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November 13
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AUGUST 15, 2012 7:54PM

Meeting Margaret Feike

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Last Sunday, I went to the Mihsihkinaahkwa Pow Wow 2012 in Columbia City, IN, where I met up with Margaret Feike.


Sunday was a beautiful day. It started out dank and foggy, at least on my end, but cleared as the sun came up.

I headed out about 6:30, stopped for gas and breakfast, then tootled off down the road. The drive was surprisingly easy and Indiana has made great strides with S.R. 24 so the drive went faster than I had anticipated. I was a bit early arriving.

Columbia City Court House

  Margaret pulled in about 10:30. There were two little boys directing traffic who tried to flag her past where I was waiting, but I yelled out that she was with me so they let her turn into the parking lot. It does pay to get there before the gate guard. 

guarding the gate
Gate Guards

 She stepped out of her minivan wearing the coolest tie dyed shirt and Birkenstocks. Yes, folks, Margaret has hippie tendencies. You can’t tell from her avatar because she has her hair styled for polite society, and it is very nice hair if a bit short, but the hippie girl is in there.

We hugged, and after the first awkward minutes we were off and talking. We covered it all- kids, pets, this place (since this is where we met, after all). Then, we hit the pow wow and went shopping.

The first booth sold leather. They had some cool coats and some military paraphernalia. I was looking at the coats but then the vendor told me that the coat I was holding up was their best seller. I asked which their worst seller was, but after a moment of shocked silence, they all laughed. I was serious. I don’t want a coat that half of the country is wearing. The girl then came over to talk and proceeded to tell us how great Marines are, which I do not deny, although she herself was never a Marine. She managed to get pregnant on her way to basic training.

We extricated from that scintillating conversation and moved on down the line of vendors. If you wanted an animal part, they had it for sale. I saw wolf, coyote and mink pelts with the faces still attached, horsetails sans bone, just hide and hair, deer hooves and antlers, turtle shells, bison jaw bones, rabbit skulls, rabbit skins. They had moccasins, rattles, pipes, tomahawks, drums, baskets, and jewelry out the whazoo. Oh, and there were some cool knives. One of the vendors had a spear, too, but it had a plastic spearhead, useless in a fight.

Finally, tired out from not spending money we started looking for food. I had a buffalo burger, good but needing more ketchup, and Margaret had nachos. By this time she was starting to feel that head cold, too, but she didn’t let it stop her. Food in hand we headed for the grandstands to watch the dancing.

The Grand Entry, lining up

The welcome ceremony, the Grand Entry, which we had to stand for, took about 30 minutes. While we were standing, an enterprising yellow jacket came over and started to burrow into the nachos, specifically the beans. I didn’t know they liked refried beans. When we sat, I picked up the pile of nacho it was in, trying to avoid disturbing it, but no such luck. It came out pissed off.  Luckily, I had a 4” Styrofoam plate and was able to bat it away, eventually. I batted it between my legs, but it went under the bleacher instead of over. That would have been a story for the EMTs to tell.

I got a video of the ceremony, but I haven't been able to convert it yet. It's a huge file. I don't have any other pictures because they are pretty strict regarding camera usage. And I was busy talking. 

More talking, some prayers, the sun got hot, and Margaret needed a cigarette so we walked out to the cars. She did try valiantly to keep her smoke from my face but she didn’t know about my karma. If there is any smoke within 20 feet of me, it flies directly into my face. Without fail, every time, smoke magically infiltrates my lungs. She switched sides with me, she held her cigarette at arm’s length, all to no avail. She says I was nice about it. She doesn’t realize it’s the same brand of cigarettes my Grandma smoked.

We missed the rest of the dancing. Instead, we talked, laughed, and had a good time. There’s always next year for the pow wow.

The cars
 We plan to meet up again soon.


on the way home
A beautiful end to a fun day


Yes, there are no pictures of Margaret and myself. We didn't even discuss it, we just didn't pull out the cameras.

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Phyllis, great to see another meet-up posted this week after reading about Jeff Howe and Roger (Chicago Guy) and Maria getting together! Photos of the two of you would have been wonderful to see, but the photos of the Pow Wow provide a very nice context. Here's to another meet-up coming up very soon for both of you!
designator, thanks! We did have a good time, but I'm not keen on pictures and Margaret didn't feel good. Maybe next time...
I haven't had a cigarette in 14 months, tomorrow, and Terri's smoking doesn't bother me. I don't even know she's smoking. I thought I would have to kick her out in the cold, but they don't bother me, so I let her smoke in the house!:-)
It sounds like y'all both had a very good day!
Scanner, that's good news re the not smoking! And I'm sure Terri is grateful!

Mark, that we did.
Wonderful to read of another happy meeting between Open Salon members.
This meeting sounds terrific. glad to get the skinny on Margaret. Indeed, you do have dry wit. for example,"One of the vendors had a spear, too, but it had a plastic spearhead, useless in a fight.". Hahaha. sounds like hoot.
I decided not to try to spell the name of the powwow. Wow.
Indiana is the best!! WOOO!! :D

I still don't believe either of you is real, but that's okay, neither am I!! :D

There are no photos of you two because you two are really the same one. I KNEW it!!! Another alter outing!
Sounds like you two had a good time talking and yes, there's always next year for the rest of the dancing.
Mary, thanks.

Emily, copy & paste. I had to type really slow to get the letters right. And you find plastic spearheads funny? They're tragic, I tell ya!

Tink, we're not!

Matt, no, we're not the same! Don't out us!
Bleue, we did. I love nothing better than talking with a friend.
Glad ya'll had fun - reading about your day was like being there. I actually got a little nervous about the yellow jacket! Thankfully, I don't eat nachos so I didn't invest alot of anxiety into it. I got the Birks (9 pairs, but who's counting?) but for reasons I do not know I've never gotten a tie dye shirt, even though I've always wanted one. Perhaps I'll be buried in one! Thanks for a fun post!
Liked the pictures of your cars, but next time take pictures of yourselves. It must have been a fun day. I love buffalo burgers. R
So many nice little details that made up your day. Thanks for letting me tag along. I was smiling the whole time.
I always like to read about these meet-ups phyllis. Sounds like it was a good one.
Congrats on taking the time to hook up with Margaret.
If you two can pile into margaret's minivan and head west i got tequila!!!!! Although you better drive she has a fettish for troopers and getting tickets
Phyllis, you had a beautiful day, nice to also meet Margaret through your eyes. I am wondering, if we ever gonna meet... Rated...
As the non-reporting half of this meet-up I'd like to make a few "adjustments" to Phyllis' otherwise fine chronicle of our time together.

(Turns out she's not quite as easygoing and free-spirited as she comes across in her posts.)

1. As soon as I told Phyllis I had a cold she promptly backed away, reached in her bag, pulled out a bottle of Germ-X hand sanitizer and said "Don't come within 12 feet of me." That is the closest we came to a hug.

2. She wouldn't let me talk to her; instead she paid some little kid to run back and forth between us, relaying messages.

3. We did indeed see all those things she mentions - just not at the same time. Phyllis made me wait at the entry and said, "I go first. I don't want buy anything you might have touched or hacked on. A body can't be too careful y'know."

4. The main reason I had to have a cigarette was to kill my appetite. Phyllis got to the food vendors first and warned them not sell me anything because she was so paranoid any kind of food would "go right through me" and she didn't want to be anywhere near me in case I couldn't make it to the bathroom in time. Possibly because there weren't any bathrooms - at least none that I noticed. In fact, she was the one who said, "Margaret why don't you go have a cigarette. Once a cigarette enters Indiana its carcinogenic properties magically become virus-fighters instead."

"Margaret had nachos?" Well if you call fishing some soggy ones out of a trash barrel "having nachos" then I guess I did. I was starving! As soon as she saw me she snatched them away and said "give me those! This...yellowjacket needs them more than you do!"

5. The reason there's no pictures of us is because she was paranoid that taking a picture of me meant she'd be stealing my germs and bringing them on herself. Sort of a twist on the whole camera stealing your soul thing.

6. The cars pic is cute but what you don't see is the two burly Indians dragging me toward mine and a third running behind us and chanting at the top of his lungs while performing some sort of purification ritual on me. The only word I could make out sounded an awful lot like "cholera". I don't know what she told them but she was stuffing bills in their feathers after they tossed me in my van.

Other than that a good time was had by all!

And I was not wearing Birkenstocks.
Kit, do you have a lot of those peasant tops? I was nervous about the yellow jacket, too, but the little shot went nuts when I moved its nacho.

Gerald, I'll work on the,picture thing. Maybe I can get Margaret's shoes to prove they were Birkenstocks.

Zanelle, glad I made you smile.

Abrawang, you're welcome. :)

Jmac, I'm glad we finally found the time!

W&B, tequila? I'm in. I'll just throw Margaret in the back with some Nyquil.

Stathi, I would love it. I don't know that I'll get to that side of the world but if I do I will let you know!

Margaret, I don't carry Germ-X. Puff said it stinks.
Sounds like you two had a great time. And as my grandmother always said as her smoke wafted into my face, "Smoke is attracted to beauty, dear."
I did not know yellow jackets like refried beans, either!

Sounds like great fun. WIsh I could've joined you guys.

Also, phyllis, your writing is getting better and better.
What fun! Glad you have real legs and arms too!
So glad you and Mags had fun. :)
Sounds like a fun time, despite the bean-crazy yellowjacket and Margaret's complete lack of concern for the effects of second hand smoke. I wish you'd got some pics of the knives! I go some years to the Kanza pow-wow in Council Grove, KS., and always have a good time there. The Kanza don't mind people taking pictures so I actually did a post about it a coule years back, with videos and photos of drumming and dancing and so forth, and including the part where I almost married an Indian princess but backed down when the price went over ten ponies. Ponies are expensive, and she said she was gonna keep me in a shed with her lawnmower, so I came back to KC brideless. Which isn't to say that I don't have regrets; Kanza women are famous for their culinary and other skills even though they're startlingly assertive.
Glad you had a successful meet-up, I do have to tell you that you were in the Ancestral Home of the Spitzsnogels. Eight generations of my family got marriage licenses, death certificates, paid property taxes, etc. in that courthouse which is still used.
What brand would that be, Phyllis ?

I'm glad you had a good meet-up ~ I think you're very brave.
MM, your Grandmother sounds like a very wise woman!

Firechick, we'd love to have you along! And thanks! :-)

snarky, and they're fully functional!

Deb, that we did.

Cupcake, ten ponies is a steep price. Did you have to pay in ponies? Maybe you could have settled for a pregnant mare and a promise of 10 grandchildren.

Bernadine, Indiana is a small state...
Kim, I should have said they smelled like the same brand that my Grandma smoked. Margaret was very secretive with the package. In fact, there's every chance they were secreted up the billowing sleeves of her tie dyed shirt and she palmed them as needed.
( My own meet-up with Margaret involved torn sheets & police, sniffer dogs & the Australian Embassy. )
Phyllis, I have read your account, and Margaret’s.
Truth, I always say, is the conciliation of opposites.
I guess Margaret has an eating or gastro issue of some kind, which makes her like me.
She has an insane need for nicotine, usually when flapping her jaws, like me.
You come across as patient and not wanting to make a fuss to disturb this great hippie icon, this woman who is kinda like a chameleon of the cerebrum, a bit of an………actress…………let us say, eh?

I know you girly girls had fun shopping. My sisters, opposites, always grow loving while spending money on themselves and others and me. I have been able to detour them from their usual me me me mentality and think of me. I am destitute, so I put on a frowny resigned face. Then I get a new hat, like last time, ha.

Margaret needs to be photographed & so do you.

Alysa has led the way in this, making a video.

We need to hear the voices of our Women Who Run With the Wolves.
ho boy i learned alot
reading that classic.................

even more than plath or paglia or de bouvier.
(resist ... makin' ... comment[s] ... about ... Peggy Fegkie ... resist ... makin' ... comment[s])
Kim, are you sure you hadn't accidentally eaten a sea urchin and were hallucinating?

James, I'm not conversant on Margaret's gastrointestinal tract, but I can vouchsafe that she managed more then 4 hours sans nicotine. As to videos, I'll consider it after you post one.

Joisey, your infatuation is showing.
Sounds like you guys had some fun.

Margaret's remarks to the young woman who managed to get pregnant on her way to Marine basic training, were......?
I'll have to let Margaret tell you her version.
I wish I could have come along !

(germs aside : ))
JT, that would have been fun.