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November 13
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MAY 31, 2012 6:27PM

Hot Damn, I Think I'm on the Ballot!

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Yes, I got enough signatures that were legal, the petition was filed, and I can now officially campaign for town council!  I'm pretty excited. Trepidatious, but excited.

And I realized that I have no freakin' clue what's next! So I go to the website and find this...

" The county voter registration office shall certify and file a petition that complies with the requirements of this chapter with the public official authorized to place names on the ballot (and with the town clerk-treasurer, if the petition of nomination is for a town office) not later than noon July 15. Following certification of a petition under this section, the office may, upon the request of a candidate named in the petition, return the original petition to the candidate for filing with the appropriate official in accordance with this subsection."

I got the original petition in the mail today, unrequested, so I need to find out what I am supposed to do with it. They kept the Candidate's Consent Form which showed how I wanted my name on the ballot. So I'm going to email the county clerk and see if I'm supposed to do anything further. I don't want to lose out for something simple. The Indiana Codes are, of course, vague.

So party tonight. Tomorrow, I start researching codes for campaign signs. I'm going to make one for my front yard. Woohoo!


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As we say here in the Virginia sticks, YEEEEEEEHA!! If you don't hear back promptly from the registrar I would call her (or him) and inquire. It doesn't appear from the ordinance that you need to do anything else except to campaign, but it would be a shame if you got screwed for a technicality. Definitely, celebrate tonite!!
Woohoo!!!!You go, girl!!!!!!!

*does chair dance, hands in air to groovy tune*
Would you like to join in Kim's smackdown, too? We'd love to have you join in the fun!
Yay! Yippee! Wahoo!!! Doing the happy dance for you!
Chicken, yip, yip, yippee!

PW, don't hurt yourself. I may need someone to clean up in the morning. I'd love to try the smackdown. Maybe tomorrow.

cc, happy dance is fun!
Very cool, Phyllis! You need a posse now... Start recruiting!
You sure you're ready for politics?

Why don't you go steal something and then lie about it, so we know your qualified.

P.S. Congrats.

P.P.S. that article in the National Enquirer about your secret Man-triss didn't come from me. Honest!
They'll have to be a cheap posse. If I spend more than $500 I have to file a campaign finance report.
Amy, I can only lie about it if someone confronts me with the truth of my actions.

And I'm in the Nat'l Enquirer?! How cool! Did I get the cover?
Way? No way! Politics may suit you... what's the pay?
Less than $5000 per year, but I really don't know. Hopefully enough to get me most of a fence.
Now, I am off to pet my cat. Have a great night!
You just keep marching down that yellow brick road.
Cool! Best of luck! Can't wait to hear more about your experience in the democratic process. :)
Yay Phyllis!!

Congrats. It sounds like fun. Get ready for the parades.
MANY, MANY congrats - I know You've heard me say repeatedly, we need more women in positions of power, and I can't think of a more fitting candidate than You.

So many people have preconditioned ideas and are inflexible about them. You are just the opposite.

What GREAT news?

Is it too late for me to move to Indiana so I can vote for You? Do You have a spare bedroom for an old(e) curmudgeonly guy?

Right before I read your tag I had decided my comment would be:

Phyllis for President! Yeah!

*chuckle chuckle*
Well that's pretty cool! Hope you get lots of votes.
If you're paying five hundred bucks for posse, then you are WAY over paying, hon. Hell, you could get Jenna Jamison for that kind of cash!

P.S. y'all pronounce words kinda funny in Your area, huh? :D
now i could see that ya get that fence fer free,little lady.....cept my no-good brother-in -law needs a job...yaknow what i mean?.....lol...good luck!
Congrats, Phyllis!!! Wow! What's your platform? What are the issues in your town? Yippee. I am SO happy for you, and happy for your town!
Thanks, Linda. I'm skipping!

Deborah, thanks!
Mark, Woohoo!
MM, I love that song!

jl, thanks!

Mark, you made me realize that, if I win, we'll have 3 women out of 5 council members. I don't know if Indiana can take it. And I do have a spare room!

Asia, great minds...

dianaani, thanks! Me, too!

Amy, I've already told you that I can't lie until you actually acuse me of something. Good to know that posse should be cheap, though.

Steel, don't need no no-good b-i-l hangin' around. Mebbe next time.

Pandora, still working on that! So far, it feels like the right time.
Go for it guurrrlll!
jmac, I love the way you growl.
Rock On! Take a photo of your garden. "Grow With Phyllis." Or more directly to the point: "Vote Phyllis Or She'll Use You For Fertilizer."
Stim, I like them both. Time for a focus group!
Sweet! Go, Phyllis!! I'm also glad your cat is better. :)
Hey! I've got a REALLY great campaign slogan for you! It's catchy, rolls off the tongue and says who you really are!!!!

But you need to change your name to "Ike"...
Congratulations, Phyllis!
Hot damn is right! Way to go, Phyllis, but once you win, you must only use your powers for good.
Good luck with this phyllis. One thing you can count on is that by the end of it, you'll feel like you could write a book of all the things you learned along the way that you wish you'd known at the outset. Enjoy the trip.

That's the Bedouin version of "you go grrrllll!"
FC, thanks! And Puff says thanks, too. Her tail is almost back to it's normal position and she was on the bed about 5 times last night. She wakes me up so I can pet her. :/

Amy, Ike is easier to spell. Okay, I got my pencil...

Kate, thanks!

Nana, when did you become a party-pooped? I was hoping to use my power to improve my social life a la John Edwards.

OB, thanks!

Abra, great idea. I've been looking for a plot.

V, I love your growl, too!

Julie, yeah. :D
This is great woman, and I mean great!!
What good news this is...
Go Phyllis!!
Make some good times to celebrate! There's your campaign slogan
Mission & John, thanks! Good times ahead.
Hey, that's exciting! What made you decide to run? (I haven't looked at comments if the answer's there...) What's your platform?
Good luck! We need good people like you running our fair towns.
Wow. I know that when I was appointed Commissioner for our local conservation commission, I started wearing sunglasses in the broad light of day at the supermarket. ha ha! I know a guy who is a local comedian who does that and I think it's hilarious! As if none of us knows it's him! Right. the thing is, we didn't care before and we still don't! Now, that's the difference with public service, we DO care who you are and we are glad it's you! Congrats on this. It's a really big deal and you should be proud. I would be. Wanna borrow some sunglasses? I'll send some. I have a few extras.
Today, the town council. Tomorrow, the world!
JT, I actually decided last year but too late, so I made the deadline this year. I haven't worked out the wording on the platform yet.

Robin, it's going to be interesting to find out who knows me around here.

Kathy, thanks!

Sirenita, that's the plan! ;0)
Congratulations, Phyllis! This is your doing, although I'd like to think my rain dance might have helped - the only thing it did was bring lots of rain - HERE! :o)