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November 13
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NOVEMBER 21, 2012 9:23PM

My List...

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Things to be thankful for:

1. Life

2. Health

3. No one in my family dying this year, though my sister’s cat, Sally, has passed away this week. R.I.P., Sally.

4. I still have my teeth, though they’re a bit sore at this juncture.

5. I will be able to garden again tomorrow as the weather is supposed to be very nice.

6. I have a job that pays well.

7. I have Puff.

8. I have a family that tries to get along with each other. We’re all still a bit touchy, but it’s making strides in the right direction.

9. Cyber friends who make me laugh, and cry with the stories they tell.

10. The freedom to make my own choices.

11. An old Sam Elliott movie just came on TV!

Have a great Thanksgiving!

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Wonderful! Thanks for sharing the Sam Elliot with us.
[r] for sure a great list, phyllis! thanks for sharing! happy t-day! best, libby
Mauren & libby, I hope you are both having a great day!
I'm thankful you posted this! Hi to Puff, Happy Thanksgiving to you!
nilesite, Happy day to you, too! Hope you are having a good one. I'm going off now to play in the dirt all day. My kind of heaven.
Things to be thankful for, indeed! Happy Thanksgiving!