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November 13
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APRIL 2, 2012 9:05PM

I am so far behind!

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I am so far behind on reading your blogs, I don't think I'm going to get caught up! I want you to know that I am trying, but either I have too many favorites or you guys write too much or both.

Can there be too many favorites? Can you write too much. No, to both. But I can have not enough time to read you all!

So keep writing! I will read when I can. If I miss you, send me a PM for something you really want me to read and I will definitely find it!

Have a great time! I'll be flitting around the edges.





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You could set your alarm a couple of hours earlier, until you catch up.
Yes, nice picture!
At least you are getting some things done, can't say the same for me.
rated with love

Pretty photo.

Love you.
Send more flowers! I reviewed a book, otherwise not writing much (and barely getting to read or even comment). If you want to check out my latest, great. Spring is sproinging.
I know the feeling! I should be in bed RIGHT NOW, but trying to play a little catch-up! And it's one of those deals where you don't WANT to miss anything so it's not like an obligation, but then you notice the vegetables in the fridge have turned to liquid, & the toilet is scary, & you're out of onions. You can't find your charitable deduction receipts & the cats are hungry & the dog needs a good walk & you haven't called your friend for weeks. I am flitting with you around those edges!
Larry, I have enough trouble with the 4:30 wake up call.

Janie, Asia, thanx. These are all tulips rescued from a really old bed in the middle of my back yard.

RP, it's hard, isn't it.

tr ig, indeed.

Bleue, love you, too.

OB, what does spring in the desert look like? I spent one spring in New Mexico but don't really remember it.

suzie, I think you've seen my house!
Oh, and Larry, nice ears!
Sleep is overrated. So is work.
It's been a very dry winter/spring for us, so not as dramatic as usual. Still, all the flowers are out, and usually April/May is when all the cactus flowers bloom (saguaro make a crown of white flowers, kind of like a halo, typically the first week of May). Ocotillo, another desert fave, is in bloom now- so fire red blossoms coming out of the sticks. Usually it's lush and gorgeous, day-glo green and bright orange, red, and yellow everywhere. The Sonoran Desert is the most diverse ecosystem, actually, and is very much alive. Just don't visit in July or August, ugh. :( The mesquite are blooming, and their blossoms look like yellow and white pompoms or plumes. And the brittle bush is starting to take off, when a whole field is full of those, it is just bright yellow as far as the eye can see, with silvery and green leaves. those flowers work like aspirin.