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December 31
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JUNE 3, 2011 8:31AM

The Skinny (Or Fat) On The New Food Pyramid

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 Is this what your plate looks like?

new food pyramid plate 

The new food plate image provided by the Agriculture Department shows the department's new healthy eating symbol: My Plate. The Agriculture Department says its new healthy eating symbol called "My Plate" should show Americans that nutrition doesn't have to be complicated.

Based on a pie chart, but not actually as easy to understand as a pie chart, the new graphic "My Plate" lacks some information and doesn't show fats, oils & sweets.

Perhaps using this in combination with the old food pyramid  may be a bit more comprehensive. It's certainly a step up from the original pyramid and something kids can relate to a bit better.

Learn all about the food plate, pyramid and how to eat healthier. 


New Food Pyramid 

ABOVE: The most recent food pyramid

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I saw a new Food Pyramid model while I was waiting for my doctor at nighthawk radiology, I know every model because my mother used to work as a nutritionist when I was little. People must know what aliments are the most important in their nutrition, try asking people on the street to name a few aliments rich in proteins or carbohydrates and you will be surprised to see that only a few people will be able to name some of them.