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November 13
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MAY 13, 2012 8:05AM

Potato Update

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Well, one wedding down, the nephew might be getting married but if he does it will be in England, and I realized that my niece really does not consider me important any more. Okay, onwards.

Here is a view of the potatoes from  5 minutes ago.Yes, I got up from my warm bed and went outside to take this photo just for you! It also reminded me that I do need to get up and get started with the chores.




The rest of the stuff isn't doing great yet so I need to hoe and water. The dirt has gotten pretty packed down from all of the rain. The spinach is growing, though. Yummy.

Okay, off to burn more calories, put on the Hawaiian Tropic® to get more brown, apply the Sun In® to get more blond, and to have a virtuously productive day.

 Hope you have the same! ♥


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Aha, an update.
Go woman. I am cheering for ya.
Thanks, Mission. Me, you, too.
Your mom is with you every step of the way, Phyllis; hope you are having a wonderful day. Love that potato patch:)
I love the garden updates. Thanks for the photo. Growing things....
A, virtuously productive. I read "virtually" productive the first go 'round. Virtuous is good. Potatoes and spinach - that's impressive.
John, thank you. So far, progress has started.

zanelle, I'm glad you enjoy them. We both create things, just differently.

nilesite, it could end up being virtual. Time will tell.
what mission said!
A potato plot rules and thanks for getting up to share this with us. One day when prices get too steep all of us will be growing our own Potatos.
We have a water emergency here. No drinking it. I know not why!
DJ, what I said to Mission!

Algis, potatoes are easy and don't require a lot of space. You might want to get a head start...

Scanner, that's awful!
The potatoes are looking great! If you're getting the rain we've been having this morning, I don't think you'll get many outdoor chores done.

I tried putting a few goldfish in my little pond Thursday (20 cent feeders so I wouldn't be out too much when the cats find out they are there). Ten went in - Friday, I could verify 8 were left - yesterday I only saw 3 (they have a place to hide from sight) but I didn't really have time to watch for them.
Mark, no rain, just lots of sunshine here. Hope your three fish prosper and multiply! They have to be the smart ones since they're still in there.
And I got lucky. The Grass Fairy sent my neighbor over to mow for me. Sticks are picked up & burned, 3 loads of laundry, garden hoed & some edging done & my hose installed on the hose reel. Now, cool off then inside. Bleh.
Rock on Garden Chick!
Had my 5th skin cancer removed last week, so I can't sheer the solar exposure, but have a great day (and don't bend over in the garden cause those 'taters have eyes!)
Cheer not sheer. jeez.
During the brief time I did real estate I had a house where the first floor shower had a door that egressed directly into the garden. The owner gardened in the nude and liked to step right into her shower. Just a thought. R
hoe-ly taters Phyllis!
and I'm jealousing that you get brown. I get lobster or fishbelly :p
Asia, you too! Just read the list of plantings on tr ig's post. Sounds like a lot of salsa in your future.

D_R, my dad gets a lot of skin cancer. I now have blisters on my back, which explains the itch I've been having...

Gerald, no fence. Don't want to shock the neighbors. Though I like that idea for the shower.

Julie- that's too bad on your coloration. Bright side- less chance of skin cancer!
Ρhyllis,my mom has ρlanted carots and onions and tomatoes and a lot of vegetables..Believe me..we eat from our garden..She even bakes bread...Loved your work...I am gonna tell her to ρlant ρotatoes cause she does not listen to me!!!Rated...
Stathi, I love home made bread I should start making it again. Good luck with the potatoes! They are so good when they're fresh.
Going well, Phyllis.
Take it easy with the laundry though ; you had 3 loads last time I read, & that was only a few days ago.
Hope you've got an outside line.
Where's the beans ?
I like how you just keep moving forward, your spirit.
I am getting a craving for potato salad.
Glad you can go from wedding cake to potatoes overnight. I'd rather have a baked potato than wedding cake myself, with butter, sour cream and chives. Mmmmm.
I adore...just adore your gardening posts, but as I have said before, you make me feel lazy!! I have never got seed potatoes to sprout, let alone look like this. You have done beautifully...
you sound like me
"neice doesn't consider me important anymore."
Kim, different things get washed on different days and yesterday was bedding. I do have an outside line- mostly used for the denims. The beans had to be replanted and have not sprouted yet. Still hopeful...

Rita, thank you. The alternative is too horrible.

snarky, homemade is best!

Seer- mother of all plants! I like that.

Margaret, that would be tasty. Especially a brand new potato straight from the garden...

Brazen Princess, I would love to help you plant them. Where's your dirt?

Kathy, sucks, huh.
Take your plot, multiply by about 1000, add one kid, and what have you got?

A man who would rather drink curdled milk with tequila chasers than ever again pick up a hoe!

Your patch looks nice and healthy. Have fun. Duke
Duke, maybe the tequila will kill whatever's in the milk. ;) My first garden gave me awful flashbacks, too, but I'm working out a system I can live with.