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December 31
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DECEMBER 11, 2011 10:50AM

Turn Ordinary Stuff Into Extraordinary Gift Wrap

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The 4 R's of Gift Wrapping:

recycle gift wrap

Here are some inventive and unique ideas for either creating your own wrapping papers or using materials you have on hand to decorate presents and wrap things up in new ways:

• Use fabric and fabric scraps as you would paper.
• Wrap a gift in a poster or full-page magazine photo. 
• Wallpaper makes a unique and sturdy gift wrap. 
• Use old sheet music or old calendar pages as wrapping paper. 
• Use kids' drawings or coloring book pages to wrap smaller gifts.
• Wrap gifts for family in your kids schoolwork... particularly those A's!
• Scarves, tea towels, napkins, or handkerchiefs also make wonderful fabric wraps. The wrap becomes a gift, too! 
• If you are giving an antique or vintage gift-use a vintage box, towel or scarf to wrap it!
• Reuse paper from last year...
• Use colorful but outdated maps as wrapping paper. 
• Newspaper is great for larger gifts and comic pages are colorful!
• Use handmade papers made from paper scraps-see: Make Your Own Paper Instructions
• Plain brown paper becomes an excellent base for any number of homemade paper techniques. 
• Plain white paper on rolls (butcher's wrap works well) can become a great base for decorative techniques
• Use coffee cans, oatmeal boxes, kleenex boxes, chinese food containers, tin cans or cereal boxes covered creatively.
• Make boxes from cereal and food boxes turned inside out
• Use store shopping bags and add drawings or decoration.
• Use your practice paintings as wrap!  Particularly calligraphy, handwriting or watercolor looks nice.

tin box recycle  
• Cut out colorful magazine pictures and glue them on plain papers with craft glue, or make cutouts and glue them on. 
• Stamp plain paper with colored ink or scribble and draw with paint pens 
• Decorate with used holiday stamps and greeting cards!
• Instead of bows decorate with natural items such as pine cones and pine sprigs.
• Instead of trimmings use buttons and beads.
• Use an ornament or toy instead of a bow.
• Instead of ribbon use twine.
• Fold an origami object instead of a bow--such as an origami star
• Make your own name gift tags with old cards or scraps of wrap. 

milk carton wrap

To make your own boxes from recycled matierials get free patterns here! 

© jag 

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