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November 13
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APRIL 5, 2012 8:02PM

He Finally Called!!!

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Woo-hoo! Good news Thursday! I told you guys that I was hiding something and this is it. Fred called! And we had a date!
Fred is pretty awesome. Tall, handsome, exercises regularly so he's pretty firm in all of his places. Married before but has been unmarried for a while. Has had a snip so we don't have to worry about birth control (wink, wink). 
So it was a Wednesday, but we found a place to go for dinner, pasta, and had a few drinks. We talked like we'd known each other forever and the chemistry was definite. When we finally drug ourselves out of the restaurant there was a real lack of desire to go our separate ways. And man, can he kiss. I felt like I was drowning. So what else is a girl to do but go back to his place. And wowsa. His place was nice! He has the top floor apartment on a converted brick house and he has a strong sensuous side. Deep sofa, plush chairs, king size bed with down comforter...
I'm not sure what time I got home but I managed to make it to work today.A bit sore but smiling all day.
So what really happened today was crappy, but I wanted to write something fun and Leepin Larry and hyblaean- Julie asked for something fun to read. Have a good night!
moonJust took this. 

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Too bad it wasn't true. Maybe next time.
damn. you had me at down comforter.
Creative visualisation ~ you just pulled this guy a few miles closer, & I'm liking him already.
rita, aren't they wonderful. I bought one a couple of years ago and don't know how I lived without it.

Kim, ah, I hadn't thought of that. There is that theory of making a list of the attributes you want on a mate and that will help you to see them when you find them.
I agree with Kim.
If you build it, he will come...
Larry, with you and Kim giving me advice maybe I can make it work this time.
He sounds dreamy but I'm suspicious, oh wait, I'm always suspicious. Kim is right! I was in marriage counseling when my fourth marriage ended, (bully man, I think the therapist was relieved too) and she asked me to keep coming. She assigned me to make a list of everything I wanted in a man and relationship. When I went the following week she glanced at it and told me to keep it and not to get involved with anyone if there were more than 3 things missing from my list.

She told me to look at the list often, so I did. With the last husband (that I wrote about) I only scratched two things off the list "likes to socialize" and "good income." My list, my right man. If you're ready then make a list with the things right for you. Visualization is powerful. And, accept no substitutes.
Awww. Let's hope Kim is right, for a change.
Bleue, I need to be more suspicious. I do like lists, so it may be time.

Matt, you mean Kim is generally not right?! Blast. No, he can't be not right. He's Kim!
Don't mind Matt. He's just pissed off because I'm 5 years younger than he is.

Love the photo of the moon.
Visualize... hmmm, is that anything like self gratification?
Yeah Jmac, I sometimes visualize too. I have this heat lotion . . . . .
Kim, isn't that moon cool. You're younger than Matt?

jmac, tr ig, visualization can lead to gratification. I thought you guys knew that.
We need to talk about Larry's hat, I think.
Oh I want an imaginary love affair too. How fun!
I've been noticing that hat. What's it made of? Maybe we can recruit a hungry goat?
Zanelle, feel free to indulge. Fred might have a brother...
Damn, I would have jumped his bones he sounded so good. Too bad it wasn't true!
Women aren't supposed to lie about sex. Men are. That's our assigned job. Which is why I lost my manhood licenses: I'm truthful about my miserable life and other men hate me for it.
Dude! Not cool! I was totally there with you. King size bed, plush chairs...you are such a tease. Maybe that is what Fred likes about you. ;-)
I was sooooo excited for you, though skeptical about the ol' exercises regularly AND has a snip happening in the same dude AND you like him. :) Just yesterday thinking we need to start making up stories for each other, especially about good sex, if only to soothe a small mental demon. Sigh. Hope your vibrator is cute and well groomed.
That was steamy! And alas, I think we learn a lot about what we don't want, and what we want gets lost along the way. A list can be helpful I think.
Nice! If you have posted this on April 1st, I would not have fallen for it. R
I was looking at the moon tonight too. Five months in a row that it hasn't been cloudy during full moon. BFM
Phyllis, be careful. Kim said he's "liking him already." You may have competition.
Well you can write a happy tail..errp tale! Cheers! R and hugs!
hahahah :'D
ok, that was great. I completely bought it.
Ρhyllis,"Smiling all day'....what a beauty ...Visualization is powerful and good....I liked your work...That is the sρirit...Make a wish on love...Best regards..and wishes..(To be true..you had me...i was so glad about you and Fred...I am so in true love and lovy endings..you had me..must admit..)...Thank you for sharing.
Scanner, if I ever find him I'll post a pic for you.

neutron, chicks lie. Trust me. You guys get manhood licenses? Hm.

MM, how're things? :0) Wasn't that moon lovely?

Sheila, mm-hm.

OB, we're on the same wavelength! Can't wait to read yours.

Asia, I agree. It's easy to look at people and say he's not it because he does 'x', completely overlooking that he does 'y' and 'z', which are at the top of the want list.

Trudge, thank you. Taking a bow.

John, I didn't know that. I wonder what's up.

Margaret, not only Kim, but Scanner, too. I didn't realize the competition would be so hot!

Zuma, a good imagination and syntax. Hee hee.

Julie, glad you liked it!

Stathi, thank. True love and good wishes to you, too.
This was solid good dear...
Mission, Thanks! Have a wonderful day.
Well Phyl, a good man's hard to find, even for another man.
Margaret, and a hard man is good to find. I think we need to take Scanner and Kim and all of us join a gym and see what we can find. I vote for a kickboxing gym but we'll probably have to start one.