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November 13
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NOVEMBER 9, 2012 4:41PM

Who is Editor's Prykke?

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I can't write a blog on my phone, just comments.

This troll has decided I hate men & I'm a whiner. The prose style is reminding me of the only other OS Blogger to do that, and I wondered if anyone could verify it.

Thanks for your help.
Anyone harassing you will be popped in his nose by me. I don't recognize the name. If you find out pls let us know.
There used to be a blogger here who went by the name Lesh. I believe he originated the term 'Editor's Prykke'. He was highly misogynistic while accusing most women of misandry. Many of his blogs seemed to be about the hysteria of women. On the odd occasion he veered from that topic, he actually wrote a few good pieces (I recall a piece about Afghanistan). In any case, TPTB deleted his Lesh account. If it is indeed him, he can be very unpleasant, so just take it with a grain of salt.
Jonathan, :)

DiBi, that sounds like the comment I got. Thanks.
Trolls suck green donkey dicks in their closets!! Fergit him!
jmac, with that in his teeth, I may have problems getting it out of my head but I'll try. It was just weird, how similar the two people are. I think it's an OS blogger with another account in a different name, but How to prove it?
Phyllis, come back over to Our Place. Pleeeeeeease....I am armed with a light sabre and will use it on any stray prykkes. This trying to keep up with multiple blogsites is doing my head in.
V, as soon as I'm approved. It's time to admit defeat.
heyy JP,re-signed at OurS,i finally gave up......
as for the mope,just ignore it....
Steel, I did, too, at about 5:30 this morning. Waiting on my verification.