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JANUARY 30, 2013 9:19PM

Wishing on a Star

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 I tried to post this earlier today, and I was on another computer and didn't think it was working so I deleted it and am posting it now. Thanks for stopping by.


Star Light
Star Bright
First star
I see tonight

I wish I may
I wish I might
Have the wish
I wish tonight

So, what do I want to wish for? Isn't that the question of the day.

I will tell you what I really want. I want to be surrounded by people like me. Liberal minded, forward thinking, big picture people. I know they exist here because I work at a freakin' university! I think that they are all faculty, though. The staff have lived here their entire lives, mostly, and were hired back when a university meant a good job for life. The administration, for the most part, grew up here, attended the university as students, and have worked here their entire lives. And for a faculty to commit to living here they would have to be the type that have conservative values underlying their outlook on life because, let's face it, this is Conservativeville. You could go insane if you tried to live with overt liberal tendencies around here.

What else do I want? I want a romantic date for Valentine's Day. I've never had one. I'm sure I'm not the only person in the U.S. of A. to never be someone's Valentine but that's really not helpful when the posters and ads start circulating for this decrepit holiday. I've had two boyfriends that overlapped onto V-Day, but they didn't take me out. One went so far as to break up with me so that he wouldn't have to. Yes, I am feeling pathetic now.

I guess what I really want is to not be lonely anymore. Have you ever noticed that you gravitate to those songs when you're blue? I can't really say why today is the day to vent, either, but it is.

So, Star, send me someone to love. That shouldn't be too much to ask.

I really want to slow dance with someone to these songs...


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I hate v-day. Either dateless or too much pressure. I hope the star grants the wish you wish tonight.
You had two boyfriends at the same time, and neither took you out on Valentine's Day? Sounds like you need to get more aggressive and/or demanding. Some guys are really just clueless and need a little push in the right direction. ;]
MM, even being dateless is a lot of pressure. Trust me. I haven't had much luck wishing on stars but I still try.

Thanks, Joisey.

Steve, not at the same time. I was usually monogamous. But yeah, I did pick crappy guys. Maybe someday.
May all your wishes be granted, Phyllis...and then some. R
Oh lord is it already time to start thinking about this? Thanks. Fer nuthin!
Boyfriends are like bosses; there really are some good ones around but one seldom gets a very broad choice of who it is one has to work under.
I have had miserable Valentine Days too. Hate the stupid cards and sentiment and pressure. Maybe someday I will have someone love me on V day but I am not holding my breath. I am my own best heart and I am not going to break it.
Thoth, thanks!

Margaret, better to be forewarned!

Sky, but if you break up with a bf at least you still have a paycheck coming in.

zanelle, I wonder why we've bought into the hype of the day. We're indoctrinated as little kids. I remember 1st grade, when people only gave me cards because they had to. Nothing has changed. Sad, what we do to kids. And as you get older, it's seen as a status symbol among girls. All for some made up holiday designed by greeting card companies.
Somewhere out there, as they say in the song, Phyllis. Someone will come into your life. Keep on wishing and keep on trying. R
Hi, Gerald. It's not that no one's come around, it's that I didn't recognize them until it was too late in some cases, and it's that I always pick the losers in other cases. It's all conditioning, and I was conditioned wrong. Now, I'm 50 and men are few and far between. It's okay, I still have cheesecake.
I will cross my fingers and hope you get what you want.. I really hope you do.
work it...I think you will get there sooner than you think
You deserve to have your wish come true.
Linda, crossed fingers are my favorite thing! HUGGGGGGGGG!!!!!!!!!

Snowden, working.

Stim, thanks. :)
[r] jp-- I love your tag, "crappy assed v-day" Hah! Wishes to be made on stars and on flocks of birds I have heard! be sure to consult susan miller of astrology zone for your prospects! :-) best, libby
Libby, I had never heard about wishing on birds. As to astrological prospects, eh. They always say that I'll meet some interesting stranger or to avoid intimacy on certain days, but I've never seen it as working. I just read it to see if I should be careful about becoming crabby.
I believe that when you put what you want out there you get it...perhaps once the wish is concrete in writing you can recognize it when it comes. Anyway V day means little to me now. I was planning to go to a rev war round table with another woman- if my husband wants to come great.
Snarky, your plans sound fun. The day of the week for V-day this year could be problematic, especially given that most "Ladies Nights" are on Thursday.