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November 13
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NOVEMBER 27, 2012 6:53PM

Sally & Max

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Sally stretched, luxuriating in the feel of the sun on her skin. It had been a long, cold winter, and she was more than ready for spring. In the meantime, this nice tropical resort would have to fill in. There was nothing like being close to the equator in January. Ah, the sun felt so good, the sound of the waves was so soothing; Sally felt her mind drift away into somnolence.

A short time later, feeling agitated, Sally tried to move her hands and found that she couldn’t. Some warm, large, strong hands were holding them. A male voice whispered to her, “At last, you are awake,” as a shadow came over her.

Looking up, Sally saw a face coming over her, but no features were visible with the sun behind his head. A warm mouth descended, softly nibbling and licking at her lips until she opened them the tiniest bit. Pressing firmly, he intensified the kiss, licking the bottom of her mouth and entwining his tongue with hers. Sally gasped, the kiss was exciting her, making her reach up, wanting more than the kiss was offering.

The man chuckled softly, his breath blowing across Sally’s cheek. He began a slow process of kissing her chin, coming forward over her head with his torso as he made his way down her neck. Looking upwards, the column of his neck and the breadth of his shoulders ensnared Sally’s gaze. Twisting, she wanted to touch this warm skin spread above her. He stopped his descent, looking at Sally’s face. She met his gaze, letting her emotions shine in her eyes. Smiling, he released her hands and lowered his head to her neck. Sally reached up, spreading her hands onto his shoulders, grasping them as she reached up to taste his skin. He jumped, and shaking his head, pressed her back onto the sand. “Not yet,” he whispered, as he kissed her again.

Sally lay back, her hands on his body, watching the slow progression of his shoulders, then his chest, finally his taut abdomen as he worked his way down her body. A tug released her bathing suit top and gave him access to her breasts. His hand came up her side, cradling and pressing the flesh upwards to his greedy mouth. Sally’s back arched and she gasped for air as he sucked and nibbled on her sensitive nipples. He seemed to know that she liked it a bit rough, and he was giving her exactly the pressure she needed to consume the moment. Sally writhed on the sand, holding on to the man, never wanting the sensation to end, but need more, so much more than this.

Reaching down, he untied the strings on her bottoms. Gripping her waist, he ran his tongue in a swift, straight, line to her navel, stopping for a moment to swirl his tongue in it, causing Sally to laugh. He lifted his head and gave her an upside down smile, blew a raspberry into her navel, and, while she was distracted, lurched forward to grasp her thighs, wrapping his hands around them to hold them apart, his knees on either side of Sally’s head. Sally gasped and pushed against him, but he had lowered his head again and was nibbling the inside of her left leg, the sensations releasing the last of her inhibitions.

Seeking lower, he grasped the fabric of Sally’s swimming suit bottoms in his teeth, tugging it away from the hot core of Sally. She arched, knowing what was next, pining for the feel of his tongue and teeth on her flesh. She reached up and began tugging on his suit, straining to release him to her grasp. Just as they both reached their goal, the ground shook, rocking both of them, he bracing and rolling to avoid falling on Sally. The ground shook again, the water retreating from the shore, and Sally reached for her suit as he pulled her to her feet.

“Sally, hey girl, wake up!” a male voice said into her ear. Shocked, Sally sat up and opened her eyes.

“’Bout dern time,” he grumbled. “I been tryin’ t’ wake ya up fer 10 minutes. You been thrashin’ like a stuck catfish and woke me up,” he whined as he tugged the covers up and rolled over.

Sally sighed, looking over at Max, her husband. She patted his shoulder and flopped back onto her pillow.

“I’m sorry, hun,” she said. “It were jest a dream. Jest a dream.” And she sighed as she looked out the window at the moon.


A picture that came with my Walkman...


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Were it not for dreams what would life be worth?!

Very nicely written!

Sky, the answer would be "Not worth much at all."

Thanks for reading!
Oh my!
Like Sky says.....Were it not for dreams...
*she goes off to cook, completely distracted now*
: )
JT, hope you didn't mess up dinner too badly... :)
Aren't fantasies just a great way to escape our often boring existence.
As I read this story I knew it would have a twist at the end. Perhaps, you did not even know the stranger?

Good writing.

BTW. You better stay away from that Sky Guy. He has an abrasive tongue.
Lyle, fantasies are great. And no, Sally wouldn't have known him as she's never left her mountains. As for Sky, abrasive tongue? Is that a play on the cat face he shows the world? :)
Fun - and well done! /R
Rated for goal orientation.

Sometimes dreams get us through the days. Nice job.
jl, that they do. Tonight, I'm dreaming of Powerball...
Wow. You did that well. A little 'too' well ... ;-)

Cold shower now ...
Kim, I recommend a good swim, burn off some energy. :) Thanks for stopping by...