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November 13
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MAY 6, 2012 6:29PM

An update on the garden...

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Tomatoes, bell peppers, beets x 3 rows, lettuce in several varieties, radish, spinach, zucchini, cantalope and 1 mystery plant- either cantalope or cucumber. Added all this to the potatoes, onions, anaheim chilipeppers and eggplant already planted. Still have some space in the middle.

Mowed the whole yard, tilled the unplanted portions of the garden because of the tree seedlings, did 3 loads of laundry & hung two of them on the clothesline. Oh, and rode my bike to the gas station to fill up my little gas can. I crack myself up with the idea of riding my bike down for a fill up.

All since about 12:30. It's going on 6:30 now and thunder is rolling in. I need to clean up now then have me a salad with my fresh lettuce from the pot I planted in March. Yummy.

Happy trails.

Had to add the weather map.


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And I have to replant the green beans. The seeds disappeared.
I think it is too late for me to add much in the way of potted plants, as we are now regularly past the 90 degree mark and very dry. I had such a nice little garden last year. So, thanks for doing the work, and when I eat some of the roasted beet (garden gift from a patient) later tonight, I will think of the smell of freshly tilled soil and a luscious thunderstorm.
Well there goes my feeling of accomplishment with 4 loads of laundry and a trip to the grocery store! Damn! You make me tired just reading about it. ;-)
What a productive fun day you had. I love your garden reports!
what is this, now?
"have me a salad with my fresh lettuce from the pot I planted in March. Yummy."

A marijuana salad, is that what you are saying here?

gosh. what dressing goes with that?
such a productive day SHOULD end with a nice buzz,
i applaud you.
Envious! Sounds wonderful phyllis!
OB, roasted beets sound good. I may have to try that in a month or so.

MM, four loads of laundry is an accomplishment, especially if they are folded and put away. My last load is still in the washer.

zanelle, it was productive and fun. Wish my weekdays were so.

James, pot as in a vessel to hold dirt and plants. Though, for the salad you mention, maybe a poppy seed vinaigrette.

asia, I liked the story of your weekend, too.
Busy as a bee - that's a lot to get done!

I finished the 4th (and last) raised bed last weekend - there are already a few things sprouting in it.

My adventure with beekeeping had a setback. UPS managed to kill 'em all in Jacksonville (not just mine - ALL of the bees this apiary was shipping to the midwest). Luckly, a local beekeeper will have some for me this week or next.
hahaha @Emmerling. Space left? Plant dope! You go girl
Mark, how awful! Those poor bees. A guy from work has just started beekeeping, as well. He's already promising honey to so many people. Hope his hive is prolific.

tr ig, I can't plant pot! My yard is wide open to the world and I have really nosy neighbors. One even comes over to look at my garden while I'm at work and comment on how my plants are growing. I need a fence. And seeds. No seeds.
My husband's the gardener and he had a great garden until we moved to a condo. He says he doesn't miss it, though. After so many years, he says it got to be like a job...lots of work. Enjoy yours while you can!
Mary Ann, I say that every fall. I swear I am not going to have another garden next year. Then spring rolls around and here I am. At least this year, I feel like I'm not gardening alone.
Love posts about gardening. Will do some too. Live in Mn. and we are enjoying spinach, Bibb, Romaine and mixed greens. Planted in 2nd week of March. Did mustard greens but not sure what to do with them. Have many heirloom tomatoes, squash, gr pepper, hot pepper,cherry tomatoes etc growing in my small greenhouse. Just started hardening them off. Planted in ground(started from seed indoor) lobelia, marigolds, cleomes, larkspur, asters, cosmos, 2 kinds basil, oregeno etc. Such fun, today was some tranplanting into garden, but mostly weeding. You got more done than anyone though, cool.
But there are no pictures Phyllis....
I did laugh hard though, at the idea of riding a bike to get gas....
Cindy, you sound like a pro! I would love to have a greenhouse. Maybe someday.

Mission, I thought about pics but was too pooped to jump through the hoops to get them out of the phone.
Glad the bike/ gas humor got to you, too. I'm still cracking myself up.
I love a person with a green thumb. My wife's thumb is like a Ninja knife, it kills everything it touches!
What a wonderful garden report! Down here in Whiteville, we are having a bit of a heat wave but this has been a great gardening year. OB is right about roasted beets. You can also roast them with balsamic vinegar and maybe some brown sugar, toss a little goat cheese on top when they are done or some feta cheese if you like those. Yum!
Keep reporting on your great accomplishments in the garden! Am with you in spirit as well as enjoying the fruits/vegetables of our labors. Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!
9 days and we get to plant here
yay!! *and groan* I'm cheating with store bought starters

my iris (from years gone by) are about to pop. Cannot wait to smell them. :)
You have every right to a feeling of accomplishment.

There is some culprit involved in the disappearance of those green bean seeds.
all I can say about your day is WOW.

(you have a lot of energy!)

we have seedlings. we're just about to start planting.
Oh you are so lucky you are past frost. In PA where I live I can't plant outside until May 31. Up here in WV where I visit, even later, 'cause they're at 3000 feet on the top of a mountain. Sigh. You are a hard worker. Hope the rain isn't too bad.
Those mystery seeds might just grow you one ginormous beanstalk. Take an axe when you climb it, you never know.
I'm so jealous. I miss being able to go to my garden and pick my salad.
Scanner, that is a serious thumb! I hope you tiptoe past it quietly...

Patsy K, I didn't know there were so many recipes for beets. My mom was pretty much boil & eat, except for picckled beets and Harvard beets. I'm going to have to start looking further.

Julie, it's not cheating. It's getting a jump on the competition. I've tried starting plants inside but haven't quite gotten the knack yet.

Brass, I agree, but who could it be? The dirt was undisturbed...

FM, just determination. i wanted to quit several times over but was remember ing last year when I was scrambling to finish on Memorial Day weekend.

Wren Dancer, we had a couple of frosts, but I could cover the plants so they survived okay. Not so much the tulip tree, though. Interesting that PA and WV would have the same dates because of the elevations.

V., I have an axe! It even has a carry puoch with a belt loop. Now, I need a belt...

Fay, it is nice, isn't it. I hope you get to plant again, someday.
Such work. May your efforts be beautifully fruitful.
Mary, thanks! I hope to get a lot of pickled beets and peppers this year. yum.
I just have house plants! I remember the garden I had in Chicago many years ago. There was a vacant lot and the plots and subplots went out by lottery. We had green beans and cucumbers and enough zucchini for everyone to have zucchini bread. I miss that.

Excellent post - did you has the gas station to "fill 'er up?" That cracked me up.
nilesite, it would have been more fun to ask, but it's self serve, darn it.
I admire what you've been doing in your garden Phyllis. Can't always comment but I try to read every chance I get. I hope you'll enjoy the rewards of labours in more ways than one. Wishing you happy gardening and fair weather.
FusunA, thank you. I am getting more than food from it; so nice of you to notice. I lose my worries when I'm out there planting.
yipes. dont like that map, and glad you are here to give us updates.

i so wish i were independently wealthy, cause if i were, i would buy an air mattress (tho, with puff, thats a risky endeavor), and come on out and visit and eat fresh veggies!
Well, I have a 7' long sofa, and a lawn chair that I've slept in when I've been moving and my furniture was gone.

Replanted the green beans and marigolds last night. We'll know in a week if those cement blocks will work as flower pots...