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December 31
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MAY 20, 2010 7:44AM

Healthy Food Art Kids Will Have An Appetite For

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sandwich art


We love anything that helps kids learn to eat healthy here at Planetpals! 

Here is a creative solution to healthy eating where you can include many of the food groups wrapped up in a fun sandwich treat that would make any kid hungry for more!

Mark Northeast, a UK-based food artist creates sandwiches in the forms of unique images, such as animals, fun objects, themes and many more, to encourage kids to eat a varied diet. Whether your kids like flowers, pirates, Hello Kitty or Sponge Bob there is a sandwich for them!  How about a design a week for a whole year! His work is found on his website, where you can take a peek at many of his creations.


Take a look at these fun, simple and yet cute food and sandwich designs, a selection of ideas that will be in his book due out this month.


To see larger images and get directions visit his gallery at:

Cookie the Cat from BBC Blue PeterOwlMonkey
MaterBirthday CakeSheep

GiraffeSpongebob Square Pants
His designs are creative and ingenius, ranging from simple shapes created with veggies,  sauces , multigrain bread and different types of cheese used for different color patterns and shapes, he has created a whole new concept of food design and not just for entertainment. 


Stop by and see his competition entries from his recent Foodie contest, too:


NemoHello KittyPigSpace RocketWinne The PoohCrown

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health kids eat riht
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