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November 13
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NOVEMBER 4, 2012 6:46AM

Waking up Early! Where's the Sun?

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I woke up, it seemed

Not from a dream

To a time on the clock on the wall.

                  I turned on the 'puter

                  Said Hi to the Pooter (yes, that would be Puff)

                  And noticed my time was all wrong!

It's still dark outside

No sun for my eyes

Nothing has changed as that goes.

                  We change in November

                   Can't say I remember

                  Why did we let that old schedule go?

My days start in darkness

My heart, it still harkens

To the days when I slept way past dawn.

                   Summer, I miss you

                   I wish I could kiss you

                   But you flitter on past with a yawn.

Autumn is fleeting

A brief, windy meeting

Then winter sneaks in with her cold

                    This year I am warmer

                    Maybe a charmer?

                    I am definitely more bold.

So I'll keep with the season

Won't ponder more reasons

Why my clock has to change, today!

                       I will start my day early

                       And no, I won't worry

                      'Cause the sunshine, it is on its way.


I made the bib for my hairdresser who is having her fist baby. My childhood teddy bear graciously offered to model it for us.

 I went to YouTube and looked up"Sunshine." This was the first song that came up. It's good.

He seems like an interesting guy. You can listen to his entire album here.

From Wikipedia:

On December 13, 2011, Matisyahu posted a beardless picture of himself on Twitter, explaining on his website:

No more Chassidic reggae superstar. Sorry folks, all you get is me...no alias.When I started becoming religious 10 years ago it was a very natural and organic process.  It was my choice.  My journey :to discover my roots and explore Jewish spirituality—not through books but through real life.  At a certain point I felt the need to submit to a higher level of religiosity...to move away from my intuition and to accept an ultimate truth.  I felt that in order to become a good person I needed rules—lots of them—or else I would somehow fall apart.  I am reclaiming myself.  Trusting my goodness and my divine mission.Get ready for an amazing year filled with music of rebirth.  And for those concerned with my naked face, don’t worry...you haven’t seen the last of my facial hair."

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I have absolutely nothing to say about your pretty boy musical seeker’s facial hair policy , sorry.
By the way, your childhood teddy bears (ha) an uncanny resemblance to MINE! Mine was named George Joseph, in honor of my father, George Joseph Emmerling, the famous German principal. I also had another one named Eleanor Mae, named after his long suffering spouse and long suffering mother of me, namely, Mom.

Your poem is delightful. I was inspired to read it to myself in a silly sing song voice.
Guess what I did!? Forgot all about the clocks going back. I congratulated myself this morning for actually sleeping ALMOST TO 7 am. I have been keeping old man hours lately. I got up and found out it was still not yet 6 am. Luckily a good Law and Order was on the tv.
James, I never named my bear, always just said my teddy bear. I didn't name my finches, either, mostly because I couldn't tell them apart. They were "The Finches." White ones.

Isn't DST just weird? We have to upset our body clocks, already running on artificial constraints called clocks, twice a year because someone said that we need to change times twice a year. Odd logic.
Oh, and I like Matisyahu for his journey. He sings well, too, but the journey thing is cool.
What a cool offering! First your sunshine-y poem, then sunny music sung by somebody truly gifted. I now will have to listen more often to this guy's work. Not only is he really good at what he does, he's a cutie patootie! And so cheering, full of promise. I love young minds that work like that, through positivity.
Thanks Phyllis!
Just added this vid to Music Chat over at Our Salon.
Nice !
I love the Fall time change, back to the normal way of time....the descent into more darkness gets harder to take each year though...
The clearest sign here of a more bold you, to me, is....the ninja suit's gone! Replaced by optimistic and bold yellow -- you look great : )
Clever little poem, thanks for the Sunday smile.
PS -- well-loved teddy bear, so cute to see all patched up.
Mine's long gone, tossed by my mother when I wasn't home.
My kids' teddy bears are all carefully packed away -- while the kids could care less : )
P-Dub, thanks! I'm glad I took the chance of listening to the video. His album on his web page is excellent.

JT, I like the new look, too, but the texture in the sweater isn't showing very well. That's awful about your teddy! Mom threw a lot of my stuff away, too, but not the teddy bear.