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DECEMBER 27, 2009 3:50PM

Review of Avatar

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Thoroughly entertained is the only way you can describe it.  Every Christmas my wife and I take in a movie.  Usually it is a matinee and a meal afterwards.  This year we chose Avatar.  I’m so glad we did.  I walked from the theater thoroughly satisfied. 


I am not a polished movie critic.  I simply don’t go to enough of them to be that well versed to rate one movie over another, and will not do that in this case.  Most likely there are plenty of movies that are better than this one.  I really don’t care.  It was this one that caused me to travel back to a time when I was young and totally overwhelmed with new exciting experiences—to a time when I was a child.  Avatar did that.  It had the color splashes of Fantasia, the action of Indiana Jones, and the sci-fi dimension of the Matrix.


I went to the 3D version of the movie.  Sure, it’s always a little campy to have to wear those silly glasses.  However, you’ve got to admit even those have come a long way from the paper and plastic ones with the red and blue lenses.  After a while I even forgot I was wearing the dang things.


Now, don’t go to Aviaar to experience a complicated or sophisticated story line—it doesn’t have one.  In fact the story line is quite old.  It’s the same as Disney’s Pocahontas and countless other movies where good is threatened by evil.  However, the story line really doesn’t matter because it’s the experience of the movie that is delightful.  The movie was chocked with sufficient action and exhilarating scenes to carry it.  The animation passed from ‘reality’ to ‘fantasy’ seamlessly.  I must say that it was a very pleasant movie-going experience.  If you go to the movie, not expecting great acting and deep plots, you’ll probably be pleased with the product.  I was.

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Forgot to leave the link to get here...hope someone finds the way.
Thanks for this review, Dan. This is a movie that I had dismissed out-of-hand when I first saw the previews. But then I saw Sigourney Weaver and what's his name (her co-star - I'm terrible at names) on two different talk shows promoting the movie and they made it sound like so much fun. And now, your positive review. I may have to reconsider.
Hope you and yours had a wonderful Christmas. And Happy New Year, my friend.
Can you spell "sold out matinee." Great fun for adults and children (those old enough to take the intensity). It's hard to produce SciFi with such broad appeal. But, don't try to dissect it intellectually, the fantasy will just fall apart. That's what it is, fantasy for adults with a simple appealing eco -friendly theme.
Great review, and my friends who intend to see it this week will appreciate the thumbs up.
Sorry, If I'm going to spend money for entertainment, I want something that will ACTUALLY entertain me, with a good story. If I want a sensory experience that doesn't make sense, I'll drop acid again, and from everything I've heard, dropping acid is just about the level of entertainment factor of Avatar
Actually I wouldn't mind seeing that movie and I think the theatre experience is the only way to get the full effect of it. I read somewhere that the movie was like one of those old-time westerns only from the point of view of the Indian instead of the cowboy.
I totally agree with you Dan. I don't like Sci-Fi and I've never seen a 3D movie. But I loved the "experience" of this movie. It ws amazing.
Thanks for the heads up Dan, and Happy Holidays to you and the fam!!! [[[hugs]]]
I saw It's Complicated. Afraid I don't care at ALL for the type of movie Avatar appears to be. Glad you and your wife had a great, satisfying date though and appreciate movie reviews. I always like knowing what other people think about them. This one it seems ya either love it or hate it.