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December 31
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SEPTEMBER 27, 2010 6:57PM

Thinking Out Of The Box To Make Recycled Halloween Costumes

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Ten Great Costume Ideas Made From Recycled Boxes

There are so many creative recycle costumes you can make with a box and a few supplies.  All it takes is an empty carton and a little ingenuity!  Even kids can make these :)

Take a look at the samples below-click on the links to get directions:
Solve this Rubix Cube and win the costume contest!
Get a group of Lego friends together and see what you can build! 
From EHow Lego Pieces: How to Make a Lego Block Costume! 

A very playful Etch a Sketch costume from the Daily 
A really super superhero costume from Our Big Earth
recycled robot costume
From Five Hens The Robot (you can make many variations of this using tubes for arms etc. 
recycle box truck costumerecycle box costume
Also from Five Hens the Monster Truck 
Homemade G.I. Joe and Barbie Costumes
From Coolest Home Made Costumes a Toy Box Barbie and GI Joe 
recycle bin costume
From the Recycle Bin Costume  
cereal box costume
The Cereal Killer Cereal Box costume from Life Hackery
Halloween: Box O' Popcorn Costume 

Movie theatre Popcorn Box from Thrifty Fun 


Take a look at this list and find other costume ideas that will GREEN Your HALLOWEEN also made from Recycled BOXES! 
  • bird house 
  • board game 
  • book, book case, Bible, encyclopedia
  • box of candy
  • box of crayons
  • box of popcorn
  • box of toothpaste
  • bus
  • car 
  • cereal box
  • checkerboard
  • computer
  • crayons or crayon box 
  • dice
  • doghouse
  • domino
  • house
  • IPod
  • IPhone 
  • keyboard
  • kitchen sink
  • Legos 
  • large mirror (use tin foil for "mirror")
  • old-fashioned phone booth
  • patch of grass
  • picture frame (with large photo inside)
  • package of food
  • refrigerator
  • radio 
  • robot
  • rocket ship
  • rubix cube 
  • skyscraper
  • stove
  • Table set with plate with knife, fork, spoon 
  • telephone booth
  • television 
  • Toy blocks (stacked up)  
  • Toy Package
  • Toy Box 
  • trains (go as a pair)
  • tresure chest or jewelry box (with jewels spilling out) 
  • truck
  • Wrapped Gift  

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