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December 31
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JUNE 12, 2011 4:04PM

Hai Five To The Winners Of The Earthday Haiku Contest 2011

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earth day haiku poetry contest 2011

And the winner is...


HSA (Haiku Society of America)With Words (UK); Sketchbook Haiku Journal (USA); and Planetpals (Worldwide) are pleased to give a big HAI FIVE to the winners of Kids Count for Earthday Haiku Contest 2011.


It was quite and honor to receive so many creative entries from children and classrooms around the world. This year we decided to add comments written by the esteemed Judge from the Haiku Society of America, an'ya.  Her comprehensive commentaries help us all understand why the haiku were chosen as well as, helping us learn. We are quite pleased to have the Sponsorship of the Haiku Society of America who generously donated a years membership to the winner. 


Also, this year, many entries included Haiga (Art plus Haiku). So, we have featured them separately.

The Overall First Place Winner for 2011 is Amy Claire Rose Smith (13) from Darlington, County Durham, UK for this wonderful haiku poem:

Earth Day dusk --

falling all around me

blackbird song


According to an'ya, our contest judge from HSA: "This particular haiku by Amy is absolutely stunning and not only is it our 

First Choice in this age category, but is is also the judge's choice for   Overall Winner of this Earth Day Contest. It is what's known in the world of old-time haiku writers as a "wish-I-had-written-that-one-myself." Albeit,  

I would humbly recommend removing the emdash after line one in order to 

allow the haiku to pivot. For instance it can be read two ways like so: "Earth

Day dusk falling all around me" and then "falling all around me blackbird song." - 

a natural pivot in any haiku is desirable. The use of "d" sounds in line one is   commendable, as well as the "l" sounds in line two carried over with the word "blackbird" in line three. We can see the dusk, feel it falling and hear it singing. I cannot overly stress the perfection of this write!


Planetpals Haiku contest has been an annual event to honor Earth Day. For 12 years has been introducing kids to an Earth Education and for many of them for the first time.  



We are proud of all the young talented writers that entered this contest and all the teachers that exposed this magical writing medium to their students and on such an important day and issue...Earth.






All entries will also be published in the Fall issue of Sketchbook Haiku Journal.

Much thanks to the following people for their time and effort : an'ya HSA, Alan Summers With Words, Karina Klesko and John Daleiden Sketchbook Journal  



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