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November 13
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MAY 22, 2012 7:38PM

You Set Your Sights High, and Enjoy Striving for the Best

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New raptors to watch grow up...




 Great Spirit Bluff Peregrin Falcons

Hopefully, I have removed the magic vanishing words this time...

 What I find absolutely fascinating is that these babies behave exactly like the baby eagles, clear down to how they poop. You could swap out the eggs and the parents wouldn't know the difference, except for size and tone of screeching. Spellbinding, actually.

Today's fortune cookie said I enjoy striving for the finer things in life. Not that I get them but that I strive for them. I like that. I do aim high. I've been told by several people that I set the bar way too high. But why be forced to settle. Now choosing to lower the bar, that's different. That's finding someone or something worth keeping. The question now? How to get back to striving? How to get past what I have learned, which is that perfection is impossible? If I can't attain perfection, the best, then what do I strive for? (Rhetorical question.)

My health. I have joined the gym on campus. I have been a member for 6 days and haven't gone yet. When I get done here I will be searching out my old exercise list and my weight lifting gloves and trying to find some clothes to wear, including Tink's shirt  tinks shirt since it is the exercise variety, and hieing myself over there tomorrow. My goal, to attain the level of physical perfection that I had at 25.p This was not easy to achieve. Working out lifting free weights 3-4 days a week, running 3 miles 3-4 days a week. While living in a dorm and only working full time. No house to maintain, no yard to mow, didn't have to fix my own food, no garden, no school. But muscle has memory so it's just a matter of getting started. And I'm tired of the edema. And the fat. I want to send my picture to a fitness contest and not be laughed out of the room. (This also means that my boobs will shrink, which I am perfectly okay with.)

School. I want to get As in my classes. I am tired of squeaking a B because of the curve. I'd rather earn an A but I don't apply myself. I am squeaking Bs while barely trying, so I really could get As. But it is easier to go online and talk to you guys than it is to apply myself to a text.

I would like to have friends and throw parties, but don't know when I would have time while exercising and studying and maintaining a job. And, I have been in this town since 2001 minus 1 year and have no prospects on that front. So not going to worry about that.

So I am going to hang up now so I can go find my gym stuff, clean a few things up around the house, and make some progress. It will be so nice to be fit again, and to have a reason to be proud of myself. Class starts June 11 so I have a small window to set that habit of gym time. My birthday is in 5 months and  22 days and I haven't lost any of the weight I wanted to lose by then.

Have a fun night!

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go Phyllis, go Phyllis!
Good lucky with the gym, better luck with the A's... who knows,maybe next year I'll go back to school... it's been a while.
Yay! I got a cheerleader!!!
jmac, better late than never. Besides, what else are you gonna do? That's what I keep asking myself, anyway. I need to feel like I'm working towards something.
Yay, Phyllis! (I'd do a herky if I knew what the hell they are) :)
A herky? Never heard of it- off to Google...

A cheerleading jump where one leg (usually your weakest) is bent towards the ground and your other leg (usually your strongest) is out to the side as high as it will go in the toe touch position.

I'm not coordinated enough for that, yet.
And now off to bed.

Pleasant dreams, all.
It usually helps to start with the slow and steady workout stuff, like biking and walking, a little yoga, instead of an overly ambitious plan. You aren't 25 anymore, and your body knows it. Once you get used to it and start feeling good, you can add a little more.
It definitely is easier to come on here and chat, then go to class. I wish there was a magic wand for that. Just keep showing up, it will be done sooner than later. As you pointed out, life was easier when you were younger.
Can't settle down yet...

OB, don't worry, it will be machine weights and baby weights for a while. I am pretty careful about avoiding injury as I don't want to be injured if I can help it. But I also know that intense workouts are what seems to work best for me. So I will be pushing the intensity from day 1. I need to do it that way. If I don't, I'll quit. That's how I got where I'm at now.
I can tell you from experience the only difference between a bad grade and a good one is the amount of hours and minutes you spend on the course. It has zilch to do with skill or talent or interest. If you're motivated, sometimes it takes a little less time. Not motivated? Lots of time. It all boils down to time. Now, get some rest and get up and get to work! With love, /R
You were Wow ! at 25 ~ & you're still Wow now to us, Phyllis.
Go girl..your blog was motivation.
No! You will NOT guilt me off my lazy butt! All the best, Duke
I always keep donuts in my gym bag in case I get hungry while working out.
Stick with the plain crullers or powdered, the glazed donuts make the machines all sticky. For some reason, people get annoyed.
Ρhyllis,you said it all "to have a reason to be proud of myself."And this is soooo imροrtant...I am thinking on university again!!!!Rated for motivational thinking..Best wishes!!!
Alright, Phyllis, herkys all around!
Well Phyllis, at least you had a fortune in your cookie. I had a fortune cookie on Saturday and wondered why I couldn't chew it all up. So I spit it out and realized I ate the fortune too.
Love this post. :))) R
Too late for me. I'm just gonna sit here at the computer til my joints all seize up.
I motivate myself to go to the gym with a reward. Not a food reward (black coffee is not food), but something else. Like I dunno, playing a new release adventure game on Big Fish, taking an extra walk with my camera and without the dogs, an hour of Downton Abbey, phoning a friend, reading a trashy novel...
I am proud of you already Phyllis. The trick seems to be the motivation and inspiration to get to where you want to be...
And keeping you eyes on the prize...You'll get there...
Go woman, go!!
nilesite, had rest, now up & at 'em! Going to buy my book soon, too, and get a jump on reading it.

Kim, thanks, but I noticed you dropped the exclamation point. I have, too. But my hair looks better, now. Definitely longer.

Linda, thanks. To me, too.

Duke, I'll keep trying!

Larry, again, sage advice. I really like cake donuts. Thanks and welcome back.

Stathi, I like classes. They get me out of the house and out of my head for a while. I highly recommend.

Cupcake, pictures?

Margaret, break it in half, first, at the bend. I know the vanilla wafer taste is yummy, but chewing your fortune nullifies it.

Brie, thanks!

Myriad, you can't. If you do you will lose all the joy of beheading your flowers.

V, that doesn't work for me. I realized several years ago that I was depriving myself because I never performed the trick so I never got the treat. So I started giving myself the treats anyway.

Mission, thanks. Motivation. Yep. Up & running. Almost. At least my clothes are laid out. Gotta shave...
phyllis - this is a great post and i have no doubt you will do what you set out to do. but i would just remind you that you have plenty to be proud of today. in my humble opinion. as you know.
I tried getting As in College one time, but instead, I got Cs, so I gave up trying and went back to getting Bs, strange but true!! ~:D

Nice shirt!! Oooolaaalaaa!! ~;D

IMHO, cut up the main goals into stepwise, mini-goals to be able to claim more victories.

Best of luck to you.
If you do this, Phyllis, you know you'll be reminding most of us here that we are lazy hedonists, and make us feel bad about ourselves. Of course if you start and then backslide we will feel better. So...remember your friends, that's all I'm sayin'.
You got me motivated now I'm going to drink beer with my right hand then I'll try holding my cane and cigar with my left while maintaining balance walking from the car to the liquor store. Damn I feel a bead of perspiration forming over my eyebrow already. Good luck but start in moderation first no sense in adding injuries. My best.......o/e
DJ, thanks muchly but I mustn't rest on my laurels. Laurels are comfy. Too comfy. Kinda cushy, even.

Tink, totally believable. You ended up confusing yourself. Happens all of the time. Especially when you try to type without opposable thumbs. Just sayin'...

Joisy, good advice that doesn't work for me. I see each goal as an end. A reason to quit. To party. To lean upon my laurels, as it were. So I will celebrate milestones, but no mini goals.

Chicken, I will still be hedonistic. More so, even, then I am now which, I will admit, is not a hard bar to overstep. But I will look ever so much better in the hula skirts and togas than I do now. That's all.

o/e, be careful with the perspiring. Do you carry a hanky? A judicious swab across the brow and around the neck every now and then will keep your feeling fresh.
well good luck....i'll watch from the sidelines and wave my beer atya.
Exactly!! Stupid thumbs!!!! :D
It is a difficult walk between perfectionism and procrastination. Good luck. I lost 60 pounds and have struggled to keep it off. I do find that I need to make the gym a habit. When I slacked off I gain 8 pounds in two weeks.
Steel, waving back atya.

Tink, Gr-r-r.

Snarky, I know. I lost 20# last fall and have gained back 5, so statistically you're doing great!
Good luck Phyliss... : )
Yay, Phyllis!
*passes around fluffy pompoms to all and sundry*
*does high kick (well, attempts to, anyway)*
Go Phyllis!
Love the pics!
PW, now I'm laughing! Pom poms are fun.

tai, thanks. Aren't those chicks just adorable?