would do the trick...

Oh, and here is the blue lilac with the purple buds in the background. This one smells heavenly but not quite like a lilac should.





I had the best rest at lunch today, and I think I started a trend. I crash out by this fountain, which isn't running right now. So when I flopped over there may have been about 2 other people out there enjoying the day. When my alarm went off and I sat up, almost all of the benches had a person laying down and snoozing. It looked like nap time at daycare. I just had to laugh.

Hi Tink!





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That last pic is the best :)
d_r, you're such a funny guy.
not true, no disrespect! the best pic=the raised bed.
mmmmpf:ha: join the club:
"I was very excited about something I was supposed to be starting. Well, it flopped."

i would think those eagles are damn smart ones
trustfully in front of you.

tell em the facts of life.
James, I am really proud of that raised bed. I'm good. If you watch the eagles, eventually you'll see a sparrow family that have nested in the bottom of the eagle platform. Cheeky little buggers.
ahhh love the Tink photo and am interested in those potatoes.. as for flaking out at lunch yes you are the trend setter.:)
I'll have to check with the birders at Falls of the Ohio. We have a nesting pair here trying for the 3rd year, but the nest is too isolated for a web cam. It takes a really good spotting scope to get a decent look at them.

You're making good progress with your yard and garden.

I'm trying to get my garden into shape after a year or two of serious neglect. The space I inherited from the previous owners is going to have to be re-worked since a lot of it is in shade now.

And, I'm trying to get the little pond cleared out - I've ordered a beehive and bees, and the bees need a place to drink. I'm going to get stuck a lot - the points on Holly leaves don't rot very quickly.

- Mark

PS - I've got pea-sized peaches now.

Course I rated ya!!! I soooo love eagles!! ~nodding~ :D
Linda, the potatoes will be yummy, for sure. Tink's brothel! Kinda fun.

Mark, you have peaches! How cool. My little fruit tree has three blossoms on a branch and I don't know what flavor the branch is- they grafted plums, peaches, apricots and nectarines into one tree with no labels on the pieces. I hope you blog your yard, too. I'd love a pond but I really don't want to take care of one. :0) I can live vicariously through you.
Tink! Julie! You came over! Now we party!
oooo liked this a lot. :-)
Orange, thanks! I like those comments.
Tink's already going at it over at Scanner's
I got a shirt too, but mine is not nearly as tasteful as yours. wonder if I can get this camera to work right?
Julie, can't wait to see your contribution to the Dumas Brothel Fashion Show!

Janie, Tink's friends could be fun! I have a thorny rosebush... And that's way cool to have seen the eagle like that with the grass. I would love that.
ok, you inspired me :D my Tink Top
and I'll have you know that is my most boobilious bra and that was as good as it got
sigh, well at least my triceps are hanging down like sails, right?
Nice nest and flowers!
Just got my second raised bed in and already have lettuces and garlic planted. Ain't it great? Love those tulips, I've never seen those before. Well, maybe I have, but didn't know they were tulips.
Yowzer on the tink-shirt ;) You still got it, honey!
Quite a nice day...juggers and all.
All fabulous and cheery photos! My last boss in California brought me a Hooters shirt from Indiana (of all places) and apparently in Indiana a large t-shirt is so tiny it barely fits. Hmmm... I see t-shirts run very small in Montana too.

Love the tulips, mine are barely coming up, soon. Sigh...
Julie, why did you close comments? Great pic!

tai, thanks! A lot of work in this yard. I've moved everything but the hydrangea.

Firechick, I have salad growing in pots, but it's slow. Must be the cold nights we're having right now.

jmac, Larry, eagles are cool, aren't they.

Maureen, it was a nice day.

Bleue, if you'd ever seen Indiana Hooters girls... He must have switched the tags on you. And hold on, spring's coming. We just got really lucky this year. Next year, I'll probably be posting sagas on freezing.
Why, yes! You definitely wear the shirt more interestingly than I do.
Ah, Chicken, it's just a different shirt, a little more stretch in the fabric...
Awesome. I have never seen a live and in person miracle -well, except for my own miracles of birth.
Dianne, it is pretty cool. I'm more and more impressed with the eagles since they built that little wall to deflect the wind. I forgot to include it, but they even stuffed the chick back into the egg at one point to cover it up. That was quite funny.
I miss actual nature. So pretty.
CatholicGirl, I keep the eagle stream open at work. I don't have windows and this real nature noise gives me peace.
This camera is awesome. My kids were watching for awhile, waiting for the babies to pop their heads out. We live in a city just half an hour west of Toronto, and we have a neighborhood hawk that hunts from atop a streetlight pole on our street. Last week it caught and dismembered a squirrel on our front lawn.