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November 13
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APRIL 21, 2012 4:37PM

No Wonder I'm Pooped

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For 5 hours today, I, not necessarily in order, ...

Found 2 onions sprouting.

Filled in 40 holes in concrete blocks, planted 6 cabbages, 7 marigolds, and 27 potential green bean plants. Then wrapped the whole thing in chicken wire to keep the bunnies out They Lo-o-o-o-ove green bean plants. Fertilized each hole.

Planted eggplant plant and 2 pepper plants. Fertilized each plant.

Moved baby oak tree from next to neighbor's shrubs to spot in garden where other oak tree seedling had been. It died. New one still looks good.

Watered all of the plants but not the seeds.

Unwrapped fruit tree from protective cage, trimmed grass around bottom of tree, put a small piece of chicken wire around tree to keep bunnies from girdling it and used cut grass to mulch so that more grass won't grow up in there.

Picked salad greens and radishes from pots planted 1 month ago, first time for picking, and had a salad.

Found that cucumbers planted in seed medium are sprouting, and two brocolli. I don't know how they're going to go.

Pruned dead branches out of gold ninebark bush. It looks much better. More architectural.

Planted geranium, repotted plant that I don't like but can't bring myself to outright kill, watered both.

Watered day lily seed bed. Some have sprouted. 

Pulled weeds from wildflower bed.

Pulled weeds from 6 of the hostas and coral bells. Have 7 more to go.

Put a new "keep the squirrels away" cage around my salad pots because I needed the chicken wire for the potato patch.

Plus getting out and putting away the supplies necessary to do all of this.

Hung jeans on clothesline.

And it was cold. I didn't rush any of this, wandered around looking at other plants, laid down under a tree for a few minutes, put mail out and picked up what was delivered. Washed my hands a few times. It just doesn't feel like I did a lot, but I guess I did!


potato bed
Unless I have to replant anything, that's it for the potato bed until harvest. Whew.

 That's the eggplant plant in the center front and 2 Anaheim Chili Pepper plants next to it. I made some pickled peppers last fall, and they are scrumptious, so I want to make some more this year. 2 Bell Pepper plants are going in at the upper right corner of the potato bed. That should be far enough apart that they don't cross with the chilis.

So, even though there is plenty of day light left, I am hanging up the dirt for the day. I need to get warm.


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That's a lot of work! You deserve to take the rest of the day off.

I finished assembling raised bed #3 yesterday and was at the zoo when they opened at 7:30 this morning to get my 4th load of zoo poo for the season (they only sell it on Saturdays in April, which is why I had to finish the bed yesterday). I was unloading the last wagon load of poo into the bed a few minutes ago when my rake broke, so I'm off to Lowes for a replacement.

I did take some breaks to watch the planes - it's Thunder OVer Louisville today - billed as the nation's largest military air show followed big the biggest fireworks show.

My salad mix is coming up, but I only planted it about a week and a half ago. Early cabbages are in - saw an onion or 2 poking up.

I'm waiting for more seeds and herb plants to arrive.
Wow, and it is also freezing outside today and you are four hours north of me. Wow!!! Good job.
Mark, your location is excellent! Watching the air show and fireworks without fighting crowds. So Jealous! How many raised beds are you making?

Bernadine, I was so bundled up! But I think it's supposed to saty above freezing tonight and the cabbage and marigold weren't doing so well. Turns out I over-watered them in the house. Now they can "be". And hopefully pull out of the trauma.
Gadzooks! You need a shotgun, like my buddy Elmer F-F-F-Fudd.
I am smitten with the garden Phyllis.
Jeaslousing away, I am.

Bet you weren't too cold while doing all that work.
Chicken, I have a shotgun but I've never fired it. .30 guage, 36" double barrel side by side. Powerful kick. I have fired the .22 rifle, though, and could get the bunnies with that. My neighbor shoots them all of the time but they seem to breed like, uh, bunnies!

Mission, I tried to garden in Tampa- it didn't work so well. Guess I could have had a raised bed but didn't think of it. There's always tomatoes in a pot! And it was cold enough that I stayed buttoned up pretty much the whole time I was outside. Even had my hoodie up for a while. Northern breezes...
I'm glad you laid down under a tree for awhile. Thank you thank you for letting me enjoy how your garden grows without me having to do any work. Love it!! I bet that first salad was good!
Well, I thought maybe it was not so cold working but I just looked at the weather there. Ugg.
But you got some salad to eat today. Yay.
And this garden is getting better everyday.
carry on..
zanelle, you're welcome! As I enjoy your art without having to create it myself!

Mission, br-r-r-r.

I just got back from Lowes with a new rake and a need to rant about cheap Chinese s**t garden tools - I planted some peas to cool off.

It looks like I'll be doing 4 4x8 12" beds since #4 is arrivng next Friday and there's one more day for the zoo poo sale this year.

Today isn't really a good day for watching the air show - cloudy and temps in the 50's - it was raining this morning. In good weather, I just put a chair in the front yard. I'm a mile or 2 up river from he center of action, but all the fixed wing aircraft make their approaches right out front. For the fireworks, I can see everything shot up into the air, but one of the signatures pieces is a cascade from the US 31 bridge that I can't see from the house.

I'll probably bundle up and head out at 9:30 to watch the fireworks.
Mark, isn't it horrible trying to buy new garden tools. Luckily, I inherited some good stuff from my Grandma, and was able to buy a bunch of stuff before it all became imports. I also have an uncle who does woodworking and can replace handles. Is your rake handle replaceable? That might be an idea.

Have fun at the fireworks show. I haven't been to one in ages. New Years of 2001, to be exact, in St. Pete, FL. I can't stand fighting crowds by myself anymore. Stay warm.

The old rake had a 100 year free replacement warranty, but I didn't really want another one. The problem was where the fiberglass handle mated up with the metal - looks like they used wood there and it had softened up.

Most of the ones I looked at had a metal piece with the teeth welded to a couple of prongs coming out from the handle - the True Temper I pulled down already had one of the welds broken.. The one I bought was the most expensive, but is one piece of forged metal.

If you'd like to see the show, you'll have to come down to Louisville one of these years. It's always the Saturday 2 weeks before the Kentucky Derby. I'm sure between us Tink and I could make you feel welcome - we might even be able to have a Louisville OS mini-meetup.
Mark, that would be fun! Maybe next year. I really like air shows.
never heard of a 30 gauge. maybe a 20 gauge or rare 32?
You are the most ambitious gardener I have ever heard of. I am sure
you will have a wonderful harvest. Hope you can get some rest this evening.
rated with love
beautiful garden hon! And a job well done to get it all planted in this cold weather! xoxo/r
I am very impressed. I could learn a lot about gardening from you!
Wanna take a trip over the border and help me pull lamb's ear? It's taking over my beds.
Sounds like a day well spent.
You nurture them and they nurture you...
Very ambitious! And inspiring. I have to garden in pots because the soil down here in Florida is full of root devouring pests...
Julie, I just checked and it's 39 degrees outside.

Larry, yes, I am a doofus with a crappy memory. It is a .12 gauge shotgun, 36" double barrel, side by side, full and modified choke. It was purchased by my Mom's Uncle Cliff, given to my Grandpa when Uncle Cliff passed, who gave it to my Dad who gave it to me. My .22 rifle was purchased by my Dad & Uncle Bob for their Dad in the '50s from Sears and ended up with me. Since I have no one who will let me bring the guns over and shoot, the shotgun will be kept as a collectors item. Shooting ranges let the rifle in but it's pretty boring since the target doesn't move.

RP, my neighbor makes me look like a slug! He could feed the town, and does. He gives away what his family doesn't want.

Michelle, thanks. All compliments appreciated. :)

Sheila, it's all trial and error, reading books, and free advice from the neighbor.

Margaret, how far of a drive? I have to be home by 6 to feed Puff.

Patrick H, it was, indeed.

Patrick F, very true. My world gets balanced by a day outside.

Linnnn, pots are great! I've done it before, and the salad I had yesterday was some of the cleanest I've ever picked. And no weeds...
I had a day like yours yesterday too, and can I be so bold as to add one more thing to your list: "Collapsed into bed at day's end, unable to care about the permanent dirt now embedded under my fingernails"? But you're probably smarter than me, and used gloves, so the latter part of that sentence is optional, I guess.

"Pooped," however, definitely covers it.
I have a rule about what I plant... I plant it, it grows - if it dies, I plant something else.
If we ever have an armageddon, I want to live with you so you can feed me.
Amy, good ending to the list. I don't wear gloves. More fun that way. What I do, though, is drag my nails across a bar off soap and cake all I can under there, then a stiff nail brush to scrub and the tip of my tweezers under running water to clean the rest of the dirt out. For my toes, dark nail polish.

jmac, good rule.

Snarky, noted. I'll put a little more up for you.
this , i find, is the only way to do anything:
"didn't rush any of this, wandered around looking..."
It is a bad day for the local bunnies,
but a good day for the good earth.She loves to nurture and feed.

So that is a potato bed! Yikes. I have previously told you of my
slave labor as a boy
in my Dad's potato patch. Long rows...perfectly even...

As i grow older, i find i am more receptive to eggplant posing as
meat. Like in my sister's eggplant dishes, the best of which
is her eggplant lasagna.

My sister got all my mom's (now ancient) garden tools.
I used to be a damn good gardener, back in the day.
I have emotional attachments to those tools,
but living as i do now,
i don't need those tools.

Maybe i will get them when she dies?
She's the kinda hippy gal who'd be delighted to be planted
in the garden, herself, to feed the new life...

I don't see how i can pull that off...

I'd like to bury her & plant a rose bush.
Not yet, i mean!
James, it looks a bit like a gulag, doesn't it. I've never seen this before but it made sense to me. Eggplant is downright tasty, isn't it. As to your sister, perhaps cremated and scattered in the garden. When the time comes.

I just found a baby inch worm on my pants, a half-inch worm? Too cute. I put it on my fruit tree. It seemed happy.
Thanks for doing all the gardening for me! I'll be around to water from time to time, help with harvest in a couple months. :)
Good Lord, girl! Have a cup of tea and learn how to take a nap! (Well done. Slacker girl here who had the tea and the nap is jealous)
I'm pooped just reading about it!

Sounds like a great day.
Oryoki, anyone that wants to water and weed is welcome to some goodies.

MM, I am slacking today. Too cold.

V.C., it was a great day.
Other than the weather, that sounds like a perfect day. Looking forward to progress reports. You are Zena, Garden Warrior!
OIT, you should see me twirl a hoe! LOL
[r] thanks for sharing that. to my city ears, you certainly dwell on a wonderful sounding but foreign organic planet! made me wish I had bundled up myself and taken a walk in Central Park, our shared close as we can get to wildnerness and Nature in the City! best, libby
Libby, you're welcome! I'll bet Central Park is nicer, albeit more crowded, when it's a bit warmer.
Wow! That was a lot of hard work! Bravo! I just LOVE gardening. All I have started is 20 pepper plants - sweet bananas, sweet green and sweet red - can't do spicy myself. I planted lots more seeds but NONE of them came up - tomatoes (3 kinds), lavender, petunias. All bad seed. Sigh. I planted some more tomato seeds - hope they come up this time. P.S. I LOVE your raised bed! WTG!
Wren Dancer, I have a horrible time starting plants from seeds anymore- too leggy is what I call them as they come out of the dirt. My neighbor says they're looking for light. My current group looks good because they sit on the back step.
I added a few new pictures to my Flickr photo set to show you what the raised beds look like. None of it was there 3 weeks ago.

Kim, thanks. Here's hoping it grows. The marigolds died.
Damn, I could never put that much enthusiasm into anything. Can't decide if I'm more impressed or jealous.
Icy, you just haven't found your Zen. Right now, mine is playing in the dirt. Your day is coming.
my days ""the dirt" were comical.
i took over my mom's flower garden when she got old and ill.
i planted many many perennials.
annuals too! a cacophany of color.

nothing nutritious anymore like when pop planted potatos,
squash, etc.

dad always said my f-ed up garden was "lovely".
mom was aghast,
aesthetically, but supported me in my
dirt phase. better than sleeping all day...
James, too bad you can't do another garden. Does L have a yard you could plant in? Make it a Shakespeare garden with a corner for Heigl. ;0)