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November 13
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NOVEMBER 4, 2012 7:35PM

Miranda's Shadow (short fiction)

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Miranda paused, poised for flight. A sound had reached her, a shadow had caught the corner of her eye.

"Let go of my eye, you damn fool," she whispered to the shadow. "How am I supposed to see what made that noise if you keep blocking my peripheral?"

"Oh, sorry, but it's so scary out here," the shadow whined. "I hate the sunshine. There are too many dark spots where I can get lost!"

"Shut. Up. Right. Now. And let go!" Miranda hissed, crouching down. "I need to figure this out."

The shadow let go, quivering and crowding closer to Miranda. If it were possible for a shadow to push a being over, Miranda would have been flattened. This was good with Miranda, though, as she really needed to go unnoticed.

The sound came again, a whisper, as if cloth were brushing against a cat.  But that couldn't be what happened. A cat would never brush up against cloth, unless...

Miranda peeked around the corner. Yes, it was. She couldn't believe her eyes, but it was actually happening. And then, her cover was blown!

The shadow had peeked, too, and was overjoyed at what it saw. Floodlamps! Yes, floodlamps to keep the dark at bay! Oh joy! Oh happy happy joy joy! Lights and shadows everywhere.

Miranda froze, her hair on end. The cat had seen the shadow. The shadow that didn't belong. The shadow leading to its prey.  The shadow realized its mistake at that instance.

The cat leapt, Miranda jumped to run, the shadow contorted and grew. And swallowed the cat. Shadows are funny that way.




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Wonderful! Oh brave new world of shadows and fear. Good one! /R
Great Stuff. I wrote one about a murdering shadow, but can't remember how it ends.
heh-heh....i like it!......
Wow Lots of twists. Fun!
just goes to show we got nothin' to fear but fears theyselves... scaredy kats!! R&R ;-)
Thanks! I'm glad you guys liked it!