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December 31
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JANUARY 2, 2010 1:07PM

Does Up-cycling Down-cycling Have Your Head Cycling?

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cancy wrapper purse

We've heard of Recycling and Precycling, but what is Upcycling and Downcycling?  It seems like there is a new green term every time you turn around!

How do you make a complex term simple to understand and get people to incorporate it into their daily life?  Planetpals.  We talk to you in simple terms that even a kid can comprehend. 

Basically, Upcycling is RECYCLING and REFASHIONING something  all while making it new again. Oh and did I say better? Yup, That's an UP!  It's a great way to Reuse. 

Downcycling is more like RECYCLING and RECLAIMING materials that are headed to the heap. In Downcycling we recycle materials to a downgraded or lesser quality such as a recycled plastic or paper. It's a bit of an up and down.

Both Down-cycling and Up-cycling are used industrially as in making playground equipment from recycled plastics and at home as personal projects in the form of recycled art and recycle crafts.

So, whether you make an island out of plastic bottles or a book out of home made paper, you are practicing Up-cycling and Down-cycling as well as Recycling!

Get some Up and Down ideas and learn more at 

For a complete list of Eco Terms check out Planetpals Eco Dictionary 


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