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WELCOME TO A CRIPPLE'S WORLD From here on out, this blog will carry regular contributions by the author (me), concerning how and where the disabled are inaccurately portrayed, or more often than not, simply ignored by the media. Please feel free to read my previous posts, as this is something of a "stream of consciousness" blog, and one entry very well may, and often does depend on what has already been said. Please be aware, I am un-PC, a bit of a smart ass, and as Rodney Dangerfield said in "Back to School" "I don't take shit from nobody" :-D If the things said here offend you, then so be it. I am a strong minded, strong willed man with an opinion. However, my opinion can and does change over time, as I mature and learn more about the world. So, if you are in the mood to argue, or see something you disagree with, bring it on. Just be forewarned that what I consider "offensive" is not what the rest of the world may find offensive, and vice versa. Okay? Okay. photo is "extreme sitter" Aaron Fotheringham, who can be seen on Youtube or his website,, where he performs many of his wheelchair skate ramp tricks

NOVEMBER 22, 2009 2:23PM

Sex, Sex, Sex, and more sex...all sex all the time...

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Okay,  folks, you've all been PUNK'D! :-D

 Sorry, I was just curious to see what kind of, if any response this would get. It seems like the more intellectual I try to get, the faster people run away screaming in fear and confusion....

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Well, it'll get a lot of hits but maybe not so much traffic. I did this a while back just for the sake of seeing. See my post titled "Charlieze Theron Nude".

I guess, being relatively new, I'm still trying to figure out what the key is to gaining popularity without compromising my intellect. If that's even possible's all the sexy sex?

If you're looking for sexy sex, you're not going to find it here. I've got better things to talk about than my (non-existant) sex life LOL

Thanks. I try. :-)) But for real substance people should look back at some of my more intellectual commentaries
You're fun (among other things), definately a reason to like you!
Aunt Sal-

Thanks! I appreciate the thought!


As long as you are rating because YOU like what I say, and not because you're trying to fit into some kind of clique or trying to impress anyone else, good for you :-)

Rate me, don't rate me, I don't care. Reads and comments are far more important to me than arbitrary rating. Commenting actually makes (most) people have to THINK about what they've read
Hi, thanks for your comment on one of my posts.

I'm very tempted to do what you did with your headline, because my Maine vote post got more attention than all my novel blogging combined. Given the historical moment, that makes sense, but it does make me wonder if I should stop posting bits of my novel here and figure out some other way to attract attention for it.

If you can figure out the key to popularity on OS, let me know. I have quite a few pieces of mostly erotic fiction that I'm tempted to post but I want to build a crowd of readers first.

Feel free to look around if you come back to read this LOL
Well, what can I say, you got me! Sex, sex and sex wins out, OK I am just that shallow... (I read your real posts by the way and trusted you...) R for catching me lookin'

LOL sorry, I now have a real sexy post up ahead of this one to make up for this practical joke.
Pman - your not going to like this. The key is to try and please only one god at a time. If it's the popularity god (i.e., ego), then go for sex. Works everytime. If it's the creative expression god - then write from your heart, or head or whatever...and move on to the next piece. You get my drift. Good luck with the gods!

WTF do you do then if you're an atheist??? LOL
Yes unfortunately sex sells.......that's what the people want
Nothing so unusual about your approach. The advertising industry uses a variation of it all the time!
I still miss the StudMan, He could dream up a great headline and then put some meat beneath it.
PSM- we have missed your philosophy and grace. I hope it's better where you are.