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MAY 19, 2010 2:22PM

Ode to Nostradomus-Musical Musings (lemonpulp's OC)

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Taking the cue from Lemonpulp's call for Musical Musings, and potentially turning it into an Open Call, I am posting my most recent musical obsession, recommended to me by Froggy.

The band is called Apocalyptica. a cello quartet who have recorded Metallica songs, in an awe inspiring, almost Gothic mystical tone. As I listened to this the first time, thinking of the band's name, Apocalyptica, I couldn't help but think this could be the music that will be playing on some astrological cello on Dec 21, 2012, the day Nostradomus and The Mayans predict to be the end of the world.

So, as my dedication to Nostradomus, with thanks to Froggy for the introduction, and thanks to Lemonpulp for the inspiration, I present to you Apocalyptica.


Apocalyptica covering Metallica's One-Courtesy of Youtube

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Thank you, thank you, thank you! I love the sound of a cello and I love this song. This was amazing! I'm on my way to look for this on iTunes now. And thanks for taking the inspiration of the musical musings and posting this. I'll be sure to include it in an end of the week roundup.

And thanks to froggy for sharing this with you.
If I gotta go, this is as good as anything else!
Oh, I love this. We will not go out with a bang, but a whimper...the beautiful whimper of cellos on the's to hoping whenever the end comes, we are here together listening to the music of the spheres, dear one. xox
Great stuff, studman! rated
Better than the original, but then I don't like those guys much. :)
All I know is that I wanna have ALOT of nakie fun before it all ends!


hauntingly beautiful
I'm with Bobbit...better than the orignial. I could listen to this..with my eyes closed so I didn't have to watch the head jearking..what is that called? Head banging? The hell if I know. Darn, I hate showing my age. I want to hear more. They might very well find a seat next to my Royal Philharmonic CD doing Floyd. :-) ~R
Excellent choice. My choice will be met with shaking heads..
rated with a song in my heart
studman, I'm so glad you liked these guys. I found them about six months ago from a friend's Facebook page. I'm not much of a Metallica fan at all, but these guys? Amazing. So glad to share the beauty.

It's my pleasure. I've been looking for an excuse to introduce these guys to a wider audience since Froggy mentioned them last week


Definitely, this may be as good as it gets


All ya gotta do is close your eyes and you can hear the sound coming from the vibrating strings of the universe (ba dum bum) LOL


It really IS great stuff, isnt it?


Agreed wholeheartedly! Though I do like the theme of the song "One"


You and me both, hon!! :-))


I know! ~DROOL~ I am STILL laughing at your post, btw! :-D


They very well might open for the PhilHarmonic, indeed. Or maybe TSO


LOL Well now I *gotta* know! LOL


Thanks again for the recommendation! And the inspiration! :-)
bzkl.,h\ zxhiQ Ghzgk;lzi zQ...shit..home keys, anyway, cool music!


LOL watch them fingers, man! Thanks!
Nice, very nice, thank you Stud. R

My pleasure, my friend :)